35 Substitutions For Alcohol in Your Recipes

Here are numerous ways you can complete the recipe when one of these liquids is not on hand.

from The Cheating Chef's Secret Cookbook

Amaretto: almond extract

Beer, dark:

beef stock mushroom stock

Beer, light:

chicken stock ginger ale white grape juice non-alcoholic beer

Brandy or eau-de-vie:

fruit juice, such as apple, apricot, cherry, grape, peach, raspberry flavored extracts (only for small amounts)

Calvados: apple juice concentrate or juice

Chambord: raspberry juice, syrup, or extract

Champagne: sparkling white grape juice ginger ale white wine

Claret: non-alcoholic wine currant or grape juice

Cognac: Scotch whiskey peach, apricot, or pear juice

Cointreau: orange juice or concentrate

Crème de menthe: water or fruit juice and spearmint extract or oil

Curaçao: orange juice or concentrate

Framboise: raspberry juice or syrup

Frangelico: almond extract

Galliano: licorice extract

Grand Marnier: orange juice or concentrate

Grappa: grape juice reduced red wine

Grenadine: pomegranate molasses, juice, or syrup

Hard cider: apple cider or juice

Kahlúa: strong coffee or espresso with a dash of cocoa

Kirsch (Kirchwasser): black cherry, raspberry, boysenberry, currant, or grape juice

Red Burgundy: non-alcoholic wine red-wine vinegar grape juice

Red wine: non-alcoholic wine pomegranate juice beef or chicken stock water with red wine or balsamic vinegar red grape juice with red-wine or rice-wine vinegar tomato juice

Rum, dark: molasses thinned with pineapple juice and almond extract rum extract

Rum, light: pineapple juice with almond extract rum extract

Sake: rice-wine vinegar

Schnapps: extract such as peppermint or peach

Sherry: orange or pineapple juice

Southern Comfort: cider vinegar and peach nectar or juice

Tequila: cactus nectar or juice

Triple sec: orange juice or concentrate

Vermouth, dry: non-alcoholic white wine white grape juice white-wine vinegar

Vermouth, sweet: non-alcoholic sweet wine apple or grape juice and balsamic vinegar

White Burgundy: non-alcoholic wine white grape juice or apple juice with white-wine vinegar

White wine: non-alcoholic wine chicken stock water with white-wine vinegar or cider vinegar white grape juice or apple juice with white-wine vinegar ginger ale

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