Best Bubbly Without the Buzz

DRY Soda: The alternative to wine for non-imbibers

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2007

 Sharelle Klaus was craving more. After abstaining from wine throughout four pregnancies, this Seattle mom decided it was time for more variety in beverage options for all non-imbibers. In 2005 she launched DRY Soda from her home kitchen. The drink comes in seven flavors — lavender (our favorite), juniper, vanilla bean, cucumber, rhubarb, blood orange and lemongrass — and, like wine, is intended to be paired with certain foods. Within a month of bottling its first batch, DRY Soda made its way into some 30 top restaurants in Seattle. It’s also sold in West Coast gourmet grocery stores for about $2 a bottle.

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