Best Fair Food

With 500 different kinds of food, this fair takes the prize.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2004

 The Minnesota State Fair (St. Paul) takes the prize, with 500 different kinds of food, including about 35 that come on a stick. Corn dogs? 515,900. French fries? 101 tons. There’s more, much more: 183,764 foot-long hot dogs, 180,967 ears of corn, 7 million mini-doughnuts and chocolate chip cookies washed down with 20,000 gallons of ice-cold milk. Try the deep-fried cheese curds (fresh cheese curds, battered and fried). And don’t dare miss the butter sculpture. The fair’s dairy princess sits (6-8 hours) in a refrigerated glass booth (38°F) to have her bust carved in butter.

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