10 Foodie Things to Do Before Summer Ends

On your August to-do list: Indulge in these summertime favorites before Labor Day.

1. Eat hot, buttered corn on the cob.

2. Make a root beer float.

3. Watch the sunset with a glass of champagne or white wine in hand.

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4. Add an umbrella to your drink of choice and enjoy it poolside or at the beach.

5. Eat a hot dog at a baseball game. Go to a Minor League game. They’re lots of fun and you won’t pay Major League prices.

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6. Grill something, anything!

7. Go out for ice cream. Haagen Dazs has nothing on ambling with a dripping ice cream cone. Better yet, catch the ice cream man. (You’re never too old to chase Mister Softee.)

8. Kick back with an icy cold summer ale of choice.

9. Enjoy some funnel cake, a corn dog or some other purely summer food found only at a fair.

10. One word: S’mores.

What’s your favorite summertime indulgence? Tell us below!