13+ Things Your Pizza Guy Won’t Tell You

Love pizza? Get smarter about service with our list of things pizza delivery people wish you knew before dialing in your order.

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1. It's a pizza, not a lifetime commitment.

1. It's a pizza, not a lifetime commitment. iStock/Miodrag Gajic
My other line is ringing, so choose the toppings before you call.

2. We know when kids are prank-calling us.

2. We know when kids are prank-calling us.iStock/victorass88
They can’t mask their voices very well. The smart ones block the phone number. The dumb ones don’t.

3. Accidents happen.

3. Accidents happen.iStock/PeopleImages
If I drop your pizza on the way, sometimes I’ll shake the box to get the cheese to slide back on right.

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4. Patience, please!

4. Patience, please!iStock/Dan Moore
It takes about 20 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza. And then I have to drive to your house.

5. Why won't we deliver to some neighborhoods?

5. Why won't we deliver to some neighborhoods?iStock/sergio kumer
In some neighborhoods, a kid getting out of a car with a pizza in his hands is like screaming, “Rob me! I have cash!”

6. I'm a human being.

6. I'm a human being.iStock/IPGGutenbergUKLtd
When you see me drenched and shivering in the rain, it’s not nice to close the door in my face while you search for some quarters in the sofa cushions.

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7. Use your manners.

7. Use your manners.iStock/Pablo Calvo
When you open the door, please hang up your cell phone or put it down. It’s basic etiquette.

8. Before you open the door,

8. Before you open the door,iStock/livecal
I’d prefer that you have a shirt on (and definitely some pants).

9. Tips should be 10 to 15 percent of your order.

9. Tips should be 10 to 15 percent of your order. iStock/Izabela Habur
If you order a lot of pizza—say, hundreds of dollars’ worth, for a party or something—but give me a $1 tip, well, I’m going to have a problem with that.

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10. The more gated the community, the more guarded the wallet.

10. The more gated the community, the more guarded the wallet.iStock/alphavisions
The best tips actually come from middle- and lower-class people who know what we go through.

11. I remember every customer who doesn't tip.

11. I remember every customer who doesn't tip.iStock/Evren Ata Deniz
I won’t do anything to jeopardize my job, but shaking the soda on the next delivery would not be out of the question.

12. I can't wait forever.

12. I can't wait forever.iStock/vgajic
I’ll knock on your door three times and call you on the phone twice. If you don’t answer, don’t call later to complain that you didn’t get your food.

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13. Some people want more than just pizza.

13. Some people want more than just pizza.iStock/Petrea Alexandru
A guy once ordered pizza from me just so he’d have some help moving his sofa up a flight of stairs. I agreed to help him. He gave me a few extra bucks. I took it.

14. Telling me your address is just the first step.

14. Telling me your address is just the first step.iStock/Erin Castillo
Making sure the number is on your house or mailbox is kind of important too.

15. I can't afford to be choosy.

15. I can't afford to be choosy.iStock/kone
We have some fantastic customers and some who are just terrible. But I’ll deliver to them all—this is what I do.

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16. I'm just a kid.

16. I'm just a kid.iStock/GregorBister
Many delivery drivers are teenage boys, and most parents don’t like their teenage boys driving around at night in downpours or blizzards. Yet these same people have no qualms about having other teenage kids deliver their pizza in these conditions.

17. There are always special customers.

17. There are always special customers.iStock/David Sucsy
Like the little old lady who wants to pay her bill with a $5 check. I’ll take it because none of us want to be mean to a grandmother. But if she hasn’t ordered from us before, I won’t take it.

18. Keep it short and sweet.

18. Keep it short and sweet.iStock/YinYang
We act like we really want to have a conversation with you at your door, but we don’t, unless we know you. Basically, we just want to get the delivery over with. I will try to be as nice to you as possible, but if you complain that I’m late, or if you have a problem with your order, I won’t be so nice.

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19.The majority of our employees work 12-14 hours a day.

19.The majority of our employees work 12-14 hours a day.iStock/Danin Tulic
At the end of the day, we just want to go home. So please don’t call for a delivery at closing time and then complain that we can’t accommodate you.

20. At our shop, we use our own cars to deliver pizza.

20. At our shop, we use our own cars to deliver pizza.iStock/GregorBister
Last week one of our guys smashed his car into a pole on an icy road. Now he’s using a rental car.

21. I'm one of the easiest people to get along with.

21. I'm one of the easiest people to get along with.iStock/Izabela Habur
But if you’re rude to me, I have no problem going toe-to-toe with you.

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22. I can't wait much longer than a few minutes.

22. I can't wait much longer than a few minutes.iStock/YinYang
Don’t jump in the shower right after you order pizza and then not the answer the door.

23. If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery.

23. If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery.iStock/Linda Steward
Get off your rear end and pick up the pizza yourself.

24. I'm over pizza.

24. I'm over pizza.iStock/Sasa Dinic
After I leave this job, I’m sure I won’t be able to eat pizza for at least a year.

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25. Time is money.

25. Time is money.iStock/Miodrag Gajic
The majority of customers who stand there chatting about the weather are just trying to make up for not giving us tips.

26. You ordered the pizza.

26. You ordered the pizza.iStock/&#169 Dennis Hoyne
You know how much it costs. Please have your money (and tip) ready when you answer the door.

27. I don't have the authority to give you a discount.

27. I don't have the authority to give you a discount.iStock/vgajic
Really, I don't. I'm just the delivery guy.
Sources: Anonymous pizza delivery people in New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

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1,400 thoughts on “13+ Things Your Pizza Guy Won’t Tell You

  1. All of you missed the point. I was a pizza guy. I got half of the $2 delivery charge. You do t tip me because its standard, you tip because I remembered the parm, and the peppers, and plates. You tip because if you do, when have five deliveries, I happen to start at your house.

  2. Dear Pizza Delivery Guy- Don’t call me from your car while you’re still looking for a parking spot. Call me when you’re in front of my door, or close to it. If you call and say you’ve arrived and I go down and open the door and end up waiting there for a few extra minutes, you’ll get a mere fraction of my usual 20% tip.

  3. When I worked at dominos, we had a lady who worked next door who would order somethjng for just herself like a pasta bowl or a sandwich. We never charged her for delivery, but whoever ran the sandwich over to her never had to use their car and she would always tip them.

  4. If you screw with them, you’re an idiot. They have your food in their possession on the way to your house. And they remember you from last time you were rude, didn”t tip, or complained to the restaurant and got someone in trouble. We had some racist non tippers, in the city I delivered in. “I heard” you got yours on the next delivery. Fingers stuck up in where the sun don’t shine then dipped nicely into your fried rice. Got the runs after eating delivered food? You most likely ingested vi- seen. I seldom order food now and tip well when I do…lol. You’d better too!

  5. When I worked at dominos it always cracked me up whenever a customer said they didn’t have enough money for a tip. Not that it’s any of my business, but if you can’t even afford a tip, you probably shouldn’t be ordering a pizza in the first place.

  6. Also, whenever someone asked what time we closed, we usually told them 10:30 even though we closed @ 11 because we knew that if we told everyone we closed @ 11, we would get like 200 orders at 10:50.

  7. Please do not have an order delivered to your house or apartment if it smells like you use everything as a toilet. When I worked at dominos, we once had a customer whose apartment smelled like that. Apparently it was bad that the delivery person got sick in the bush outside.

    1. We also had a guy who would order and answer the door without a shirt or pants and it freaked the driver out. Needless to say, those people were not allowed to order from us again.

  8. i love my Papa Johns pizza and i order it usually about twice a month. The store is about 6-7 miles away. I have no problem tipping $6.00 on my 2 pie orders. I get to eat delicious pizza delivered straight to my door and the driver gets a good tip. Everyone wins! :)

  9. I delivered pizza in college. The driver is using their own vehicle and gas. Some places use the added charge to pay for the gas in the evening however its usually not enough considering gas prices. The place I worked was family owned. The “delivery charge” was $ 2.89. The driver only gets .89 of that. Consider (weather, holidays, time of night, hot food, distance to pizza place, gas, service and convenience into a tip.)

  10. Best way to make sure your order’s accurate- ordering online. A lot of pizza places have phones that are 30+ years old. They’ve been dropped, thrown, beaten, and had all kinds of crap done to them plus the fact that they’re so old not mention any noise that may be going on around the person taking your order , so sometimes it’s hard to hear what you’re saying. This is also effective if you want to pay with a credit or debit card. If your worried about someone having access to your card information, the website is very secure.

    1. Also if you’re worried about someone having access to your credit information, you don’t need to be. Most pizza places that offer online ordering won’t save it, so even if someone were to hack into the system, they won’t have access to your card information, even if they’re an employee.

  11. some of my most interesting customers where scantly clad, If not missing articles of clothing. The women where always beautiful, and the men always fat and completely naked!

  12. I used to work at Domino’s and I can honestly say that I agree with all of these. My least favorite part about answering the phone was when people called and monopolized the phone and our time by playing 20 questions or telling me to hold on a second. The person taking your order doesn’t have time for that especially if they’re the one making your order because they have to make your order as well as make other people’s orders. If you have to do something that requires not being on the phone, do so before you call. If you have a bunch of questions. either send the store an email or look it up on the company’s website. Please monopolize the phone or time because then orders start to get backed up in the oven and people get mad because the people making their order took too long to make it.

  13. All I read was a bunch of “no-shit” quips…Use your manners, keep a shirt on, ect…

  14. I do believe in tippin for good service. If they within the time I was quoated. I usually give a tip beca use the delivery guys use their own cars and I am sure they pay for their own gas. And they are not paid very well.

  15. Looking at tip #1, while I did take a few orders while working at Pizza Hut, generally the delivery guys don’t take the orders.

  16. Businesses should pay their employees, not the customer. I always tip 15%, but begrudgingly.

  17. #10 is BS. Worked in a rich area, then a more modest area. Believe it or not rich people can be nice and do in fact give better tips and have better manners in general. That was my experience anyways.

    1. You probably don’t live in the same area as any of the delivery people who spoke to rd. my guess is that the rich area you delivered to is full of people who grew up not having two nickels to rub together and remember what that was like. However, most gated communities are full of people who either don’t remember what that was like it they were born to rich parents who knew how to stretch a dollar and therefore they guard their wallets a lot more. Or they just don’t want to experience being poor again.

  18. I love #16, so true.

    Once had a lady call on the day we had what passes for a blizzard in our area – snow and ice everywhere and all at once. When we said we were open for pickups and eat-ins but no delivery, she got upset we expected her to go out in the hazardous driving conditions.

    We mentioned those conditions were why we were not delivering, and she apologized.

  19. Here’s this as a business plan for a independent pizza place: buy the cheapest but most reliable econobox you can find as a delivery vehicle, plaster it with logos for your pizza place and keep most of the delivery charge for gas, maintenance, insurance, etc. The delivery person gets tips and like a buck out of the delivery charge.

  20. So…. what you are really trying to say is that you are a whiny little b!@#$…. I get the tipping part..that’s just being a decent human being.. but everything else was just you mewling.

  21. I managed a dominos pizza back in the 90s, and even then, we had the ability to go into individual customer accounts in our database and make notes on who the no-tippers were. Oh when when you call to complain about your cold pie 90 minutes after you called it in, I would just lay the phone down.

  22. I delivered pizza for 6 years. The min tip on any pizza order should be $3. All the costs of delivery come out of the driver’s pocket. Gas, insurance, etc. Not to mention cleaning your car out to get rid of the smell. Best tippers?- blue collar small business owners – if there is a paint truck in the driverway, it is a good tip.

  23. this was a good story , when i was young i to did pizza delivery, it was fun to meet people, but they were rite on about the tips , the rich people never tip ,the working class people is where you got your tips from,my best tipper was a drug dealer i didn’t know it at the time, but was always would think about how someone could match the cost of the order $ for $ with the tip?later on after his arrest i knew how he could tip so good,

  24. One problem with the tipping thing they already charged a delivery fee and you want a tip on top of that. Take it up with your boss about where that fee goes or demand the fee gets dropped if I tip.

  25. i love pizza. and i love good pizza. screw dominos. screw papa johns, screw every pizza chain. its garbage. use a local “house” or some other locally owned business. they create quality products because that is their livelihood. it is usually family owned and this is this family’s income not some kid trying to put some extra cash into his pocket for the weekend. they care because it is their passion and their life. plus they are usually wicked nice to returning customers. i get free soda all the time at my local house of pizza and i usually pick up so it’s that much easier (and fresher)

    1. Because it’s too personal to see someone without a shirt on when you’re handing them food. Show some respect for others.

      1. That doesn’t make sense. Is it the percentage of skin or the nipples that bother you?

  26. All true but the teenager thing. You normally have to have 3-5 years worth of history on your MVR to be a driver. Only cut rate places hire teenagers to drive on a regular basis.

  27. Please tip 15%…but wait…don’t tip and I’ll shake your soda or do some other ridiculous thing to your food.

    This is article is asinine.

  28. Customer: “Hi I would like to place an order for delivery” Me: “Great! What can I get for you” Customer: “Hold on sec let me see what they want” What do you guys want on your pizza?” Me: HANGING UP THE PHONE…

  29. You missed one sneaky low thing people do. They send their children to the door when they don’t want to tip. I’ve even had children go to the door when customer tried to get away with shorting me $10. Then he had the nerve to complain that I was lying to him. After a call to my boss, I was OKed me to call the police. The customer coughed up $10 in a heartbeat. No tip of course, but he was blacklisted from ordering pizza from our store again, and our store is a MAJOR franchise, so it’s hard to earn that mark of shame.

  30. It’s worth remembering that most of the time these are kids — 16, 17 years old — not concierge service at the Ritz Carlton. A friendly smile, a decent tip, and a thank you for a job well done goes a lot further than one would think in helping a young person develop their professional skills.

    1. racist, bet you are a good ole dumb white boy with no idea how lucky you were to be born with white male privilege.

  31. Some of these thoughts are helpful, but any pizza delivery person as entitled as this person sounds, is probably going to struggle with the job. I’ve done the job, and no, people are not generally working 12 to 24 hour shifts. More like 4 to 8. That statement does undermine the credibility just a tad.

  32. Please blow the bong smoke away from my face @ the door……or I may eat your Za!

  33. The real secret is, they do not really deliver pizza. Not sure what they deliver but it is not real pizza.

  34. I try to give my delivery drivers around a $5 tip, usually it is about 25%, some say it’s too much but considering the price of gas and the wear and tear on their car, it’s worth it. And it’s worth $5 not to have to get out and fight traffic when I’m already comfortable at home. I also always have my money ready so it’s quick and simple for them. I want my drivers to know I appreciate them and they always get my stuff to me hot and fresh.

  35. Hate all these articles saying how oh-so-difficult it is to be a delivery guy/bartender/waitress/ etc.

    Don’t like your job? Get a different one. Otherwise, show good customer service and most customers will be good to you back. For the ones who aren’t, that sucks—but it’s a reality.

    I don’t see a bunch of articles about “13 things your bar customer thinks you (a bartender) should be doing differently” or the like.

  36. So I should check my soda and verify the cheese is still where it should be on the pizza before tipping.

  37. The delivery charge on the receipt does not go to the driver. It goes to the store. The driver won’t get any money for that delivery unless you personally hand him a few dollars and say “This is for you , keep it”. I know this as i do this as a job. Please tip your drivers, they work very hard to get your food to you in a mannerly time. Most of the time they are so busy taking pizzas to 3 or 4 places before even getting back to the store AND THEY ARE TIMED.

    I always remember who doesn’t tip me. It doesn’t mean that I won’t treat you with respect, it means every other driver in that store now knows you don’t tip and I can’t account for how they act with you.

    1. I believe you and I’ll remember that the delivery charge doesn’t go to the driver. However, as a customer, that makes me wonder, what the heck is the point of the delivery charge? My thought would have been that I can tip less, or don’t have to tip, since the charge was built into the order.

      1. I’m another who once worked n the business, and the delivery charge does make some sense. Deliveries cost a business more than carry-outs in the form of the sub-minimum hourly wage they’re required to pay their drivers (plus worker’s comp insurance and other administrative costs for those drivers). By adding a delivery charge instead of raising prices in general, they are passing those costs on to only those customers who create those costs. This is more fair than raising the price for a carry out customer in order to help cover the cost of someone else’s delivery.

      2. It everyone tipped the amount they’re supposed to, they wouldn’t have to add the service charge because then they can just take the cost of gas out of the drivers’ tips and the drivers would still get the same amount as they do now. But unfortunately, a lot of people either don’t tip or they don’t tip the standard 15%.

  38. Dominos works like (atleast when I was there) you take one delivery and get 70¢, add another to your route and get an additional 50¢, add one more final delivery and get 30¢ added. So if you take the max, 3 deliveries, you’re only seeing $1.50 from dominoes. Hence, tips are a must for delivery drivers. After working there I make sure I add atleast a 20% tip or more if I can if the service was great. Admittedly, if the service was crap I won’t tip well. Sorry :(

  39. This story is not worth the time it took to read or post about.

  40. I always tip very well my drivers. I had one guy admit once that soon as my order came up, I got my pizza first even though there were others before me. Sometimes an extra couple of dollars is worth it.

  41. More of “the customer is always wrong” in America. I tip but if I knew the service person had some of the notions mentioned in the article, I would ask for another server or find another pizza place.

  42. You can tell the author of this article never worked in a real pizza shop. 20 minutes to make a pizza? Maybe for a thick one or some kid with a Pizza Hut conveyer belt job. A typical NY style pie is made goes from a ball of dough to fully cooked in under 8 minutes.

    The tipping system has to die. Fewer and fewer young people are doing it, and many growing ethnic cultures in the US don’t believe in it either. And on top of that you’ve got more tip jars showing up in establishments that never used to be tipped. And for things that never used to justify a tip–if I go into a pizza shop to pick up at the counter, there’s always a tip jar now these days. It used to be that you tipped for a girl bringing your slice & soda + dirtying up a table. Not for collecting a pickup.

    I tip reasonably well and have worked for tips so I’m sympathetic. But it’s a stupid system that essentially subsidizes cheapskates and penalizes generous folks, and we all know that tipped income is hilariously underreported. Eventually it will change.

  43. I’d rather go to Costco and get an everything pizza for $10.00, no fee’s or tip

  44. I feel bad for pizza delivery people, it has to be one of the worst jobs I could imagine, but they know what they are getting into. I give a respectable tip, expect my pizza at the time THEY estimate, and try my best to not waste my time or theirs. I do expect them to deliver in any weather condition, I don’t care how they get it to my house (just as long as it makes it on the time they recommended.) and I will tip as much as I feel is appropriate. With delivery fees rising, taxes, and/or any other additional fees they cram in there I am not going to spend 20 bucks on a 10 dollar pizza. If they have a problem with anything I just said that is a problem they need to take up with their establishment, and not the customer. If you are open, and you offer delivery, then you are delivering. Your work pains are not my problem. We all hate things about our jobs but it’s not the customers fault.

  45. I admit, we all have to eat and we all have to work to eat (unless you have won a lottery, cf. another “list” on this site), but the delivery-based tipping is ridiculous. One of the items on the list admits “I have other customers to take care of, no time to chat”. So if the interaction takes less than two minutes, maybe much less, why should I care about the person’s fixed salary and be obliged to increase it via my tip? A pizza delivery business should increase the fixed prices of its products and then advise customers that tips are included. That way, customers will avoid the awkward 15% rule and the employer will give its pizza boys the corresponding bonus.

  46. #23 If me living across the street is a problem for you, don’t charge me the delivery fee.

  47. I once had a friend robbed at gunpoint while delivering pizza. The guy said “drop the pizza, pizza man” and so he dropped the pizza bag (which was a dominos bag with duck tape across the domino words) for this company. The person who took the order didn’t know they didn’t deliver to that neighborhood. Anyway, the thief used a fake address but a real phone number and they traced it and he was arrested for armed robbery of a pizza. Oh my friend also had several hundred dollars on him at the time in his cash bag, but the robber didn’t get any of that since he only asked for the pizza.

  48. #4 is wrong if you order from one of the major chains (papa johns, dominoes, pizza hut) time is only about 6 min depending on tractor speed of the oven…time from dough to in the oven on a 1 topping is 1 min or less…..that is the corporate standard for papa johns…..

    1. If the dough is ready, and you have 6 minute ovens. If you work at a pizza place, then you know sometimes you do run out, and that every place doesn’t have the same ovens.

  49. One of my friends was a deliver driver for years. A certain race, in his experience, DOES NOT TIP. Guess which one?

    I’ll bet you get it wrong.

  50. It is really time to move into the 21st century and end tipping. This is nothing more than owners taking advantage of workers. I do not patronize restaurants that do not pay at least regular minimum wage. So no, I don’t eat out hardly at all. I also find it offensive that I need to bribe you to do the job you are getting paid to do.

    So yes, I get that you are paid a crappy wage, you signed up for the job. I get that you think everyone else is flush with cash to pay you a 25% tip. But unless you have delivered to me in a blizzard by sled dog, you doing you are paid to do and have not earned a bonus. Anything else is a bribe.

  51. I like the whole tipping aspect because it makes ther server pay more attention to the i know in some places they have banned tipping but they add they tip into your bill. I will not go to a resaurant that tells me how much to tip the server. If I have great service i usually pay 15-20%but if service is terrible i will pay 1% (if at all). I have only gave a 1% tip once and that was for terribler service I recieved at Barnacles here in GA.

  52. I like the whole tipping aspect because it makes ther server pay more attention to the i know in some places they have banned tipping but they add they tip into your bill. I will not go to a resaurant that tells me how much to tip the server. If I have great service i usually pay 15-20%but if service is terrible i will pay 1% (if at all). I have only gave a 1% tip once and that was for terribler service I recieved at Barnacles here in GA.

  53. #28: I am not a bank. What little change I have on me is for customers who pay with cash, and I often have multiple orders to deliver before I can return to the store to get more. So if you paid by card, please do not ask me to break your $20 because you either want to get your drink from the vending machine or you’d rather not have your tip come out of your card as well. Also, if you only have a $50 or $100 to pay your order with, please tell the person taking the order at the time you’re placing it, because once again I do not carry that much on me normally.

    1. Someone asking you to break a $20 is almost definitely doing that so they can tip you in cash (and in my experience, the tip in these cases is very good). If you like tips, then learn to do the most basic things to please the customer and make it easy for them to tip. Duh!

      1. In order for the driver to make it easy for customers to tip, they have to have more than $20 in $1 bills. If they get robbed, the robber will have all that money.

        1. And then the driver won’t be able to give other customers their change back.

          1. You are not making any sense. First, you don’t have to have OVER $20 in order to break a $20. Second, why does it have to be all in $1 bills? Can break it with a 10, 5, and five ones. Third, even if I use all my small bills on one customer, I can go right back to store and get more small bills. Unless you have more than one order and the second/third customer also requires change, but that is extremely unlikely.

      2. Quit lying. Most people that want change for a tip will actually tell you. Even if they want change for a $20 to give you $1, they will tell you.

        1. Regardless of whether they tell you their reason for needing change for $20, it’s almost definitely so that they wanna give you a cash tip. In my lengthy experience, it has happened only once that someone paid with a card, had a $20 broken, and stiffed me.

          Now let’s say someone has me break a $20 without telling me what it’s for. Then he or she tips me on the card (so the bill change, it turns out, was entirely for their other needs). Who cares? I’ll be happy to be of service to someone that just kindly tipped me! Now, I’d be less happy if the tip was a lowly $2, and might even refuse to do it if I knew the tip was an insulting $1.

  54. I use to deliver for a pizza place and one of our pizza with tax came to
    $9.90, you just don’t know how often they would give me a $10.00 bill
    and then tell me to keep the change. REALLY

  55. In the mid 80’s I was the lead driver for a small chain in central California. I decided what neighborhoods to deliver to, and when it was too foggy to deliver. But I was a driver too. I always told my drivers to remember the customer. NEVER do anything to their food. But if they have a history of stiffing on the tip, not answering the door, or being hostile, I didn’t mind if they stopped off at the house to kiss the kids before bedtime on the way. On the other side, if a regular customer tips $20 every time, it’s okay to stop and get him a case of beer on the way if the driver is over 21. That ensures a $50 tip. Oh, and as far as answering the door nude, that only applies to men. Women, we didn’t mind (and yes, it happened a lot). But we NEVER entered the house… ever.

  56. How stupid are people? I thought it was common sense to not piss off the people who have access to your food. Tip your servers or eat at your own risk. DUH!

  57. these stupid slideshow articles are the bane of the internet. an artificial method of getting webpage “hits”.. What a joke! You can’t even go on to the next screen with an arrow key

  58. The Majority of Pizza place workers, only work around 5 hour shifts

  59. No one hires teenage Boys to deliver pizzas insurance won’t allow it

  60. it takes about 7 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza….. don’t base your facts on frozen pizzas.

  61. The pizza shop may either write on their menu about the service charge or made no comment on the charge… let it be on the customer who will be paying the bill.

  62. tip 10-15%?!?!?! drivers do as much if not more work than waiters and waitresses (we do dishes, clean the store, stock everything, take phone orders, ring people up, etc), and have an enormous financial and physical risk innate to the job (driving our own cars, with our own gas, on streets with every idiot with a car, in any weather, carrying cash). If you’re a 10 minute drive away, then I have to drive 20 minutes round trip JUST for your ONE order – and we only ever go out on 2 at a time, max. In twenty minutes, a waiter or waitress could handle all the face time needed at up to 5 tables and get a standard 15-18% on each one. And usually, we get almost none of the ‘delivery fee,’ if there is one (at Domino’s, we got 65 cents out of $2.50,) and none of the fee we don’t get goes to our gas, insurance, car payments, etc. Please, for God’s sake, be a human being and just tip $5. You’re splurging on yourself, just take it all the way and pay for the whole experience. On any order $30 or less, tip $5, anything over, tip AT LEAST 15%, hopefully more like 18%.

  63. I drove for Domino’s back when it was 30 minutes or free. Yes, even before they changed their policy to 30 minutes or $3 off, and eventually eliminated the guarantee altogether.
    I’ve always taken pride in my work, and as a general rule, whether it’s doctors, computer technicians, personnel managers, or delivery drivers, 80% of people do not belong in their chosen career field.
    After a while of delivering pizzas, I told management that I wanted to train all of our new drivers, and they agreed. Instead of them just riding with me, walking to the door and observing my interaction with the customers, and then going on the road by themselves after a couple of deliveries (typical lame “training”), I trained them for about 2 full hours. Every minute that we weren’t interacting with a customer I was explaining things to them. How to treat and impress the customers, how to make better tips (Make sure that you bring napkins, peppers and cheese. Smile, greet them with a sincere “How are you this evening?”. Have fun with the customers and treat them as true friends. If they have a nice yard, or anything else that they obviously take pride in, sincerely compliment them on it. But if it’s a valuable possession, don’t make them think that you’re casing their place.) I would teach the priorities when we get back to the store (ie. deliver pizzas waiting on the heat rack, answer phones, box pizzas coming out of the oven, help on the make line, restock the make line, wash dishes, clean, fold boxes etc. By teaching these things, we all worked as a team, and it made the workload lighter on everyone.)
    I’d share information about the locations we delivered, hotels, gated communities etc. I would show shortcuts on the map, the quickest routes to various neighborhoods etc. Because I increased customer service, our tips increased, the stores sales increased, the customers were happier, and so were we. At the end of 2 hours, I’d split the tips I had made during our time together, and ask “so, do you think that you’re ready to go on the road?” I always got an enthusiastic and grateful “YES!, Thank you!” When the rush died down, and they were ready to clock out and go home, I’d ask them, “so, how much money did you make tonight” and they always responded with enthusiasm. It was obvious that they made more on their first night by going the extra mile, and making the customer feel genuinely appreciated, than they had ever expected.
    Those who earn tips are usually paid below minimum wage by their employer, whom to remain competitive can’t pay $15+ per hour. What would your reaction be if the price on every menu item at your favorite restaurant were suddenly increased 20%? I like the system of earning tips. I get less expensive meals, and I am able to reward or punish my server based on their performance. Unless service is really bad, I tip no less than 15%. I usually tip 20% if my tea glass hasn’t sat empty. I tip 30% or more if I have gone the entire meal without wanting for anything, not been “bothered” by interruptions by the server (The best servers serve, top off tea, ask if anyone would like desert, and occasionally loiters nearby so service can be requested, but don’t interrupt the meal to ask “is everything alright”?) When service is this good, I get the servers name, and find the manager to tell them that they have provided some of the best service that I’ve ever had.
    I once went to an all you can eat shrimp night. The server was terrible. Took 20 minutes to introduce herself, disappeared for extended periods of time, brought our food to us cold, never bothered to ask if I wanted more shrimp (when it was obvious that my plate had been cleaned. I finally caught her and requested seconds), and brought our check 15 minutes after we had finished eating. I left 2 pennies on the table. (This sends a clearer message than stiffing them the tip.) I went to the waitress in the next section who had been running her butt off serving her customers perfectly, and handed her the $9 (20%) tip that our waitress should have earned. I told her “I’ve been watching you for the last 2 hours and have been amazed at how you’ve served your customers. Here’s the money that our waitress should have earned.” We returned a couple of weeks later, made sure to sit in the other waitresses section, and were provided absolute perfect service, earning her a $10 tip.
    Just pretend that menu prices are what they would have to be if wait staff were paid $15 per hour, tip your servers and drivers according to the service they provide, and if they are really good, take 2 minutes to let a manager know how impressed you are! :)

  64. It seems that most of you have never worked in the food industry. The reason why we tip is becuase all these people are paid much lower. It is very expensive to operate in the food industry and none would make it paying employees a good wage and paying for the food, gas ext.

  65. Don’t get PO at me because you got the address wrong, at least once a month some pizza guy doesn’t read the street signs and tries to get me to accept delivery for something I didn’t order, also when I do order, put a smile on your face and don’t dress like a homeless person…

  66. I deliver pizzas, and:
    #3: They’ll take one look at the pizza and they’ll know, and they’ll call, and I’ll be delivering the replacement pizza. The situation sucks, but being honest at least makes it slightly less dramatic.
    #4: Time varies greatly depending on delivery distance and pizza type. What you’re committing to is the time estimate that was given to the customer over the phone.
    #6: I’d just be thinking “Hey, at least he’s giving me more tip money!”
    #7: I don’t give a crap about etiquette, the tip amount is the only thing that actually affects my opinion of you.
    #8: See #7.
    #9: It would be better to base the tip off of how distant you are from the restaurant, as the size of an order barely matters compared with how far I have to go to get it to you.
    #10: Not quite. Lower-class people give lower-class tips. It’s sad, but true. It’s also true that higher-class customers are no more likely to tip well than middle-class customers.
    #11: Shaking the soda leads to an angry phone call, and the delivery of a replacement soda. If I’m going to do anything about a chronic low tipper, it’s shunting them to the last stop on a run with multiple deliveries.
    #14: If your address number is hard to spot at night (most are), give me specific details as to what your house looks like and where it will be on the street. Otherwise, I’m shining a flashlight at every house I pass.
    #16: If terrible conditions don’t affect whether or not you order a pizza, they should at least affect your tip.
    #18: For a given delivery, I spend maybe 10 minutes on the road for every 30 seconds at the door. If you want to double-my time at the door to make pleasant conversation, that only increases my delivery time by 5%. A nice conversation or improved customer service is well worth that measly time increase.
    #19: Amen. A last minute order can mean the difference between everyone getting out at 10:30pm vs 11:15pm. It really matters.
    #20: Crappy tips hit us dearly. We’re taking a big financial risk using our own cars, so a run of low-tip nights combined with any accident can mean the difference between keeping the job and signing up for food stamps.
    #21: See #7.
    #23: Hey I’ll take a close run gladly! A tip’s a tip.
    #24: Bull. Pizza never stops being pizza. This job only makes me love it more.
    #25: See #7.
    #26: This is the one transaction where checks are tremendously convenient – I love them.

    1. I am sorry that you chose low paying jobs and that your employer did not have the decency to cover the insurance while you were working. But here’s the deal, I am paying for a pizza to be delivered. I expect excellent service. I am paying enough for that pizza to cover your $15 per hour wage, your gas, and insurance (My area a 16in, cheese pizza is $21). Get a tip from the owner because he has the money I would have paid to you.
      As for the poor not tipping well, I would hope they would save their money and not buy from your store. I would hate for you to be insulted because they could only afford to pay you $2 on a 10.99 order.

  67. With all the whining on here, it’s just easier to get your own pizza from the grocery store or a take n’ bake place…..it’s cheaper and often better anyway….I love Papa Murphy’s.

  68. Yeah tip doesnt go to the driver ive been with dominos for 6 years now. At our stores in the area basically part goes to the store for insurance and part is for uniforms.we get paid 4.50 while on the road and 7.50 while working inside the store. Even if youre only tipping a dollar or even 3 dollars in change its better than giving me nothing. I pay 20 dollars in the tank everyday. The way i look at it if you cant tip stay and home and cook it yourself or come pick the pizza. If you think it took too long well most of the time your not the only delivery we have on us and others may have ordered before you. Not only that you have to keep in mind traffic and wrecks seems to happen alot here. Like others have said yes we remember who tips and who dont so sometimes you might get skipped for the customer who tips everytime. If you stiff me everytime and have a rotten attitude torwards me everytime well then i guess you enjoy having cold pizza.

  69. I delivered for 8 years and really agreed with nearly all of these. I wish they would have mentioned something about putting their pets away. You know somebody is coming over with food, put your pets in the back yard, a room, etc. Every delivery driver will pretend they like your dog, but shouldn’t have to deal with getting barked at, jumped on or occasionally bitten. It’s also the perfect chance for your dog or cat to run out the door because it is open wide enough for a pizza and both your hands are full. I also had many scratches on my car because a dog would come running up to your car and jump on the side.

  70. Regarding # 9. You’re in the wrong business when you’re doing the job you’re getting paid for and then expect a tip. A gratuity (or tip) is: A favor or gift, usually in the form of money, given in return for service. It is not nor has ever been something that was required. It is something a customer chooses to pay because he/she feels they have received exemplary service. Except for the wear and tear on your car and the gas you use, you work no harder than the people behind the counter at McDonalds, or Burger King or any other fast food restaurant. And from what ‘ve been told by people who have been pizza delivery persons, at most chains the driver get a % of the deliver fee to cover your vehicle expenses. A good driver (when possible) will take deliveries that are close in proximity so as to save on gas. You people whining and b!tching about not getting tipped or not getting tipped enough (by your standards) are one reason why I don’t have pizza delivered. As for companies that keep most of the delivery fee (Papa Johns) Shame on you!

    1. The issue is that people who work in service get taxed extra for being in a tipping industry, so if you don’t them you are actually taking money away from them.

    2. I agree the tip isn’t required and is a gift. I was definitely raised with the belief that its polite and you give a tip as long as you got good service. As long as you could afford it of course. If pizza shows up on time with the stuff it’s supposed to have and the employee is kind its good service. The longer the distance also always factored into our tips for delivery drivers as well. A 20 min drive means the employee is dedicating much more time to you.

      I wouldn’t consider delivery drivers the same as behind the counter people at other fast food restaurants. Being on the road for 5 hours every day adds a considerable risk of accident or traffic violations which will affect you financially for a significant amount of time. You don’t see them as often as a waiter at a nice restaurant, but its a possibility that they were the ones who sliced the vegetables, grated the cheese, mixed the dough, slapped out the dough, made the pizza, cut the pizza, and delivered the pizza. At least in the places I’ve worked the delivery drivers do everything behind the scenes when not on delivery as the phone/register people deal with the in store customers mainly.

      Pizza guys delivery system works like this. You get about half of the delivery charge which varies between mid 2 to 3 dollars depending on distance. And you can take up to 3-4 if they are all in the same location or direction. But most things don’t line up at least not at the correct times. So you are limited to 2 most of the time. That pays for your gas at the end of the night it is their way of reimbursing you, but since that isn’t an exact measurement of gas used if you take a bunch of short deliveries or groups you can make a profit. The downside is the across town deliveries, opposite directions, or just plain bad luck in getting 1 delivery at a time all night can mean you lose money. Our longest deliveries are guaranteed to not cover our gas cost because they are expected to go with additional deliveries. Most of the time it ends up working out correctly and you come out even. The delivery charge is basically just paying pizza guys to rent an employee to delivery. But sometimes it can just end up adding a few dollars extra at the end of the night.

    3. Karma will catch up with your cheap a$s soon enough. Tipping on a delivery is NEVER optional. It is a luxury service and should be treated as such.

    4. YOU ARE WRONG People do have the right to not tip, however, in the industry, tipping is expected. That is why these people do this work are being paid less than minimum wage. It should be common knowledge, that if you desire this type of service where someone brings your food, you are expected to tip. A reasonably healthy person is not required to give a seat to a “very” pregnant woman, but if one doesn’t, one is a PIG. I worked a a taxi driver for many years and always went above and beyond duty to provide good service for customers. Those that could afford to tip were often reticent to provide reasonable compensation for such service. Those who could least afford it would on often tip something. There are a lot of sweet, caring and generous people out there. There are also very many out there, who are selfish, mean, insecure, uncaring, distracted, thoughtless, greedy or just plain dumb!

      The opposite of wild is cultured. We are not the latter. We have a wilderness. Whoa unto us!

  71. It really depends on the store manager, most store managers, will pocket 90% of their drivers fees. Tip: Drivers need to unite, make it perfectly clear to the store managers, you want your fair share of the delivery charge. Managers will act like its store policy, when, in fact, its up to each store manager.

  72. 10 to 15%…? Really…? $30 bill is only $4.50.

    I NEVER give less than $7.00 for my regular $28.00 order.
    Bad weather…. Snow, rain, ice… You saved ME a trip out in that weather. I usually tip $12 to $15.00 My payment is by credit card, my tip is always cash.

    I have to be doing something wrong.

  73. Delivered pizza for almost two years, rarely got tipped even though I rushed to get the pizzas to you on time and hot. Dope smokers were the worst customers

  74. It’s all correct. You may think we don’t remember, but if you tip very low or don’t tip at all, we remember you, just as we remember who does tip us well. Do you not tip? Does your pizza arrive exactly within the one hour window with a minute to spare? They used to say where I worked, “TIPS” stands for To Insure Prompt Service (Yes I know it should be ensure). When you don’t tip, or give us a dollar tip, or something under a dollar, we remember that. When we have two orders in our car, and that good tipper is one of them, we will most likely deliver to them first before we deliver to you. Tips are the majority of a delivery drivers income. Contrary to some popular belief, A DELIVERY CHARGE IS NOT A TIP! Yes, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and the big name places, probably give their drivers a flat rate or an hourly rate. But, truth is, your local pizza joint most likely pays your driver just that $2 charge for a delivery. Let’s say they are like the one place I worked, they have 4 other drivers on shift on a Monday night. By the end of the night, if we are lucky, we have had 5 deliveries. That is $10 for the night from the restaurant alone, plus tips. Now, is your driver humming around in a brand new Prius? Probably not, it’s probably an old car on it’s way out, and getting 10-12 mpg. We don’t get any money for gas, that comes out of our pay. I have left a few delivery jobs because the losses exceeded the gains in the end, because the shop only charges $2 for delivery, overstaffs their drivers, charges way too much for their food, and has huge boundaries. When gas is $4 a gallon, that pay at the end of the night is quickly eaten up by gas and other maintenance costs. Remember, that driver is doing you a favor delivering to you when there is a blizzard, a crazy storm, whatever is going on. They are trying to make a living just like you do. Respect them, tip them respectfully, and it may be you who gets your food before the other guy who tips poorly.

  75. Allow me to retort.

    #1. How about you answer the phone promptly & make a vague attempt to be courteous.
    #2. Definitely MENSA material here.
    #3. Yet you expect a tip?
    #4. Flat out Lie – Pizza places can have your pizza made inside the oven within 2 minutes and ready for delivery within 12
    #5 I wish I could pick & choose my customers
    #6 Yet endangering the neighborhood children as you barrel down the street, should be deemed acceptable?
    #7 Last time I looked etiquette was a 2 way street.
    #8 This is your customer, he just got done working a double shift at the factory to afford to splurge for a pizza for his kids.
    #9 Sorry bud, your company’s policy of mandatory “service and/or delivery fee” is really eating into your tip.
    #10 The louder your stereo is blaring the more my pizza will reek of Marlboro’s
    #11 Typical Neanderthal thought process here. Will that customer order from your company again? Not real soon
    #12 And yet the entire party will wait on you when you are 30 minutes late
    #13 You helped somebody and then asked for payment, a real humanitarian.
    #14 Please make an effort to know your neighborhood

  76. #23 “don’t order if you live across the street” is a load of crap “piece of advice”. From my pizza delivery days, as long as you tipped like anyone else for the privilege of sitting in your PJ’s instead of coming across the street, I loved delivering to you. I took your delivery and was back in the store a whole lot quicker than driving to the address a 10-15 minute drive one way – meaning I was back in line for the next delivery and tip – or I could get two deliveries/tips on one run as I’d drop your pizza off while on the way to the other delivery 10-15 minutes away. Either way, more money in my pocket.

  77. As a current driver for Papa Johns, I can tell you that the delivery fee is NOT a tip. We do not see a cent of it.

  78. You don’t like getting a $5 tip for delivering a pizza just up the road? You don’t like getting $5 for a 3 minute drive? You’d rather deliver to some shady unfamiliar neighborhood on the other side of town than a high visibility business district that’s right up the road?

    You’ve got problems, man.

  79. If a pretty woman is answering the door it is no problem if she doesn’t have a shirt or pants on. Seen that a few times in my 12 years at Domino’s Pizza. Never a problem!!!!

  80. When I was a teen in the 1970’s, a private Pizza joint bought old Postal vehicles for the deliveries. This conversation makes me wonder if a business could be opened to rent fleet vehicles cheaply to vendors that deliver…

  81. The proper amount

    The common courtesy is 15% for normal service.

    On small orders of less than $20, the proper amount is the $3 minimum standard. It should be a $3 minimum to have someone come out to your house.

    20% or more if the service is excellent.

    10% or less for poor service. Nothing for very bad service.

    If the order is large, like $100 or more, at least 10%.
    It’s considerate to tip slightly more during bad weather.

    In rain, snow, extreme cold, or extreme heat, at least $1 more. It’s thoughtful. The service is greater.
    It’s also considerate to tip slightly more for long distance.

    If your location is more than three miles from the store, it’s considerate to tip $1 more.

    If more than five miles, increase by another $1.

    Remember that a five-mile drive through a residential area can take 30 minutes for the ten-mile round-trip.

    Tips are appreciated. Thank you for tipping the pizza guy.

    Last updated: June 13, 2013

  82. This is a terrible list! How about “If we know you don’t tip, your pizza is the last one delivered in our stack – we want to keep the good tippers happy” or “it sits under the heat lamp until someone finally HAS to take it.” The little known “be a total a-hole all the time to the store employees (phone or in person) and, even if you are a regular, your pizza ‘might’ fall on the floor once or twice (sometimes with the manager “looking the other way”).”
    Also – Delivery Charge isn’t a tip given to the driver. The store keeps that money.

  83. Amen to all of these. I never did the deliveries, but I know what the drivers went through. I’d add, don’t call on a Friday or Saturday evening and expect your pizza RIGHT NOW. You know when the busiest times for restaurants are. Expect it or order at a better time. Those of us, like me, who were making the pizzas have more than just your order to make. You called at a particular time. Those who ordered before you get theirs made before yours. Deal with it.

  84. I used to deliver pizzas so enjoyed reading this but the only thing I disagree with is, “If you live right across the street from a pizza place, don’t order it (or rather get off your lazy butt)” . . . sometimes I will order pizza if I don’t feel well or am simply too tired so as long as the person tips you for the service, what should you care. I say if you are not planning on tipping your driver, then DON’T order pizza. Always include the tip as a part of the cost; the tip is your cost for the convenience of not having to leave your home!

  85. I call BS on number 19. When I was in college I delivered pizza for years for 3 different companies and NEVER did I work a 12 or 14 hour day. Matter of fact, everyone at all of the places worked part time and no more than 8 hours at a stretch.

  86. 23-I do get pizza delivered from almost across the street, I am lazy and don’t want to leave my kids alone in the house, but I am always a good tipper and extremely loyal

  87. I take issue with the most drivers being kids part. Most drivers at my store are just like me, adults delivering part time for the fun of it. It is not a fulltime job, not anything any of us NEED, we do it because we choose to, and enjoy the extra case. I work 40 hours at my F/T job and make decent money, but was spending too much time laying around the house. So I did what a lot of drivers do; I bought a delivery car, just a 2002 ford pos to deliver in, and out the door we go. We don’t need the job, these are not are primary cars, and we aren’t kids. It’s an easy job that around here, nets you $50-120 bucks a night on average for 5 hours of work. Easy extra cash, spend most of the night in your own car listening to music, letting the GPS do all the work.

  88. Idiots cause stress. Stress causes depression. Depression causes physical ailments.
    Conclusion: Stupid people make me sick.

    1. Apparently you can’t read. It says “13 PLUS” things, not “13” things, meaning there’s 13 things listed in the magazine and more listed here.

  89. “I’m easy to get along with but if you’re rude I have no problem going toe-to-toe”?

    What a useless, generalized, patronizing piece of tripe. Waste of time to read.

  90. Yea…im sorry but if the guy across the street tips at all he is always welcome. The driver is always going that way…

  91. If it’s raining and you’re shivering in the rain and you’re a pizza guy that I don’t know, I’m really sorry but I’m not inviting you in and i WILL HAVE to close the door on you if I need to grab something in another room (which never happens because I’m always prepared but just in case) because I’m not taking the chance (as slim as it may be) that you’ll walk in after me and strangle me or something. It’s common sense. This probably wouldn’t be the case if I wasn’t a single woman living alone but we do what we do to be safe.

  92. I’m sorry, but how can this article about Pizza Delivery Guys be authoritative in any way without including comments from Taylor Negron ?

  93. Pretty good article but it mostly boils down to common courtesy. I would never use my own vehicle for delivery of anything. Maintenance costs and repairs are way to high especially for stop and go businesses. Who is responsible for accidents?

  94. I got to number 6 before I realized these are just pleas to “love your pizza guy”

  95. I want to know where that little old lady can get a pizza delivered for $5???

  96. You lost me on #23, while I agree it is exremely lazy to get delivery across the street, the job is to deliver pizza regardless of how close it is. Are you tellig me youo would not except a tip for running the pie across the street, that seems lazy to me on both the customer and businesses end of things, and a poor stance to take when providing a service to a customer, and possibly a missed opportunity at an easy buck.

  97. Just remember, if you order pizza alot. And you are a bad customer. There are a lot of things you can do to a pizza before it’s cooked that you cannot detect. But they are still disgusting ! So don’t think they won’t do something to your food !

  98. I’m a pizza driver. How much should you tip? I average about 2 runs per hour. 3 if it’s really busy and I luck out with “short” runs. My pay is based on tips, without which I get well under minimum wage.

    So…..ask yourself how much YOU would like to make per hour, and divide that number by 3 (if you live very close to the store) or by 2. And if you feel you’re unusually far away, or it’s a big order, add another buck or two.

    If you tip me $2 you’re not even reimbursing me for my gasoline, jerk! Seriously. I AVERAGE $3.60 per run in tips. I would consider that to be a bare minimum, personally. I’d never tip less than $5.

    Having a prepared meal delivered to you is a luxury, not a right. If you aren’t willing to pay, then don’t do it.

    1. Maybe you get a job with better pay? We don’t tip you to pay for your gas. We tip you because you’ve done a good job. Do a good job, the tips will roll in.

      Also, having a “prepared meal” delivered isn’t a “luxury” or a “right.” It isn’t a FAVOR you’re doing for us. It’s a SERVICE offered by YOUR BOSS in order to entice customers to order pizza. We pay, you deliver. That’s the contract.

      You have a very high-handed attitude.

  99. I delivered pizza for 4 years while I was in college. Most of this is true, however I never got tired of pizza.

  100. the owners keep the delivery charge! they don’t care about the delivery drivers car breaking down or how much the gas is. I can’t figure out why they even have a delivery charge. not a thing is different about the order if you pick up the order or have it delivered. Supreme in Whitman ma. is really bad because the owners take the tips and split them up between the kids working inside and themselves. They make everyone stay at night and don’t pay them for the extra hour. Now they won’t let anyone eat and they eat in front of the employees. This is while the help is working for free. This sub shop is only nice to their Family. The food is crap not a thing homemade.

  101. I once ate like 3,000 large pizzas and then exploded over an area the size of Georgia. My next goal is to eat 5,000 large pizzas and 285 ozs. of coca cola and explode over an area the size of Texas! Yes, I’m thinking big!

    1. What a shameful/disgraceful waste when there are those going hungry around the globe.

  102. Tips for delivery drivers should be much more based on distance from the store than on the percentage of the total. If you order $15, live 15-20 minutes away, I’m gonna be pissed at $1.50 – $2.25. It takes almost that much in gas to get there and back.

    1. Very true, however, never gonna happen. Customer doesn’t care if you are two blocks or 6 miles away. He/she has the same dollars, and pizza joints are competing for them. Your restaurant agreed to deliver pizza to that customer, and you agreed to work for them, knowing full well what it entails.

      Can’t make everything fair. Do the volume, and the average will be there.

  103. 16- Major pizza delivery chains do not allow persons under 18 to deliver.

  104. Lets see…….the pizza joint wants to sell you some dough, with a couple ladles of sauce, a little cheese, and skimpy toppings for $20. Honestly, they cannot have more than $5 in the whole pie including the box. Then, on top of that, they want you to pay their staff. Stuff it.

    1. How ignorant are you? You’re always paying the staff, whether that’s at a pizza joint, a restaurant or even a Wal-Mart. The cumulative work of many people comes together to bring you the product, which is always more than the direct cost of the raw materials. The only difference in a pizza delivery place is that they remove the fair wage of the driver in the cost of the pizza because not everybody orders delivery. It’s an incentive-based system that inspires drivers to get you your order in the most timely manner so they can compete to take more deliveries. It’s as American as it gets; if your driver fulfills his/her end of the bargain, then yes, you are morally obligated to pay him/her a fair portion of his/her wage.

  105. So true about the richer the neighborhood is the less the tip will be, not always the case but most of the time.

  106. I love the hypocrisy. Put down your phone when you answer the door, it is basic etiquette, but if I drop your pizza, I’ll try to shake the box to cover up my mistake without telling you. Have your order ready when you call, but if I decide I don’t like you for any reason I may shake up your soda for revenge.

    1. The article never meant to cover both sides – only the driver’s perspective. There can be a 13- things customer (most customers) won’t tell you article, just as long. If someone writes it, I’m sure it will be helpful to drivers, and ultimately, everyone.

  107. No one certainly has to tip. However, as they point out in this article, we do use our own cars. And I am not sure how other pizza joints handle things, but I guarantee that Pizza Hut does not pay our maintenance/oil changes.

    And that “convenience fee” is not a tip. We do not get that money. It goes straight to corporate or whoever else up top. We are reimbursed for gas and receive $4.25 an hour while on delivery.

  108. #23 is ridiculous! The deliveries across the street are the best by far. You still get gas money and it only takes a couple minutes so you get back quickly to take another!

  109. I was a manager at a nation wide pizza chain, out of the $2.00 delivery charge, the driver only got .80 cents. The rest went to the franchise owner. So many times the driver got screwed out of a tip because of this misleading practice. Please tip your driver, unless you have done this job , you have no idea how crappy they are treated!

  110. Nobody owes you a tip for doing your job. If your job doesn’t pay well, too bad – do something else.

  111. I’m shocked… an article that doesn’t demand a 20% tip like so many others today (mostly wait staff and hairdressers). Just for that, I’ll give you a 20% tip. Heck, I’ll give you 25% just for not being greedy.

  112. For number 11, I used to throw the change into their yard for them to find later.

  113. #28 Every now and then, I like to play hide the jalapeño. Check what’s hiding under your pepperoni!

    1. Hahaha! Someone did something like that to me once. Only I cut up and gave that slice to a two year year old who found it and started coughing and crying so hard she vomited twice, spent the next half hour sobbing, and then wouldn’t each pizza for nearly a year. What a grand human being you are!

      (Oh, and I found out it was done because there was a note in the system that “this address never tips” only I’d never even ordered from them before because I was new there. It was the tenant before me who was a jerk, some kid thought it would be funny to get some revenge for it, and they nearly choked out a toddler in their brilliance. So thanks for making “vengeance” part of your job descriptions!)

  114. Minimum tip should be 5 to 10 dollars remember, car, expense, and insurance. Don’t call in the middle of a game close and expect fast delivery. Tough, tough work.

    1. lol. My big fat shiny hiny. That’s not going to happen. Period. Especially if my food is $10. Its greedy people like you that make me not want to tip at all. Everyones job sucks, honey. I work in customer service too. Just last week, we had someone steal a blanket, and someone steal a bedspread. And that’s just to start. Pot smokers in rooms who think they should get away with it, someone calling one of my staff the n word because she wouldn’t give him a free night without justification and more. Grow up.

  115. So much beefing for a junk food delivery guy. Some of these points are valid, but not all.

    If you want the job, do the work. If you find yourself cold and drenched, try a little high tech device that’s going viral…an umbrella. If a driver wrecked his own car, then tell him to slow down! I’ve seen too many delivery guys speeding. And some people “just across the street” may not be able to get out to buy a pizza personally, like a mom who’s ill but must feed the kids somehow, or a contractor who is too tired from working 12 hours a day on a REAL back-breaking job.

  116. #6 – Leaving the delivery guy outside in the rain while you get your cash. My wife would never let you in when she’s alone, nor should she. Next time bring proper weather gear in your car, so you’re not soaking wet or freezing. Learn to dress yourselves, as you’re old enough to drive.

  117. I live in a gated community and I always tip well because I grew up hard working. The silver spooners living in a gated community are the culprits.

  118. way too many ads for this to even be a site I will ever come back to.

  119. Being a pizza delivery man in my earlier life, I agree…there are some REALLY GREEDY people out there. COME ON! Its OUR gas, OUR car, OUR time. We have to find your F’d up residence in timbucktoo. We have to sludge through the rain and snow to get it to you piping hot. and you give us less then $1? REALLY! I even got stiffed for LESS then the total bill! YOU KNOW that comes out of MY POCKET, RIGHT? IF you can’t afford pizza with a tip, then DRIVE THERE YOURSELF and PICK IT UP, TIGHTWAD!

    1. Sounds to me like it’s your boss and/or business owner who’s the tightwad.

      The customers don’t owe you a decent paycheck. He/she does.
      We’re already paying $25 for $5-$10 worth of ingredients, so whine at the boss if you are not making enough of that $25 for yourself.

  120. This article title is a lie, and the article itself is idiotic if not completely obvious. Also you’re a scumbag if you’re so fixated on tipping you’ll seek revenge if you feel you weren’t paid enough. Whoever wrote this is a jackass.

  121. If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery.

    By that logic if I lived across the street from a post office I shouldn’t expect my mail to be delivered. You’re getting paid to do a job, so do it. Across the street or 20 miles away is irrelevant.

  122. I just quit a pizza delivery job. The pay was pretty high. $2 delivery charge to the company. Min wage + mileage (that is just 5% of the receipt, no matter where it is). Tips on top of that. With just ho hum deliveries it came to something like $14 an hour.

    So, guy orders $20 pizza. Pays $2 for delivery. Delivery took 1 hour. I get $9 in wage, $1 in mileage, maybe $4 for a tip. $14 hour.

    1. I doubt anyone pays $9 an hour in wage to pizza drivers. Everyone gets paid around $4-5/hour. Either your owners were really dumb, or you live in a socialist municipality where even bartenders get paid $9 on top of what they make in tips. That, or you never looked closely at your paystub.

      1. You doubt? There’s no separate minimum wage for pizza delivery jobs. Where the minimum wage is $9, they’re making $9. I don’t understand why you think you know what I got paid better than I do.

        1. Actually, there IS a separate minimum wage for pizza delivery jobs (and all tipped employees). As long as the wage+tips is above minimum wage, labor department will allow it. Ask anyone who works for a major chain. Who do you work for?

          $14-15/hour sounds about right, but it’s more like $4.5 hourly plus $8/hour in tips (because you get 2-3 deliveries in an hour), plus mileage/gas money $1-2.

          Can’t think of ANY delivery that takes a full hour. Even going 4 miles outside of my giant delivery area (6×6 miles), I was back in 45 minutes. Now, sometimes it’s so slow that you take one delivery per hour and do dishes until the next one. If that happens too often, I’d leave this job.

          1. You might not get any tips. It just depends on how busy the store is. In this case, the store doesn’t bother trying to pay less.

            “Delivery” takes an hour when I come in after a delivery and I’m handed a pizza that was ordered 65 minutes ago. Then I’m handed several other pizzas going to other parts of town. Then I need directions. Then I need drinks. Then I have to get any condiments. So the driving part of the individual delivery won’t take an hour, but an hour will pass in which I am paid $9 no matter what else happened.

            Some stores are probably more organized…

          2. My store paid me $3 below minimum wage when I was on the road and minimum wage when I was in the store. Yes, “you might not get any tips,” but employers that do this are required to have a safeguard in place to pay out the difference to bring you back up to minimum wage if, at the end of the week, your base pay + tips was still less than minimum wage.

          3. Actually, there ISN’T a seperate minimum wage for pizza delivery jobs (or all tipped employees). The labor department even has a handy dandy chart that explains all about it.
            The truth, which you apparently don’t know or care about, is that it depends on what state you live in. There are 7 states where the employer can’t even consider tips and Washington (as of Jan 1, 2014) for example requires ALL employees (even those that get tips) be paid a minimu wage of $9.32.

  123. This one was actually the best of all the “# things so and so won’t tell you”!

  124. I understand that you are most likely a kid, and you expect to be treated respectfully. But this whole article is a joke. Do your job. Whether you are a CEO or a delivery person, you will deal with some great people and some whom are absolute pains in the rear. Like most fields, you are replaceable, this is not a specialized field. As long as you take your job seriously and act respectfully, I would expect to receive the same respect. This article just comes across as written by a self aggrandizing millennial.

  125. I always Tip our pizza guy 5-6 bucks which is more than I am sure others do. And they appreciate it. (also keeps them from spitting on my pizzas lol)

    1. If you are bribing people to keep them from violating health codes by putting bodily fluids on your food without your knowledge, then something is seriously wrong with the place you get food from.

  126. Some of the thoughts seemed to be tongue-in-cheek, but it was difficult to separate them from the real comments. Pizza folks should remember that the restaurant business is part of the service industry, and their tips depend on how good the customer feels about the service.

    Now for a question: Aren’t pizza delivery folks paid a normal hourly rate instead of the tiny hourly amount reserved for waiters/waitresses? If that is the case, tipping is not being used to make up the difference to reach minimum wage. I would always tip the pizza carrier, but I just wanted to figure out what purpose the tip achieves. Thanks!

    1. $4.38 when on the road, $7.76 when in the store, and these numbers are representative across the nation. No benefits. No sick, leave time, no paid vacation.

  127. Great article. So true about the lower and middle class tipping better. Nothing is more of a slap to the face than a million dollar home leaving a $0.50 tip after driving 10 miles.

    I did like conversations with my customers. I remember the really nice customers. Beer and other is an acceptable form of tip. Members of the opposite sex may flash for free pizza but I got the view for part of my tip.

  128. Lot of false ones on there.
    4. 8 minutes or less for some companies.
    9. Even $10 orders should be $2-3 minimum tip, it takes the driver about the same road time regardless of order size.
    11. Remember, yes, do anything aside from complain, no. See 15.
    19. Waay off base, a few employees do, but most just work a few hours to cover the lunch or dinner rush.
    23. As long as you are paying and tipping, who cares.
    24. Pizza workers are more likely to order from competitors to get variety, but seldomly give it up altogether.

    1. Agree with everything except 11. If you act like an arshole (or a batch), or consistently don’t tip, you will have a sweet revenge coming. Shaking the soda is kids games compared to some stuff.

  129. 14. Pizza guys, and most of humanity, hate slide show style articles.


    (Clicks away)

  130. I ate a pizza once it tasted like some one drug behind a car to deliver it was bad

  131. You can sit home, drink, and have your pizza brought to you, without having to worry about a DWI. That alone should be worth a sizeable tip. Plus you need to remember how high gas is. Absolutely right, don’t be cheap.

  132. Treat your delivery drivers right. Don’t be a prick and don’t be a cheapskate. If you don’t like tipping the person who brings you your food, save those precious dollar bills of yours and get your butt off the couch and pick it up yourself.

  133. Left a bar and decide you’re too woozy to drive home? Look for a Pizza Joynt; call and place an order; catch the driver coming out the door for a ride home!!!

  134. I don’t feel so bad on tipping now, it says 10=20% of the bill and my bill usually doesnt even hit 20 and i give a 5-6$ tip, plus cookies since I work at a cookie store and have to bring them home on a friday or saturday.

  135. I don’t agree with #23 (if you live across the street, pick it up yourself) As long as they tip it is easy money. You are either back in the shop within minutes or you take 2-3 runs at once and the first one isn’t going to delay you much at all.

  136. The whole tipping system is outdated, idiotic and essentially a lie. Whoever came up with the stupid idea that out of all the costs that go into a pizza (the materials, the labor, the overhead, the taxes, the franchise fee, the business taxes, and the profit, etc.), that the customer can pick and choose which ones to pay, and how much?
    “Mr. Owner, I don’t like the flour you use in your pizza! So, I’m going to take a buck off what I pay!” How far do you think you’d get on that one? Or, try telling the manager you aren’t going to pay, because the guy who sweeps the floor missed a spot, or the guy running the dishwasher was making too much noise. Sounds pretty stupid. And, there are owners who will call the police, or sue you, if you leave without paying the full amount on the bill! (As they should!) But, refusing to pay the person who delivers, or serves your food? That, you think is ok?
    Pay the servers and deliverers a decent wage. Bill for the total cost of the delivered, or served product. (If the menu price of the pizza is $20.00, and a $4.00 tip is customary. Then, your pizza price is actually $24.00. Who is fooling whom here?) Get over the little lies we tell ourselves, and the stupid power games we play. This is a business, an industry, not some children’s playground game, with imaginary rules!

  137. For those out there that are in this career, please don’t smoke in the car with the pizzas in the seat next to you

    1. That I agree with. No perfume, either, please. And also, many drivers wear visibly dirty clothes, and managers tolerate that. I’m puzzled by that.

  138. The title of this article should be “13+ things customers don’t give a crap about just bring us our food you friggen pizza monkey!”

  139. Most drivers are teenage boys? There are many lady drivers where I work!!

    1. Only one woman driving with us. And all the other drivers are in their early twenties to early thirties. Even have a couple of guys in their 40’s.

  140. Here’s one for the delivery driver.. if I am being charged a delivery fee, why should I tip also?

    1. Because he is working for minimum wage and you are a cheap prick. If you can ‘t afford the tip then get off your dead butt and go get it from the pizza parlor.

    2. At most chains, delivery fee doesn’t go to the driver. Now, most drivers do get gas money in some form, but that’s much less than the said fee. I know, everyone is spoiled by free delivery days of the past, but if you really think, it takes a lot of work/cost to get that food to your door. So if you wanna save money, it’s best for all parties if you just picked it up. Delivery is for people who love the convenience.

      At my chain, delivery fee is almost $3, and the median tip is just over $4. So that’s $7 surcharge, on a typical 1-2 pies and 1-2 sides order ($15-25). Believe me, drivers don’t make that much money as you think; otherwise you guys would have all been lining up at Pizza Hut for a job. Instead, they are always looking to hire. Most drivers just need extra income after hours on a flexible schedule. That’s why they take these jobs even if the take home money is half of what you make at your day job.

  141. The negros are the worse for pizza guys.
    Ask anyone of them and they will regal you with story upon story.

  142. im just grateful anyone delivers me food here in mpls. -40 degrees and a blizzard every other day. be grateful people and get off your wallet

  143. #23 sounds like BS. If there’s still a delivery charge and a tip in it for them, I think most delivery people would prefer to deliver to the house across the street from the shop. No traffic, no gas, no insurance risk.

  144. does anyone realize on this thread that wait staff in America are exempt from minimum wage law? that’s right, when the law was passed, eateries were exempt BECAUSE their employees receive tips. read people!

  145. Just for this bullshit, I’m going to order a bunch of pizzas and send them to my neighbor. You can recognize prank calls, my foot.

  146. Tip isn’t included in the price and depending on the resturant, the delivery charge maybe all the driver gets paid. Where I work, we don’t get paid hourly, just the delivery charge and a tip if we’re lucky. So don’t think the delivery charge is the tip.

  147. Also, there are people who don’t seem to understand that delivery people and pizza makers are not the same people. If you have a problem with your pizza, please don’t take it out on the driver. Then there’s the people who think that if they drive by a pizza place after the time they close and see that the lights are still on, they must be open. Not true. If the lights are on after the time they close, the workers are probably doing whatever they need to do to prepare for the next day. In order to do so, they need to be able to see what they’re doing.

    1. After closing all of the leftover ingredients have to be put away, the dishes have to be washed, the floor swept the counters cleaned, etc, etc. There’s quite a bit of work left to do after closing. I know because I worked at a Pizza Hut back in my college days.

  148. #28- please don’t play 20 questions. We have other orders, not just yours. The longer it takes me to get off the phone, the longer it takes me to get everyone’s order out to them.

  149. Years ago a local pizza restaurant stopped delivering to a predominantly black street in my town after the people there pelted a delivery man with rocks and insults. They then hollered racism – but no one took them seriously. Just a bunch of fools who thought they could exploit a serious issue as license to act like total morons. Meanwhile, the same restaurant still delivers to all the other predominantly black streets within a five mile radius, people who order a pizza, pay for it and say goodnight. Moral: everyone deserves respect regardless of race or occupation, except those unwilling to extend it to others.

  150. #28: Don’t send your kids to answer the door. The pizzas are usually hot, the bag of three 2-liter sodas is heavy, and they have no concept of what a tip is.
    Although, I do get a chuckle when kids call me “Mr. Pizza Man”.

  151. We always tip the pizza delivery people 5 to 6 bucks for 1 or 2 pizzas with a couple sides. 5 bucks is the min. we tip them and will go up if we order more than 2 pizzas. We have bill & tip money ready, exchange a few pleasantries and whenever we order our pizza it is there in no time:)

  152. All make sense except for 18 and 23.

    If my order is late, or there is something wrong with it, I’m going to say something. Sorry, but when a representative of a company shows up my door later than he’s supposed to, or my order is messed up, that’s the person I’m going to complain to. Would it be better if I called the store and told them my driver was late?

    If I live across the street, I’m going to tip just as much as I would if I lived across town. Wouldn’t a delivery person prefer a 2 minute delivery over a 10 minute delivery?

    1. So you can get sex from your dog eh? Humans out of the question for the likes of you.

  153. Half of the delivery charge does not cover the cost of using your own car!

  154. Acceptance of checks changed a few years ago. Everybody who opens a checking account can have a debit card. My company doesn’t take checks anymore.

  155. I did not count the number of times the word TIP was used but I get the point. the pizza delivery guy/gal expects to have a tip given to them. well I work in the service industry and go to homes every day to repair something and you know what, in 11 years of doing this I have only had 3 or 4 tips! I do a good job, I take my time and treat their home with respect, I give them a fair price, I am self employed, and when they tell me how happy they are calling me rather than that other guy and how good of a job I have done, and the fee is say, $82.18 and they get out a wad of cash and then ask for a discount or ask if $82 is okay in order to save paying the change, and there is no tip I think, you know what… maybe I should raise my prices and work a tip in there?? I think that if anyone has done a good job for you that you should give them a tip rather than a THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know that this has changed my attitude in tipping and when we had the plumber come fix a faucet I gave him a $20 tip for lunch. he was so surprised but grateful. by vent for today.

  156. #10, So true! The most cheap people that I’ve come across in my life were actually the ones who are supposedly live in mansions and live such lives…make me sick!!

  157. I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked at how ridiculous this article is. If the person saying these things was any smarter, he/she wouldn’t be delivering pizzas. Basically, “I can accidentally contaminate your food, purposely sabotage your food out of anger, I can turn hostile whenever you inconvenience me, but you better ALWAYS be nice to me, make my job as easy as possible, and pay me extra for doing what I’m suppose to be doing”.


    It’s always the lowest of the low that demand the highest.

  158. # 23 is false. The deliveries across the street and in the same complex are the best. They always tip, You don’t have to start your car and you still get the incentive for the run.

  159. I’ve been a pizza guy for a very long time and I am not shy about telling you guys anything (unless of course it’s confidential). SO that being said, I felt like I had to respond to these points as some of them are false or misleading.

    1. True. Figure out WHAT you WANT BEFORE you even call. Don’t call and then ask everyone what they want. ALSO if you are at SOMEONE ELSE’S house, make sure you know the address because we need that to deliver the pizza.

    2. We know when we are getting pranked even though most stores do not have caller ID.

    3. False. Accidents happen, period. I slipped and fell on some ice and crushed half the pie. Immediately called the store for a remake to be sent out and told the customer what had happened. Honesty is the best policy.

    4. At a mom and pop store, probably. The big three have gas jet conveyor belt ovens that take about four minutes to cook a pizza. However, the ovens can only hold but so many pizzas at a time, so it may be up to twenty minutes (depending on WHEN you order, like Friday night during a snow storm) before your pie even goes in.

    5. True. The DMs look at the police blotters, determine which neighborhoods are high crime neighborhoods and either block them for deliveries or at least limit them to daytime only.

    6. No, no loose change. Round it up to the nearest dollar and call it even. As an addendum to that, get your money ready BEFORE we get there! And don’t act all surprised when we DO show up. “Oh the pizza guy’s here! Let’s go find some money…”

    7. Yes.

    8. Unless you are hot.

    9. This will get you a black mark on the GPS and you will wait longer for your order next time.

    10. False. I’ve been stiffed by rich and poor alike. But if you DO live in one of those communities, please make sure that you give your FULL name so we can look it up on the phone box. You know how many “Johns” or “Christys” can live in the same building? On top of that, when we do buzz the call box, make sure to actually, you know, ANSWER IT?

    11. Yes. Not only that, most of us have smartphones with built in GPSs. I can make little annotations to who tips well and who stiffs all the time. So when I go out on a run, I will always take the good tipper’s order first leaving the stiff’s last, even though the stiff may have ordered first.

    12. THIS! You may get us at a slow time and if you live close enough you may get your pie in 15-20 minutes. SO don’t go jump in the shower, or go mow the back yard, or go have sex while waiting for your pizza. Plus don’t try to lie your way to a free pie either. I will leave a note on the door AND take a picture of it to verify I really was there (I’ve been called a liar enough that this has to happen).

    13. Nope, I’m not gonna do it. We’re not even allowed to come in even if it’s during a torrential storm.

    14. Yes, because a GPS will only put us in the general area of your house. If it’s dark, raining and you HAVE NO LIGHTS ON, it also makes it harder to find your house.

    15. True. Unless you are in a high crime neighborhood. I once had someone tell me I wouldn’t go there because he was black. I shot right back at him that I don’t deliver to the white people there either! Only color that concerns me is green.

    16. FALSE, FALSE, A THOUSAND TIMES FALSE! Most pizza drivers are in their mid to late twenties and up. I myself will be forty soon. We DO NOT HIGHER TEENAGERS TO DRIVE. They are for working as insiders as they do not really have the experience built up to be driving on the roads. We want EXPERIENCED drivers with clean driving records.

    17. Because of bad checks, most stores won’t even accept them any more. It’s the 21st century people! Checks are outdated. Get rid of them.

    18. We have other deliveries to make. Plus depending on weather and traffic and volume of business, it may take longer to get a delivery. If you need it sooner, pick it up. ALSO do not yell at US if there is something wrong with your order (unless we forgot a soda or something). If you ordered no onions and it has onions, remember, the driver did NOT MAKE THE PIZZA.

    19. Most of the Big Three (at least in my area) close at 11pm Sun-Thurs and 1am Fri and Sat. You have ALLLL FREAKING DAY do order a pizza. So please DO NOT CALL AT 10:55 pm and order a pizza! Get Digorno’s!

    20. Yep. And we get a VERY small milage fee. The delivery fee DOES NOT GO TO THE DRIVER.

    21. I usually ignore rudeness, but not stupidity. Like don’t ask why it took so long to get a pizza when there is two feet of snow on the streets and not a plow in sight. We do not have magical vehicles that are unaffected by weather.

    22. Also, DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR A BEER RUN!! Or if you DO, make sure there is someone AT home who can PAY for the pizza. Other wise, I’m going BACK to the shop and you will have to come get the pizza yourself.

    23. True story: Dayshift and we’re having a nor’easter. All these businesses are calling for huge deliveries and it’s just me and the manager (dayshifts are usually slow). We had an hour-and-a-half delivery time. Ten minutes if you picked it up. This guy who lived RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET wanted me to deliver his pizza. I could see him looking out the window at me and even waved to him. I told him about the wait and that picking it up would be quicker but he didn’t want to go out. Then the jerk had the NERVE to complain about how long he had to wait!! We also have a daycare right behind our shop. They call for delivery all the time. I just walk out the back door and through the bushes.

    24. Speaking for myself: I LOVE PIZZA!! ANd I eat it all the time! How I’m not three hundred pounds by now, I do not know.

    25. Not true, some are just lonely.

    26. Yes, they told you that over the phone/ internet.

    27. True. You may have seen a commercial or something like that advertising a special that you did not order. So pay for what you got and remember it for next time.

    And since there is no #28, let me add one:

    We live in a fantastic age now. We really are getting to the 1950’s “Push Button Society.” Most of us have the internet, literally, at our fingertips in the form of smartphones, tablets, whatever. And most pizza places have websites. The Big Three certainly do. And one thing they have is a STORE LOCATOR. You can, in just a couple of strokes of the keyboard, type in your address and see which location delivers for you. So this being said, unless you do not have access to tis modern technology, DO NOT CALL THE STORE ASKING US IF WE GO TO YOUR AREA!! Seriously, you are gonna get some teenage kid who doesn’t even know how to get to the store himself because his mom drops him off and picks him up every day! All you do is waste precious time they could be using to make pizzas.

    Also: You can order a pizza online! After an initial set up you can literally order a pizza with a single click! The time it takes for you to call, talk with the order taker, and pay for your order (by credit card), is about the same as it takes to make the pizza and put it in the oven. Internet orders are faster. They free up the insiders to make pizzas AND YOU WILL NEVER BE PLACED ON HOLD!

  160. It seems that the site is forcing a tipping mentality. Over here, in Europe, the tip is included in the bill already, even if it doesn’t say it. People I know that work in restaurants have confirmed this. Sure, a generous person drops a tip by rounding up the bill, but having a 15% rule? Please…

    1. In the U.S. tipping depends on the locale. Some restaurants include the tip in the bill (which can make some people really angry), some leave space on the bill for the tip.

  161. I don’t understand why they expect a tip? Do they not get paid to do their job?

    Doctors don’t get tipped for saving lives, why should you get tipped for doing your job?

    1. Doctors get $100K+ a year ($50 an hour), pizza drivers get $4.38 an hour. How about you do one of the riskiest jobs for $4.38 an hour? I’ll let you use my car for free, even put gas in. You just drive. Who knows, some lonely, needy, busty housewives might invite you in and let you have a way with them, ha ha ha.

    2. “I don’t understand”

      You could have stopped right there and that would have said it all.

  162. #7…. now if only they applied that to the register at the pizza place too…. Nothing harder than trying to listen to someone describe what they want on their pizza or tell you what they’re picking up, while they’re talking to someone on the phone.

  163. That list just made me mad, and makes me want to tip less. If you hate your job so much, then find another one.

    1. Look, Gloria, if you are not a rude, arrogant, self-centered person who tips $1 to the person who just took 20-30 minutes of HIS OWN time to get your pizza to you, then you don’t have anything to worry about. But if you are any of the above, then it’s not only the pizza driver that is not gonna like you. If you are already tipping $1.30, how much worse can it get? If you tip $5, why would your driver want to mistreat you?

      The customers we get are the same people you meet every day. You have no complaints about 90% of people. Another 7% are people who you don’t really like, but they are bothering you much, so it’s no big deal. But that remaining 3% are the selfish a-holes, cheaters, rude, obnoxious people you sometimes see. This article and the comments are mostly about those 3%, and, to some degree, the 7%.

  164. Hahaha! I love it. I agree with everything! Except 15…….I won’t go 7 miles outta my way to ppl who don’t tip

  165. People will tip a person in a restaurant 15-20% to walk 25 ft. to put food on the table but not tip the driver the same after he drives 8 miles to bring them food? Is there some wrong here? Oh…and the portion of the delivery fee the driver gets does not even begin to cover the the cost of gas!

  166. …They just respond to what they see and feel. You don’t go around barking at dogs and biting them “because they are doing the same thing to you”, do you? You are more intelligent and mature, so you handle them properly.

  167. @Rigbly

    I am just giving you the facts as an insider. If you treat someone like a dog, you are bound to be barked at and bitten. And being of low intelligence (as you have noticed), we have only primal motives such as anger and revenge in response to bad treatment, and licking and tail wagging to a good treatment.

    Dogs don’t care about your deep convictions such as “drivers make too much money that they don’t deserve”, or “I ain’t tipping because that’s my principle”. They just respond.

  168. sorry your majesty but could I bother you to bring me a pizza like the glorified dog you are and don’t take it upon yourself to speak for an entire demographic thanks.

  169. Another advice for low tippers:

    Most tipped employees’ wages are set lower than federal/state low wage. Nowadays, it’s common to see pizza drivers being paid $7.75-ish when in store (answering phones, folding boxes, washing dishes) and $4.50-ish an hour when on the road. Most places do reimburse for mileage. You won’t believe what kind of wear and tear it puts on you car, driving home-work twice a day vs. driving in unfamiliar places in the dark, bad weather on short trips. Body, engine, suspension suffer badly. Gas mileage is terrible. Tires wear unevenly. Interior suffers. Mileage money is not something that driver pockets.

    Let’s say average delivery destination of 3 miles is about 20 minutes (1/3 hour) round trip, and that the driver spends 70-80% of their time on the road. If everyone tipped $2, his/her hourly wage would be $9.95. Would you (maybe not yourself, but a family member who isn’t as educated and connected/supported as you are) work for that? Don’t forget, pizza driving is considered a high stress, high risk job with unstable income and no benefits. If everyone tipped $3, his/her hourly wage would be $12.35. Better, but hardly lucrative.

    What I am trying to say here is that if you low tip is bringing a young man’s wage close to federal minimum, he’ll get pissed off rather quickly. You know what can happen then. If you don’t, it’s right below (my previous post)

  170. #11 (I remember every customer who doesn’t tip) needs to be explained further. Getting stiffed is such an unpleasant experience that people remember the address for a long, long time. Some (including yours truly) even used to keep blacklists. Nowadays it’s easy with apps such as Delivery Droid that keeps record of every customer. You enter an address, and it tells you how many times, on what dates you delivered to this particular address, and what tip you got on what total amount, and the average tip for this address.

    You low tip a driver more than a few times, and your address becomes famous at the store. Revenge is not obvious to you, but it’s there. Some are ineffective, from shaking the soda to stereotypical spitting/coughing on food. Others may include warm sodas and cold pizzas (roll down the windows, open the boxes and air them). There are many other things drivers do:

    – stepping on fragile items in front of the house (flowers, solar lights, sprinklers)
    – making a u-turn well into your front lawn (works specially well in a rain)
    – loudly pretending to talk on your cell phone if the neighbors are present and saying that you just got stiffed.
    – unpleasant and rude treatment. If you ask for parm cheese, peppers or napkins and receive a cold, abrupt “no”, then your tip might have been low. Ask the driver. They won’t tell you if your tip was high or low, but they will tell you what their average tip is.
    – if it’s a cash order, getting all your change in pennies
    – if it’s a credit card order, making you show the card, then your ID, then demanding that only the person on the card (not the husband) can sign for it, and asking why the back of the card hasn’t been signed, and carefully inspecting your document and looking unsure if the ID picture matches your face…

    I’ve heard of even nastier ones, but let’s not give people ideas. Bottom line is, don’t mess with people who handle your food. If you can’t afford or don’t wanna tip, just go and pick it up yourself. Problem solved.

  171. And what idiot came up with #9 (Tips should be 10 to 15 percent of your order)? Driver tip should not be based on the amount. It’s not a restaurant where a waiter can serve several tables at the same time and spends 30 seconds walking to the customer. So if I got a $9.17 order that is 5.5 miles away (round trip 35 minutes), I get anywhere between $0.92 and $1.38 as the tip? Meaning I’d make $1.58-$2.37 in tips an hour? Tipping less than $2.50-$3 is just not nice. Those who live by “a couple dollars tip for the driver” rule are living by the 70s-80s rule. How would you like to be paid like in the 80s yourself?

    On the other end of the scale, delivering 15-20 pies (4-5 bags) to a large building is a lot of work. Thankfully most business customers know that and diligently tip 10%. I recently delivered 5 bags to a community college. It starts with figuring out where the right entrance is, then walk through a huge square/courtyard, struggle with the doors, then walk through a huge lobby, then a long hall. Then you ask who is paying for the pizza, and it takes another 5 minutes to find the right person. Then you have to go back to your car to get the rest of the bags because carrying more than 10 pizzas is impossible. Not only it becomes heavy, tall, and cumbersome, but also if you stack too many of them, the bottom ones start to get crushed. So you have to repeat the long walk and struggle with the doors. That’s why $10-20 tip on a $100-200 order is deserved, but $1.2 on a $11.33 is too small.

  172. Some are poorly worded and explained. #23 (If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery) should be worded: “just because you live across the street, doesn’t mean the pizza guy deserves a pathetic $1 tip”. I have plenty of customers who live less than half a mile away but tip $5-6. I love them. I would be completely fine if they tipped me $3.

  173. Some are wrong, others are plain stupid. #18 (Keeping it short and sweet) I don’t agree with because there is nothing wrong with exchanging a few sentences. It’s elementary human communication standard. But what I don’t get is what idiot in NY, NC, or PA suggested that “The majority of customers who stand there chatting about the weather are just trying to make up for not giving us tips”. Huh?

  174. Some of these are petty, minor annoyances. If you deliver pizzas for a living, learn to deal with minor stuff like customer not being ready to choose their toppings or have cash ready, or closing the door in their face etc etc. Don’t be a drama queen!

  175. “4. Patience, please!

    It takes about 20 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza. And then I have to drive to your house.”

    Actually, it takes about 30-40 seconds to slap the dough, sauce, cheese, top, and about 6-8 minutes to bake. Where is the information in this article coming from?

    1. We actually had a lady refuse an order when it got to her house because it got there in less than twenty minutes. She claimed that we had already had her pizza made and we just slapped her ticket on it. The driver (who happened to be the ASM) told her it was fresh, but the lady refused saying it takes twenty minutes to cook a pizza. ASM explained about the gas jet ovens, but the lady didn’t want to hear it and said she was gonna order form our competitor. So. ASM calls the competitor (who’s GM used to work at our store…), gives them the heads up, and sure enough, they get out there in less than twenty minutes and the lady refused them too!

  176. “3. Accidents happen.

    If I drop your pizza on the way, sometimes I’ll shake the box to get the cheese to slide back on right.”

    If you do that, you’ll get fired. Who wrote this dumb article?

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  178. Forgot to mention – Delivery fee =/= tip. A lot of places will charge a delivery fee, of which the driver gets exactly $0.00 of.

  179. All I have to say about #16 is if they don’t want to have to put up with all kinds of weather conditions, they can just as easily get another job somewhere else.

  180. I love this article! I was a delivery driver in college. People can be so stupid and inconsiderate. Nicely done.

  181. 23. If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery.

    you do know that you only get paid as long as there is people calling for delivery right?

    1. I understand why you would say that, but speaking as someone who works in the pizza business, i’m going to have to side with them on this. As I’m sure you’re aware, gas is not cheap, and if one of our drivers uses their car to deliver a pizza across the street, that’s more gas that could’ve been used to deliver to someone who lives further out.

  182. The one that isn’t on there is if you are too lazy to get off your A** and get your own food then you should tip. Remember, every pizza and sandwich delivery driver is in the car with your food by themselves for at least a little while before they get to your house.. If you tip well the food will get to you without spit…Oh and Screw Jimmy John’s…

  183. As far as I know the rental companies prohibit people from driving the rental for use as a delivery vehicle. Not to say it doesn’t happen just watch out driving by the rental office with the lighted pizza sign on the roof of the car.

  184. How about this…Maybe I don’t WANT to give you a tip with:

    1. The cost of pizza is has gotten too high
    2. Places like Dominoes take a $2 delivery fee
    3. A trained monkey can do that job

    Tipping is a crock of sh*t. I’m not paying extra for my food

    1. You may not be paying extra FOR your food, but don’t be surprised when there’s a little something extra IN your food.

      1. Which is why I make my OWN pizza. Not the stuff that is supposedly pizza with the frozen dough, make believe sauce, and the fake cheese.

        Oh and btw, if someone did try to put something “extra” into my pizza, you can bet I would press charges against the person and it’s not something to laugh about. Around the nation, that’s a felony! Good luck trying to get a job!

  185. Always be nice and tip well!
    Having worked in the food service industry, you really don’t want to be targeted by a vindictive employee. They will mess with your food!

  186. It doesn’t take 20 minutes to prep and cook a pizza. When I worked at dominos we could have a pizza out the door in under 10 minutes from the time we hung up the phone. Also it is very true that the more money a customer has the less they will tip. I always got my best tips in lower income areas.

  187. I work at a pizza place and theses are all true.Another thing is if your child is gonna order make sure they know everything and we don’t spend an hour on the phone asking every single detail.And Yes!! Know what you want to get,we don’t like hearing”Honey you want some dessert too.You want a small,medium or large Suzy.” Hearing you scream across the room,and have the credit card ready if you pay over the phone.We have other phones to answer and chores and stuff to do.And drivers do need good tips because they are using their gas and cars.All of these are true. We are just people like you and we make mistakes but you also need to be nice to everyone.What goes around comes around.Just make sure your nice to all waiters and waitress and you tip good.

  188. Delivery fees ARE NOT tips. Gratuity is NOT normally figured into the cost of delivery pizza. I was a driver, I had some people that didn’t tip because the national chain charged a $2.50 delivery fee, drivers only see 40 cents of that. Cooks NEVER get tipped, unless you pick up from the pizza place. My daughter was a cook and cashier, they rarely got a tip, even though they did are the ones that made the pizza.

  189. #11 is 100% accurate. I used to be a pizza driver in the 90s. This one guy would always order a large pizza & 2 liter of soda. And then he’d stiff you. $14.99? He’d give a check for that amount exactly, to the penny, and smirk at you. Every single time. So one day he calls in, orders the same thing. I must have shook his 2L of soda for 10 straight minutes on the way to his house. Rang the bell, gave him his goods, he gave me the regular stiffing check. He smirked. I smirked back and then took off so fast my hubcaps spun. Swear I saw soda exploding out the windows of his house in my rear view.

  190. pizza people have to remember, as a consumer ZI object to being charged a delivery fee and expect a tip. If your store requires a delivery fee, it comes out of your tip. I iwll gladly tip a delivery person 3 or 4 dollars but not if I have to pay $3.00 to have it delivered.

  191. Number 24 is just wrong. After I no longer worked at the Pizza Joint, I craved it, wanted it still loved it.

  192. This is just silly. First off, it doesn’t take 20 minutes to cook a pizza. For a call in order they tell me even on a busy night at pretty much any pizza place that I can pick it up in 10 to 15 minutes. I live 5 minutes away and I’ve never had to wait for it to finish. Also, if it’s your job then do it. Don’t make threats about shaking soda up and don’t complain about bad tips and chatty customers. No one needs a pizza. You don’t really have any leverage in these situations. You get paid to provide a service. If you decide to start biting back at bad customers you aren’t going to last very long. Also, nobody except maybe the manager is pulling 12 to 14 hour shifts. Usually it’s a part time gig for high school or college age kids or for adults moonlighting for extra money.

  193. $20 and all dough. Not that four star places are any less toxic or serve an adequate amount of vegetables.

  194. “Some of us are tobacco drug addicts and actually SMOKE around your food, which poisons it with toxic tobacco smoke. Sure, it’s a violation of city health codes, by we don’t care!”
    We tell these drug addicts to take the ruined pizza and leave and they don’t get a dime. Smokers are losers.

  195. Here’s a Pizza Delivery Secret… I don’t know anything about any coupons you may or may not have claimed to have. If you don’t give it to me, 99% of the time, I won’t ask you for it and you can use it again. This even works with the $10 gift card you are supposed to have, sometimes. I just see a total, show up, collect money, and leave… but if you forget to tip me, I am much more likely to ask you for that coupon/gift certificate…

  196. Who the f$%^ wrote these? If I don’t get the tip I want, I’m not beyond shaking up your soda next time? I’m not going to be so nice if you have a problem with your order? Whatever happened to customer service? You represent the store, who is the customer supposed to talk to if there’s a problem with the order? I delivered all thru college, but this is just one whinny jagfest if you ask me. People wonder why everythings going downhill…..

  197. I have a problem with don’t call for a delivery at closing time and then complain that we can’t accommodate you. If I call 1min before you close you should take my order and deliver it to me. Not to do so just tell me you’re lazy. If you don’t want to do it, maybe you should have different hours for delivery. Remember the customer is King

    1. Agreed. I can understand not liking it, but if you have a closing time, you need to honor any order placed before that time. I’ve worked in food service so I totally understand the feeling, but it was a huge no no to turn down a customer before closing. We once had a bus come in about 10 minutes before we closed. We pulled together and served them and just stayed later to clean up. That’s what you have to do sometimes.

      1. Same with me I worked at a pizza place. Hated the last min calls but did take it. Never knew if it was head office doing a test on us, and they did a few times

  198. I tip 20% to the pizza delivery guys. I want them to know who I am the next time and the time after that and put that special effort into making sure my order gets to me hot. So far it’s working quite well. We’re a good customer. We’re polite. We answer the door right away with cash. It matters.

  199. All valid points. (Presented in a whiney/babyish way, Maureen Mackey from Readers’ Digest Online.)

  200. #29…..If you insist on showing up at the door naked, at least be an attractive naked.

  201. Drivers tips should be no less than $2.00 Gas cost at laest $3.70 a gal each driver does about 20 – 35 deliveries per night Gas cost is $20- $30 thier slary is way lower than Mini average is $4 per hr SO thats washed in gas cost alone !

    IN brief i say about 20% do not tip or tip poorly like $1 or .50 the rest tip fair or more than fair!

    1. They generally get compensation for gas. I agree with you, if you can’t afford a tip you can’t afford a delivery is how I see it (unless there is a delivery charge). But the reason should be because that’s the right thing to do for someone providing a service to you, not because they used gas to get there.

  202. 1st of i been delivering food since the 70’s ! People listen to me many places who charge delivery charges DO NOT GIVE it to the driver! Drivers are at risk of theft , being shot, or accident way more than you are! I was held up in 97 at gun point TY he was happy with $90 cash i had ! IF drivers are not Clean,if they have bad attitude at your door if they are on phones at your door acting like your not imporatnt to them give them mini tip or no tip at all! YOUR food must be hot or almost hot never cold , must be neat not like it was thrown into a car! Order must BE as you said if not don’t blame the driver call up the restaurant and say you gave me wrong order or somethings missing ! THe driver has responsibilty of making sure you get your order to you as fast as possible but rember many drivers are making 2 or more deliveries aqt same time ! When you call your slip goes up on board behind the others that are there it takes 15 – 20 minutes to make and bake a PIE! then drivers get it out of oven in hot bags and drive to you within 10 minutes ! I have one place that tiwce we git cold pizza from and they are big here where i live well i sure put a dent in thier biz after that report!

    So tip according to service NOT if the food taste yuckkkkkkkk drivers do not cook or touch food !

    1. Indeed. I wonder at how many people, including posts under this article, act as if the delivery fee were either a tip or a reasonable substitute for one when even the box their pizza is in informs them otherwise. (The place I briefly worked at, drivers *did* sometimes slice pizzas, but obviously there’s no way to do that that will improve or worsen the taste.)

      1. If the delivery fee doesn’t go to the driver then it’s something the driver needs to take up with management. I’m happy to tip but you have to admit, when you’re already paying extra to have it delivered, tipping extra on top of that is a bit over the top. I shouldn’t be out an extra 10 bucks on a pizza.

    2. Here’s my problem with the delivery charge. I understand that you don’t end up getting it, but that’s sort of something you should take up with the company. If I’m paying extra to have it delivered then that cost should be passed on to the person delivering. If it’s not the maybe the deliverers should collectively bargain to get that money. If I order a 15 dollar pie and they tack on a 5 dollar delivery charge, that’s a 33% increase to my bill, then I’m supposed to tip another 5 dollars on top of that? I could just about get another pizza for that price. The fact is, as long as there is a delivery charge your tip is going to suffer. That’s not an issue you need to take up with customers, that’s an issue you need to take up with corporate. Most people aren’t going to be willing to pay 25 bucks for a 15 dollar pizza and if you were on the other side of this you’d feel the same way.

  203. #26 is ridiculous. We order different food every time, different toppings, a side or two. Depending on who’s here (kids’ friends, family, neighbor) we might get one large plain, or two medium with different stuff, maybe some gnocci or calamari, etc.
    don’t know your menu or prices, and it’s your job to tell me how much.

  204. I used to deliver pizzas, and the tip should be $2 to $4, no more regardless of the size of the bill. I mean, if it’s huge and they have to make two trips, maybe more, but it’s not like they’re a waiter or waitress spending an hour or more, taking the order, getting multiple drinks, many courses, taking food back to the kitchen, upselling the food, etc. As a driver I was handed the food, given an address, and off I went. That’s worth a flat tip, not a percentage.

  205. #25 is called the ‘verbal tip.’ The customer is either overly chatty at the end or, more often, complements your service excessively.

    I work as a server in a restaurant and all the servers dread the ‘verbal tip,’ lol

  206. This sounds like a bunch of beeitchy whining from someone who hates their job ! And I WILL expect delivery if I live across the street, that’s what you’re PAID FOR !!!!

  207. #4 – it takes about 10 minutes when business is slow, 15 when busy and 20 during a rush. Want your pizza delivered faster? Call ahead and schedule the delivery or ask for delivery outside of lunch or dinner times.

  208. “8. Before you open the door,

    I’d prefer that you have a shirt on (and definitely some pants)”

    It’s you’re home so dress (or undress) any way you choose.

  209. “4. Patience, please!

    It takes about 20 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza. And then I have to drive to your house.”

    Wrong. It shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes from order to box (maybe a minute or so longer with a Baker’s Pride oven).

    1. This leaves out the possibility of other orders needing to be made before yours.

      1. Back in my pizza making days, one store I worked at did an average of 155 pies per hour during the Friday and Saturday night rushes. Pizzas were made, baked and boxed in 7 minutes.

  210. I will never understand people who don’t tip pizza delivery people properly, then keep ordering from the same place. Everyone knows who you are when you order, and you will get treated with the same service that you tipped for last time.

  211. Some times you can get a discount from them. On a cool pizza. You see them delivering to the neighbors and ask if they have a extra one. for cheap they will knock 10% off to keep from taking it back. On the cool side it will be.

  212. # 10 is so true If your not going to tip 20% go pick the pizza up yourself you lazy bastard. I know some delivery guys that work on tips only. That 1.03 you tipped didn’t cover the gas to your house.

  213. Why don’t I just come over there, make the pizza myself, take it with me, pay for it and give you a $100 tip and a hug. Would that make you happy?

  214. Some restaurants add the tip because if the servers can’t show they made minimum wage with combined salary and tips, the business has to pay them the difference. Not that all servers are dishonest, but cash tips don’t always get reported.

  215. A lot of pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut have a delivery charge. That charge doesn’t go to the driver. It goes to the company. It’s an unfair charge to both the customers and to the drivers especially if the customers are not well informed and they think the tip is already included in their total bill and then, they don’t tip the driver. There has been lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Domino’s over this charge by former delivery drivers.

    1. Just another way for an “honest” business to rip off their customers! But seriously, at our local Pizza Hut the drivers are nothing more than normal employees that are sent out to make the deliveries. The delivery charge is to reimburse the company for their hourly employee being gone…

      1. That is not right because the poor drivers have to provide their own business insurance on their own cars and any maintenance required to keep that car running.

  216. I’ve never understood why restaurants don’t have to pay minimum wage and let the tips bring it up to a close to living wage. Some of the owners are millionaires because their business is actually being subsidized by the public. I also don’t thing tips should be pooled for all the help. Why should good help and bad help be tipped the same.

    1. Because the big chains, at least, had enough money to lobby for an exception, and continue to have enough to keep that exception every time the regular minimum goes up. (The special one *never* does, not even proportionately.)

  217. I’ve been delivering for P-H part-time for the past two years. That 2.50 delivery charge the company is keeping just to gouge you even more, I get very little of that money .90 cents to be exact. The following is true: Blacks don’t tip, are F-ing ignorant and feel entiltlted. I’ll tell them when calling on the phone it will be twice as long (trying to talk them out of a delivery) then white people who always tip. Second, when I’m making multiple delivers at once, I’ll drive right past a black house or go the opposite way to white people houses first even though blacks ordered first because I know I’ll get a tip. When I get to a black, indian house or I inflate the price so I have something to show for my delivery 19.15 bill becomes 20.00. I keep a lot of free stuff in my car, free pizza coupons, two liter drinks, I’m happy to give to customers who tip, no tip, no freebies.

    I ‘m not delivering food in the snow, rain, cold, heat because I have nothing better to do, I’m trying to support my wife and kids with this little extra money and not ride the goverment, sell drugs like another certain clan in this country.

    1. I’m not only black but I tip at least 20% whenever I get a pizza and the reason you might not be getting a tip from other minorities (i.e. not white) might be your attitude in general. I mean look at half the things you do these people, than wonder why you don’t get a tip even if you were a pleasant person (which I doubt) who got stiffed by them. If you would’ve said I treat them the way I want to be treated, but its not returned I would’ve actually had some sympathy for you. But as it stands don’t ever expect to get a tip from someone you treat differently and obviously think less of. People pick up on those vibes whether or not you think you’re outwardly exhibiting them.

  218. Re #8, I was on cam with a group (2 woman and 1 man) and they ordered a pizza, they were all completely naked and one of the woman answered the door naked for the pizza delivery. The pizza guy was kinda shocked, shoved the pizza at her, took the money without counting it and left in a hurry.

  219. “23. If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery.

    Get off your rear end and pick up the pizza yourself.”

    I agree with this one, and do it this way. My apartment is on a one-way street, and Dominos is 1/2 a block further down the road. Because of one-way streets, their driver would have to loop around and drive a total of about SIX blocks to bring a pizza to me. So I just order online, wait about 15 minutes, then wander over and pick it up.

    When I delivered for Godfather’s (25 years ago), we got a surprising amount of business delivering to the motel that was directly across the street from our store. We drivers didn’t complain, though. At that time, we got paid a flat $1.00 per delivery, rather than mileage, and we got that $1 regardless of whether we drove to the other side of town or simply walked the pizza across the street. (I mean we got paid $1 per delivery on top of our hourly wage, of course.)

    1. A motel is a bit different anyway; for one thing, unless it’s the employees ordering, you’re talking about people who mostly aren’t familiar with the area. If they’re like me, by the time they’re settled in, many of them also will be tired enough from traveling that they’d almost rather not eat than have to go back out again, so delivery would be a blessing and they likely wouldn’t even think about where it’s from geographically beyond “will they deliver here?”

  220. #4 Hot-air ovens are much faster. I worked for a pizza store, 5 minutes from time of order until the pie was cut in the box. They were good pizzas, too!

    1. Could you elaborate on what you mean by “hot-air oven,” please? To the best of my knowledge, all ovens rely on hot air except for the microwave kind.

  221. Awful article. The majority of what I read was a bunch of self righteous dribble to defend a job that requires zero skill set. If I don’t agree with a tip, I shake their soda next time? If you have a problem with your order, I wont be as nice next time….Listen to me and listen good, you have no understanding of business ethics and how the world works. Nothing is fair. “I can’t afford to be choosy” Ohhhhh I feel bad that you serve “any” customer, so does the rest of the world! This was a sad plea of an article to ask for more money. Talk to your boss buddy, depending on people to give you EXTRA $ for doing your job, well I’m not surprised you can’t “afford to be choosy”…..d0uche

  222. The “I’m just a kid” one, might be a 50/50 chance—especially the way this economy is; I may have to get a delivery job (over 40).

  223. Missing from this list: “Every stupid/selfish thing people do adds up to longer delivery times for everyone. If you take forever to answer your door or phone, if you make the delivery guy navigate the maze that passes for your apartment building instead of meeting him in the lobby, if you have to spend five minutes pooling money or tracking down change, if you delay someone else’s order with ‘hilarious’ false claims of ‘that’s my pizza jk lol’… realize that the people who did the same before you contributed to your food arriving 5-10-15+ minutes later than it had to.”

    1. Amazing how many people not only don’t get that, but will deny it or blame it on the driver or store now that you’ve mentioned it publicly.

  224. My son is a delivery person and relies on tips to come out with some kind of profit. They do not even get paid minimum wage and do not get reimbursed for gas, their tips are factored in the wage paid that is why they do not get minimum wage. Tip your delivery person.

  225. A lot of these are just rude comments based on someone who apparently had a bad customer service experience. While you’re on your companies time, regardless of what happens when you’re out on a delivery, you’re still on your companies time. They pay you to drive the pizza around town just like our business allows you to have a job. If people suddenly stopped asking for delivery then your whole entire job has just been phased out. If you don’t like customer service, which is what delivery is, then you’re in the wrong business. Yes, I know that having an inconsiderate and rude customer happens, but more so than not your customers are nice people. Even if they’re rude, like it or not, its your job to treat the person on the other side of that door with kindness, courtesy, and respect. The better you do your job means the more business for your company and the better chance that you will earn more tips from that repeat business. I’ve requested several times certain delivery people from my local pizza joints just because I appreciate their service.

    1. Right. All of which is reason to behave professionally on the job, but not, as many in this thread have claimed, reason not to complain about it after work or to list ways those customers in treating people like fellow human beings can remove unnecessary annoyances.

  226. “23. If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery. Get off your rear end and pick up the pizza yourself. ”

    So you’d prefer unemployment to getting paid and a tip? I might be doing something I don’t want to interrupt while I stand around waiting for my order or I might have arthritis which makes it hard to hold several pounds of awkward food etc.

    Oh well, I an always order from a place the doesn’t pass judgement on me for spending my money with them

  227. Some of these are just moronic, I’m paying money, i’ll be on the phone if i want to be, if you don’t want to deliver pizza in the rain or snow, get a different job

  228. Always like the way Pizza Hut stands at a distance with a crust and tosses ingredients at it from 30 feet away.

    1. Just for curiosity… what Pizza Hut is this? The one here, in my experience at least, almost always makes a perfect pie; I might never get pizza anywhere else if they delivered.
      Which isn’t to say yours isn’t horrible; any chain is going to have variation like that. For example, our KFC was significantly worse than others; it was worth going to the next town over if you really wanted fried chicken. (And notice I said “was.” They went out of business.)

  229. I worked my way through college as a calzone delivery guy…#11 is sooooooo true. We remember you if you don’t tip, we talk about it at the store with our co-workers, and you get your food 20-30 minutes later than you could have. For a good tipper I would get it there in 15 minutes if possible normal was 35-45 min). Having said all that, I loved that job!

  230. Plus why do I get charged $4.00 delivery fee, if I am expected to tip as well? Who is getting the $4?

    1. The company gets it! It’s just like paying an ATM fee to get your money from the bank! They are sticking it to you big time!

  231. #1 I will bop your peperoni and then put it back

    #2 I will rub my azz on your crust

    #3 My dog rides in the car wit me and he sat on the pizza box to keep it warm

    #4 I have hepatitis

    #5 My delivery car smells like farts

    #6 I will stop off and pick up some girls on the way to your house and we’ll snack on the toppings as a date

    #7 I urinate in a cup while I drive and it sloshes a bit on “things”

    #8 I might leave you after you pay me, but if you’re hot enough, I might stick around and watch you eat it through a window outside of your house.

    #9 That slimy sauce topping I added in the car really is special

    #10 I’ll see my PO after I drop this off to you

    1. No problem. Nowhere is one less person for you to ever have to deliver to.

  232. Some more…

    If you are a known non-tipper, things can and will happen to your food, often involving bodily fluids, body hair, or genitalia.

    Store and franchise owners are often complete and total sleazebags, and will try to give you the impression that their exorbitant delivery charge is going to the driver. This is not the case; usually drivers only receive a small portion of this fee, if any.

    Drivers would rather just not go to “ethnic” neighborhoods, they know that the tips there suck if they get anything at all, and they will be dealing with scammers, customers who put in false complaints to get something for free, and the risk of being robbed or killed.

    Certain chain restaurants have higher standards for their franchisees than others. Domino’s is the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to this, and their stores reflect that mentality. Generally, during times when I have been out of real work or needed to supplement my income with a second job, I delivered, and I have worked at all of the big 3 at some point. Domino’s is by far the worst. Dirty stores, no real recourse at a corporate level when stores repeatedly have bad inspections, wage violations, abusive towards customers, no concern whatsoever for the safety of their drivers or other vehicles on the road.

  233. The pizza story has to be the dumbest I have ever seen. You are in the food service business, and you are telling customers how to act.? You should be thankful the customers are ordering from your business, and worry less about how they should behave. Do not come to the door shirtless. Who the heck do you think you are.? Have the exact change ready?.. The writer of this story has so much arrogance, it is nauseating. In my personal experience, I have found, you are better served, by ordering the pizza, and pick it up yourself. This way you are certain to get a hot pizza, and one that has not been dropped, or in the car for over an hour. Really, have you ever received your pizza, and it was HOT.? Don’t think so.

    1. “Really, have you ever received your pizza, and it was HOT.? Don’t think so.”

      Based on your comment, I’m not surprised :)

  234. “I won’t do anything to jeopardize my job, but shaking the soda on the next delivery would not be out of the question.”

    Yeah, this is the sort of thing that cause customer complaints and firings. Good luck with that.

  235. “If you order a lot of pizza—say, hundreds of dollars’ worth, for a party or something—but give me a $1 tip, well, I’m going to have a problem with that.”

    Well then you better provide above average service and hope I decide to tip you at all. Tipping is not mandatory.

  236. At least there wasn’t #29: “I spit on your pizza.” What a relief; had to check. Now, to the leftovers (Pizza;-)…

  237. This is a real great reason to interact with service based businesses as little as possible. Yes, some things you should or should not do are obvious. But I shouldn’t have to be an expert on pizza delivery. Making a mistake and getting my soda shook up – or worse, spit in my pizza – is not an option. Pick it up or make your own. Like #1 says – it’s pizza, not lifetime commitment. Heck just make a sandwich or five and your food craving will go away.

  238. #4 – If it takes “about 20 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza”, somebody should tell these pizza places about something called a pizza oven.

  239. I had the benefit of being able to discuss tipping with a friend I’d known for years who had the nerve to call my store, ask for the delivery, chat me up, then attempt to close the door, without tipping! Wow, of course I put my foot in the door! What’s up, no tip? This friend of mine was truly ignorant. He’d never worked in food service or any job where tips came into play. Just think of the composition of delivery drivers these days. We’re older and those experiences young people used to get are getting by them.

  240. if you don’t tip and are a problem customer, I will leave your pizza on the rack and let the noob deliver it.

    1. So, you don’t like being “cheated” but will cheat your fellow worker?

  241. I have no problem taking orders even after we close. It is more money in my pocket.

    1. Poor tip earners or desperate store managers wanna push out just one more order when closed. Don’t be a pawn. It’s a robbery risk for a few bucks. Earning real tips is done as averaging and is purely a numbers game. If you stick at the job long enough to take multiple orders at once with the confidence of the manager, then the over tippers make up for the under tippers. I watched guys stress all night, dodging runs trying to just get the good tippers as they could recall them. Meanwhile, I took what came, treated every customer cordially and they couldn’t figure it out – why this method had me top tips every time. Attitude matters for some customers and if you are passing up a run when it’s your turn, you are cheating your co-workers and it’s a self-fulfilling that that same customer is getting poor service continually, and therefore tipping accordingly. As a manager trainee, I was hip to this and did not allow trips to be skipped. Sounds like a poorly managed operation that allows drivers to “punish” customers. Take the good with the bad. Come to work CLEAN looking and you’ll get the party orders with the big tips ALL THE TIME. Good luck.

  242. Mac Gardner • 4 days ago- I had a friend who owned a pizza restaurant years ago and they sold pizzas for $7 which were loaded with twice the ingrediants Papa John has. he told me that to make that LOADED pizza, it cost them about $1.80.

    You misheard or somebody is pulling your chain. The ingredients might cost that, but it is a small part of the cost.

    1. I find that number more than questionable even as just food cost. I didn’t have that role in pizza, but from selling fast food hamburgers I remember that the food cost was… well, best not to get too specific, but well over a quarter of sales. And there’s no reason to believe a loaded pizza is cheaper to make.

  243. This article reads like it was made up. A few good points, but most of it is bulls—.

    1. Every one totally legit looking to me. I worked for Dominos and Papa Johns. I could have gone on to about 50 more things! … like turn on the freakin porch light or, don’t turn out the porch light until I’ve at least had a chance to take two steps off the porch. My formula for what felt right in tips was $2 per medium pizza. Oh, and please, the change? Really, you want every cent back or you wanna go look for correct change and write me a check for $2 as a tip while I wait? I’ve seen a lot, and a lot of the comments ring true. I’ve been robbed (as had every driver with more than 4 years at the job), I’ve seen cars left running stolen right in front of the store. If you wanna deliver pizza, expect everything thing here and worse!

  244. A couple comments.

    “We work 12-14 hours a day” really, where at? I worked at Pizza Hut as a driver. They scheduled us for 2-3 hours during dinner rush. That was it. It got to the point where I was only working 6-9 hours a week. So I quit it wasn’t worth it.

    About tips! A trick I learned as a driver. If you want a guaranteed $1 tip do this. Take a dollar bill, rip it, run it in some pizza grease, crumple it up, put a piece of tape on it. Now when you give your change, make sure you put that bill right on top. 9 out of 10 times, the customer will give you that bill back. You just got yourself a buck SPORT!!

    The one about put on some clothes, does not pertain to a woman ranging from 18 to 45. I had a woman come to the door in towel once. And oooppps the towel slipped off. She was even nice enough to be slow about putting it back on so I could get a good look. That was a nice tip!

    The one about addresses. When you come to one of these MEGA apartment complexes, they can be very confusing. I once drove around looking for the apartment for like 15 minutes. I suggest if you see a leasing office, run in quickly and ask where the unit is. You will save yourself some sanity.

    The worst thing about tips these days. You have all these $5 pizza offers. Who is gonna tip much on a a $5 pizza. It was almost guaranteed that if the order was under $20 I wouldn’t get a tip. I don’t order pizza to be delivered much. Mostly because it takes too long and I don’t want to have to tip. But I will usually tip the kid $2 just to make his day.

    Most drivers are paid by PER DELIVERY for gas. So the Holy Grail was when you’d get like 3 deliveries all on the same street/neighborhood. Same amount of work, triple the gas money. IF you’re paid by milage, that the math doesn’t work in your favor!

  245. #8 – Deal With It. I order delivery to my home because I don’t *want* to get dressed to go out. I’m a woman, so I always wear a shirt of some kind, but many times I’m in my full-length pajamas or a (non see-through) nightshirt-dress that covers way more than what I see in public.Sometimes my husband answers the door without a shirt on. Again, deal with it. If open shirts and bare chests (for men) are permitted in public, I don’t see any bloody reason why my husband should have to put a shirt on just to pay the bloody delivery person. Utter nonsense. If one chooses to take the job, you accept the conditions of the job. And *every* job has “conditions” that have to be dealt with — often many more and more serious than those listed here.

    I’m so tired of people whining all the time. Deal.

    1. Notice, please, the difference between saying you don’t a particular aspect of your job, especially one that only exists because other people are inconsiderate, and saying you are unwilling to do the job of to recognize that that is a part of it. Surely there are parts of your own work you don’t like.

      1. Hyhybt, I’m sorry I wasn’t more precise. Up to and including my sentence, “Utter Nonsense,” was addressed to the author of #8, whomever s/he is. I should have created another paragraph, which applies to all the pizza delivery people whining about their jobs upstream. Thank you for pointing out my error.

        And to answer your question, no, there really aren’t parts of my work I don’t like. I love every aspect of my job *that I choose to accept*. While I’m not really fond of being a guest at cons, I’m not *required* to do it, so I only accept invitations to speak at cons I like, for example.

        But in fairness to your query, I’m very fortunate in that I work for myself, by myself (unless I’m ghosting, and even then that’s not a daily collaboration). I choose when to work and when to play. In terms of job activities, I get to call all the shots (and I do actually work very hard at what I do). Most self-employed can’t do that, and I agree that virtually everyone has parts of their job they don’t like. If you pushed me, I probably could come up with something I’m less than thrilled about, but it’d still be less than “dislike”.

        What’s annoying me is the whining by delivery drivers upstream, and that’s who I was trying to address in what should have been the second paragraph.

        I hope that gives some clarity to my post. Again, thanks for pointing out my error.

  246. Number 9. I would never do that to you, but if I did, I wouldn’t give two sh*ts if you had a problem with it.

  247. Do you really expect me to give you 13 page views for content you could put on one page.. No way

  248. #23 is stupid … if you’re going to tip me for walking a pizza across the street, GREAT!

    1. But they usually don’t and you usually know they store employees across from yours and you miss out on a run with the possibility of a tip. But, that’s the other side of the coin.

  249. Number 14 could be “I’ve got a bad sinus infection and had to spit in your pizza.

  250. #24: I worked for a certain delivery company for a couple of years and, after seeing what really happened behind the scenes, that’s the only delivery company I’ll never order from….and it’s been 13yrs so far.

    1. I worked across two good sized Dominos and Papa Johns franchises in Charlotte and in all those years there was never a time any employee or manager ever even joked about tampering with food. In fact, we routinely washed cutters for people who stated they had allergies. We’d even open a new bag of cheese. I’m glad I worked with managers that led that way. I would recommend visiting and watching the practices of any pizza making establishment you are going to use for take out; generally they put on a show and pride themselves on their ability. If they have unprofessional practices, you’ll see signs of it, starting with a dirty parking lot.

      1. Adding to that, and not specific to pizza… if you’re going to use the cleanliness of the lot (or restrooms) as a measure of how careful the place is about food handling, *please* consider the difference between a mess that’s just been made, particularly during a rush period, and general nastiness of the kind that’s been left to fester. (i.e. the store was clean when the busses pulled in and will be again as soon after they’re gone as we can manage.)

  251. Wow, a lot of talk about pizza delivery!!

    I order my pizza (& whatever else I am getting) and then get my @ss off the couch & into my car, and then drive the 10 minutes to pick up my order. I am far more satisfied with the whole “eating experience” if I can grab my food at the moment it’s ready.

    That said, I totally respect anybody who has a job to do & gets it done properly.

    1. Well, it depends. If I order delivery, it’s generally because I’ve had a full day, or I’m sick, or I’m in the middle of something I don’t want to step away from that long, and just really don’t want to have to leave the house. Plus, someone with small kids would have to either find somebody to watch them or go to the not inconsiderable time and trouble of bundling them into the car and so forth.

      (Repairing a laptop, for example, I much prefer to do all at once if possible. Less chance of losing a piece or forgetting what went where. Or, not long ago, I was painting the front door. Shutting it would make the still-wet paint stick, and besides that I’d taken the locks off, so I couldn’t really leave the house until the paint was dry.)

  252. Lol! #8 guilty as charged! Hey pizza guy- just look down at the ground
    when I’m in my nightgown. I will tip you at least.

  253. I spent 15 years in the pizza industry mostly as a driver. Rule #28. If you order pizza for the kids, leave the money and tip with them, then go out for the evening, I will not get the tip. Your kids will keep it.

  254. For # 23 they should add “unless you’re a good tipper”. Always take the money.

  255. My BIGGEST pet peeve of all (and this happened with ridiculous frequency) is people that would order a pizza, and then when u got there, no one was home because they “thought” they would have time to go run an errand before their pizza arrived!!! Then they would call later and complain that you were “too fast” so it was not their fault for not being home!

    1. My biggest peeve was people who did not get it that someone was coming to their house. In many locales, most drivers, actually, are grown men. When I worked as a driver to make a subsistence income, we had three college graduates over 40 working as drivers in my store. I was one of them. Especially, people should not have naked small children accompanying them to the door. This all goes back to the idea that your delivery driver is a person. Another issue is dogs. People who live in houses on large properties should keep their aggressive dogs inside or on leash until the driver arrives. Unlikely that someone is going to invade your property in the 40 minutes or so it takes us to make and deliver your order. We’re not paid to cater to your narcissistic fantasies. If you want someone to do that, it’s going to cost a lot more than the price of a take out dinner and a $2 tip. If you want to live in your own personal empire instead of in a normal house inside town, maybe there are some things that come with the territory. If your house is hard to locate or you habitually forget that someone is coming to your house and don’t want to answer the door, going to pick up your own take out food could be one of them. When you get right down to it, it is the same distance from your house to the store as it is from the store to your house. If we can make the trip, so can you.

      The advent of cell phones made the job easier, but then there was the issue of people not answering their phones. If you are expecting someone to come to your house, and you won’t answer your phone, you get what your deserve. Repeat, we are not paid to cater to your narcissistic fantasies and paranoia.

  256. Even though I always tip when I get delivery/go to a restaurant I hate it. I dislike how it’s become a standard practice for businesses to pay their employees like crap so that the customers can subsidize their wages through tips. I would like to see some ethical restaurants pay their employees real livable wages so that the customer doesn’t have to tip. Sure the cost of a meal at one of these restaurants would be a little more expensive but it would be worth it.

  257. “21. I’m one of the easiest people to get along with.
    But if you’re rude to me, I have no problem going toe-to-toe with you.”

    If I ran a business I would not hire anyone who said something like that.
    In fact I’d fire an employee who said something like that to a customer.

  258. Pretty darn good list – could add a few things – but pretty accurate. Number 10 is the only untrue one. 95% of the time rich people tip the best.

    1. The best tippers (by income, race, and gender) were working class White males…Women, in general did not tip well, (usually because they could not figure out how much to tip) and rich people were stingy. And minorities, forget it…Even the middle class ones did not tip.

      1. In my experience, women didn’t come to the door very often, but when they did, the check or the amount was pre-determined (probably written by the husband..lol). Younger males appeared to want to get the transaction over with, but also wanted to seem cool to impress you or their company in some way (like showing off a roll of money); they over tipped, often saying “keep the change”. By color, we didn’t deliver to overwhelmingly minority neighborhoods after dark or at all due to crime rates, but the middle class minorities tipped much better than the rich or middle class whites.

  259. I was a pizza man at age 16, and I agree with all 13 of these statements.

  260. Couple of other things to remember: When you order dont leave for a quick trip to the store. We may tell you 30-45 mins but we’ll always try to get it there quicker. IF you’re not home when we arrive, it could be an additional 30-45 mins before you get your food. Also, if you have a dog, put him up or restrain him, drivers dont have to get out of the car if a large dog is on the loose. Furthermore, check your house numbers, are your house numbers visible from the road?, at night?, in the rain? Help us serve you better! And remember, smile, a smile goes a long way to help reduce the stress of the road.

    1. I only did it for three weeks, but was amazed at how many had no house numbers at all. Bonus for the ones who were a mile past where the road was no longer called the name they gave *and* down in the woods on the same driveway as another, visible house, and didn’t have a mailbox.

  261. You’re going to “have a problem” with a $1 tip? uh, so? Who cares?

  262. 23. “If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery.Get off your rear end and pick up the pizza yourself.”
    Answer: Hey delivery boy- be glad I gave you the opportunity to make money! Your working, I’m not. Just bring my pizza without the attitude and you might get a dollar.

  263. My son delivered pizzas while in college 10 years ago. The company gave him a small amount per mile to deliver. He would get nice tips (most of the time). Now, they charge $2.00 to deliver and add a $2.00 tip. So this is true. In the last few months I have noticed that the amount owed once the pizza was delivered was more. I always gave a nice tip before things changed. I ask, why the price was more than quoted over the phone and the delivery guy told me. I really wasn’t happy about the change, and I ask why, and when did this change. He said, it had be like that for a long time. That was not true. I always gave more than what the amount is now, but since they have changed things with out letting me know. I just pay what they want. No debate, just facts. I would say the delivery guy does not get the full $4.00 per delivery.

    1. So how do you morally justify penalizing the *delivery driver* for the *store’s* change in rates?

  264. Here’s my beef: if I’m going to tip you 15%, my order had better be on time and correct. Don’t come to me expecting the same tip if you deliver the wrong effing pizza and I’ve been waiting forever. Either you’re responsible for my satisfaction and deserve the tip or you’re not responsible and you don’t. But I’m not going to tip you for being 30min late, giving me a cheese pizza when I ordered a pepperoni, forgetting to bring the soda I ordered, and then trying to charge me for the soda and more expensive pizza anyway. And if I complain that my order is wrong and I’ve been waiting over an hour for the wrong pizza, you’d better still keep your “nice” face on because if you’re working a job for tips, the customer’s reasonable satisfaction *is* your responsibility. So #9 and #18 clash.

    1. If you don’t want to tip, don’t. But get off your high horse. Repeat, Calvinism is dead.

      Also, it’s not brain surgery, it’s only pizza. Forgetting drinks might be the fault of the driver. Late delivery and wrong orders might not be.

      1. I don’t understand what you think Calvinism has to do with pizza delivery, but good otherwise.
        In the same way, if you go to a restaurant, that the food doesn’t taste good isn’t going to be the waiter’s fault.

          1. What does it have to do with me, or for that matter anyone or anything in this thread? You’ve said it many times, so it must have some relevance from your point of view, but it’s not the least bit clear from this side.

          2. Doesn’t apply to you personally, but you said you did not understand the allusion or reference. The simplest way I can put it is, it’s a metaphor for a harsh attitude.

            Maybe the person it’s directed at will understand it, and will get it that they’re being needled. Probably not though.

          3. I know what Calvinism is, but have never up until now seen anyone attempt to use it as a metaphor for anything whatsoever.

          4. Always a first time, but I doubt I’m the first. Not that I can think of another instance I’ve seen. Although I worked as a driver, and not when I was kid, I always pick up my own pizza. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for people who won’t perform a simple chore for themselves but find excessive fault in the people who do it for them. People should always try to be conscientious on the job, even a pizza driver, maybe especially a pizza driver. For some people, a couple of pizzas can be three or four hours pay, and you should respect that. But sometimes things don’t go exactly as expected.

  265. I worked for Dominos back in the day, They left out some perks from some customers ;)

  266. #16 is a bit ridiculous. If you don’t want to drive in adverse conditions, don’t be a delivery guy. I appreciate people coming out in a blizzard, but I don’t feel bad that they do it.

    1. Weather was never an issue as a driver, at least not toward the customers. We needed the pay or we would not be working that day. If it was bad enough the guys with crappy cars or who were afraid called off.

      I don’t know anyone who liked driving at night in a blizzard, but why would we blame the customers for the snow?

  267. #10 is so true. When I was a cabbie, the rich riders tipped little, if at all. The poor and working class tipped well. Businessmen from the GM building were tightwads.

    Catholic Priests tipped well, protestant ministers gave sermons instead of tips. One minister even talked in tongues.

    Hookers tipped well. Gangsters tipped well. Cops used cabs to pick up payoffs at brothels and drug dealers. Using their own car is a no no.. They tipped well. One cop chain smoked one joint after another.

    1. We had a retired pro-football QB who ordered a lot of pizza. No parties, dude just had a bunch of kids. He never tipped, although he was pretty cool about signing stuff. This was before Ebay and the like so it was neat, but not valuable.

      If we got a call in I always asked the guy manning the phone if it was him or his wife before I headed out. She always tipped 20%. :)

  268. Interesting, I WISH I could work 12 – 14 hour shifts, and delivering pizza in a rental car is illegal… I still LOVE pizza, could eat it every day.

    1. How is delivering pizza in a rental illegal? It may be a violation of the terms of the civil contract between the driver and rental agency or the driver and the employer. But illegal? What state has a law that say you can’t deliver pizza in a rental car?

  269. 28: Also I will take bong rips in place of a tip.

    29: Sometimes I arrange my friend to fake an order, then I just give it to them.

    30: I will take booby flashing in place of a tip.

    1. Beer, don’t forget beer. Easy to end up with a mixed 6 pack of beer by the end of the night if your lucky.

  270. I deliver p/t for Macks pizza here in South philly ! A deivery charge is NOT a TIP! Some places DO not give all the deliver charge to drivers only a % of it! They deliver to areas that DO NOT tip at all not a dime! Drivers are highest rate of robberies and killings in USA! When you order a pizza remember this fact YOUR not the only order going up on the board there is 10-20 orders ahead of you pickup and delivery! Know what you want on your pizza before ordering and if your calling a busy pizzeria on a busy night expect the 1 hr time to get your pizza ! Now if pizza is cold or sloppy then do not tip at all. Call place and complain they will either send you another pizza straight away allowing you to keep the damaged or cold one and no charge! BUT do not do it constently as one i heard did and owner gave that order him self to driver out of oven into thermal bag in 30 seconds out the door delivered in 5 minutes beech got caught calling to comaplin it was cold! Owner mike got on phone told her to go F herself and never call again for fraud complaints. I ordered a pick up other day small white pizza for wife a itailain hoagie for me pizza was RED< Called them immediately complained and got credit for FREE one next time wife was too hungry to wait 20 mins for another one! I never delivered a cold pizza ever only a warm one once years ago had 5 at once the last one was over 3 miles from shop customer instantly opened box and placed back of his hand on pie and loudly said it's not cold it's warm but not cold it's just warm!.
    I shrugged and said sorry but i will take it back but it might be another hour to get you next one! HE said ok and gave pizza back to have another sent out !

    PSTTTT he got same pie reaheted and driver only got that order straight to him!

    I lost the tip customer is happy and business keeps customer! IF you want pizza delivered in 30 mins call a small pizzeria that is restricted area and only has Pizza on menu one size pizza large thats it ! This is what we do at macks in philly i can deliver 3 within an hours time that are far apart !

    But most are in same area within a mile from shop ! so i make them all in 30 minutes. Each pizza ordered is amde fresh so it takes 20 mins to prepare and cook. Sorry folks their is no fast cook ovens around or dough that cooks in 5 minutes or cheese or sauce! Ovens are set at 450 highest any higher will not cook pies right and will not taste right !

  271. Here’s tip #29 from a sometimes customer. STFU. Whomever wrote this nonsense sounds like a sniveling left wing POS. You want to go toe to toe, I don’t think so.

  272. 23 – false, i love delivering across the street. they still tip, and you are back at the store ready for the next tip within minutes. please order if you are across the street, we’d love the business.

  273. I think tips are incredibly stupid. Why place the burden of your employer not paying you what you’re worth on to the public? Just raise the f***ing price already and call it a day.

    1. The problem with that is that removing the incentive for decent service will make the generally lousy service even worse.

      1. Thank you! Morons like dingdong 9what a fitting screen name) aren’t bright enough to comprehend that concept.

  274. I used to be a pizza delivery guy. The reimbursement is usually rather small. I’ve never seen a tip included in the bill. When a delivery charge was added to the bill, I usually got the whole thing.

  275. Weird title for the article. 13+ Things………..when actually there are 28 things. Technically correct, but it would still be if there was 1,000,000 things. Our you could have said 1+ Things……..then again, I could have not wasted so much time typing this stupid note.

  276. A tip is supposed to be “Here, you did an extra great job, here is a little something extra for you!” Not: “Oh, you did your job like you are supposed to. Here is some extra money because I have to give it to you or you will spit in my food.”

    1. Met a few people who thought like this while delivering. Hey, you got a right not to tip but we remember you, just as much as the guy who regularly tips great is remembered.

      That burnt pizza and slow delivery you seem to get all the time? Guys can’t seem to find your house even when you order all the time? Coincidence.

  277. Tips used to be something you gave someone when they did an exceptional job. Now we are expected to pay the tip because it’s part of the person’s wages. Uh, excuse me, but your job should pay your wages. I pay my bill for what I bought, and then, if I feel you did an exceptional job, I will tip you accordingly. If you don’t make enough money without relying on tips, then go get another job that actually pays you enough. It’s my my duty to pay your wages AND the price of my food.

    1. Blame the greedy corporations and CEOs who don’t feel like paying their employees minimum wage. You can thank the republicans for their undying love for big business and white collar crime for the situation of employees in the service industry.

    2. No, tips are not something you give for an exceptional job. They are part of the deal. Smaller if you have a beef. Bigger if think you got exceptional service. But there was never time within living memory when tips were only given for an exceptional job, not in food service.

      What I do, when I don’t like the service or the food, is take my losses and don’t go back. I don’t crybaby and whine and lecture. Repeat once again, Calvinism is dead.

      Offering merchandise for a price exclusive of upcharges (taxes, delivery charges, gratuities etc) is what everybody does because it is what the human mind responds to. It’s called the way of the world. If you can’t accept the way of the world, get off, and stop tormenting other people with your idiosyncratic mental constructions.

  278. Having owned my own pizzerias for the past 30 years I’ve seen it all. Yes, we do NOT deliver to certain areas of town and we don’t argue about it… we just say, sorry it’s out of our delivery area or we’ll hear how racist we are and keep us on the phone for 30 minutes. We just don’t go there and they know why.
    We have been putting customers into our database for years and know quite a bit about their pizza eating habits. If they don’t tip we’ll still deliver but it might take a while to get it there as they are on our list of things to do after our regular customers have been served.
    Service charges are meant to reimburse the restaurant for the time we pay the driver to be gone. Average time on a delivery is about 8 minutes there, 2 minutes at the door, and 8 minutes back with 2 minutes to and from the car… 20 minutes… 1/3 of an hour $3 of the $9 per hour I pay him. I can either charge and extra $3 per order, increase the price of the pizza by $3 and give you a $3 discount on your 2nd pizza, or hire a company to deliver for me and let you deal with drivers who add their own tips and delivery charges to your order. Personally, I add $3 to the price of your pizza. That 12-inch pepperoni pizza costs me $1.75 in ingredients, $1.25 in labor, and $1.75 in overhead… and $3 in delivery fees.

    1. I get so sick and tired of hearing about the “racist” line every time statistical criminal FACTS are put up on the board. Facts are race-free.

      1. The motivation for selecting certain facts to bring up, the presentation of those facts, and the intended implications certainly can be, though. (Whether they are in this case I neither know nor care enough to dig through this thread on the site itself to find out.)

  279. Why would it matter if they deliver pizza across the street? If they get tipped just the same, wouldn’t it be better since they have the opportunity to deliver more pizzas?

    1. A couple of possibilities, at least.

      First, being profitable does not make something unannoying. You wouldn’t generally see it in delivery, but for example, in fast food, it’s mildly irritating to see how much food people buy and throw away; I for one would rather they bought only what they were going to ear even though that would have made my sales numbers look worse.
      More seriously, doctors make lots more money from a smoker than from a non-smoker, but most would, nonetheless, prefer their patients quit.
      Second, the short distance may be used as an excuse not to tip.

  280. wow, what a bunch or whining. if you don’t like delivery jobs quit. Like you say it’s a pizza not a life commitment.

  281. When it comes to tips it all depends on service if you think your going to get a tip because you dropped a pizza off at my front door than think again because that’s your job that’s what you signed up for buddy, you don’t see me getting a tip for good customer service at my front desk job

  282. Be rude to me, I’ll remember and I will mess with your food next time. But be nice with a decent tip, and I’ll fly to your house first next time. I’ve delivered pizza before.

  283. apparently Pizza Hut Does not accept Checks so that Check statement isnt true i just tried to order a pizza with a check because I get Money By Monday! They only took my cc…also when i customer is starving there Just thinking bout the food and eating that guys hand that’s holding your pizza! But still no excuse to be rude!

    1. If you’re really starving, you shouldn’t be wasting money on delivery food. Go buy something cheap and fix it up yourself.
      Setting that aside as hyperbole, though: are you really claiming it’s rude to expect customers to pay, and to have a form of payment available that the business takes? It’s not like they keep their policies secret. If you want to pay by check, it’s on you to find out whether they accept checks before placing the order. Especially when, outside of grocery stores and the like or monthly bills, taking checks is the exception these days rather than the norm.

  284. 18. Keep it short and sweet.- Every delivery person that has come to my door has never really been friendly. Just says how much and hands off the food.

    1. Had a dude answer the door in the middle of having sex. Makes for a interesting story now but was just so not pleased with it back then. No idea what he was thinking but it was not cool man, not cool at all.

      Dude could have yelled something. I would have waited.

      1. Had to be showing off. People who order pizza *expect* someone to be coming to the door. At least, the sane ones do.

  285. #1 is why online ordering is so great. If only indecisive people (or those who don’t know what specials are on) would use it.

    I only did pizza delivery for three weeks, but what stuck in my mind most was that some people refuse to understand why we need their address in order to deliver!

  286. i work at a major pizza place my average tip is 2-3 dollars i use my gas money my oil change money and my tire money to work at a job that pays 4.25 when im on the road, im not begging for a tip but itd be greatly apperciated and yes i remember EVERY house that does not tip and the people i remember are not the people who stiff me every once and a while its the people who stiff me every time and you know what i hope they enjoy every bite ;)

  287. Several really dumb items on this list. Like the one about don’t get it delivered if you live across the street. Why not? Pizza places will still add the delivery charge. If someone wants to pay for that, great for the pizza place, and the driver. As a former driver, I loved those close deliveries. Drivers would fight for them.

    1. Yea, the deliver would only take a minute or two and they could get back to another one…Potentially being able to deliver a second before another driver could get one done.

  288. I’ve never had a hot babe deliver my pizza.
    I’m just sayin’.

  289. If the employer is too stingy to pay their employees wages [enough to live on] why would the employee expect the public to pay their wages. Get a job where the boss or industry stands up for their employees and pays their fair share by paying their employees a decent salary. The boss shouldn’t expect the customers to chip in to increase his profits. The price of food wouldn’t go up for the customers[they are already paying an increased payment for the food, it just that the boss would be paying his employees instead of you. [They aren’t our employees!] What cheap skates! and then they want to make you feel guilty because of their cheapness. Only in America…

  290. I worked at mac donalds for 2 years and when customers were rude and yelled at us we would take notice of the person and remember him and on the next visit we would either spit on his burger or pull products from the trash like nuggets , coked meat that fell to the floor or buns chesse etc and serve it to customers that were rude in the past. so next time u go mac Donalds be humble because it only takes a second to hold back your order and spit on it i did it many times to rude mean customers they deserve it

  291. I guess I will make sure I have on no shirt and talking on the phone. A very brief list of thing the “buyer” wont tell the pizza guy but I will starts and ends with shut up here is your money give me a pizza and if you want to cry about my etiquette then might I suggest you find a DIFFERENT job. Peace pizza guy

  292. This is the best news ever! I’m glad I now know that if you drop the box, you may shake the cheese back on top of the pizza.


  293. Also: I DO NOTKNOW YOUR DOG, So don’t act like I’m an idiot for not knowing his “bark is worse than his bite” – on the flip side, why do you always think I’m scared of the dog? I’m usually not, like 85% of the time.

    It’s HILARIOUS how many people have the exact same lines about their dogs. Or how many people talk to their dogs I stead of to you. Bizarre

  294. 20 minutes? We get pizzas made and cooked in 8 minutes.

    And $5 or 20%- whichever is highest- is a good rule of thumb for most orders – I do as much work as a waitress, and I put miles on my car, and I have to buy gas.

  295. #18 negates everything else. I don’t need a zit farmer giving me lectures about “I don’t want to be civil. I want to be a New York bowel movement”.

  296. Most of these are true. The one exception to showing up at the door with a shirt on is if you’re a hot chick. The rules can be bent in this situation. And if you tip a waiter 15-20% to bring the food to your table, why not the one who brings the food to your house?

  297. Im al little lost with the “im just a kid”… it sounds as if there saying WE shouldnt be having teenage boys with parents who worry about them delivering pizza after dark… its dinner time… its gonna be dark… are we supposed to be considerate and ask “is your driver an adult…? I dont think I want to order a pizza tonight if its going to put a inexperienced teenager out on the streets” (shouldnt that be the parents job to keep their kids out of jobs that put them in perceived danger)

  298. So if you screw up my order and I say something to you then YOU’RE not going to be happy? Uhhhhh, ok. I don’t care how pissed you are . . . you are going to drive back and bring me the CORRECT order. What a stupid comment. Talk about feeling entitlted. I guess you expect a tip too for your crappy service too??

  299. Worked in a pizza joint, delivering to dorms while in college. The school was on a hill, and we had to park in lots, not in front of the dorm, so you had to walk, and this was before the fancy warmer bags. Delivered a pizza in zero degree weather, snow, wind, the works. Guy called to complain it was cold. My boss was VERY apologetic, then mad a raw pizza, tapes a matchbook to the inside of the box, and wrote “It’s a friggin blizzard! You want a hot pizza in this weather, here is the kit. Make it yourself.”

  300. If your pizza is going to make me fat, then you pay the price of seeing my gut without my shirt on. Don’t sell us poison if you do not want to see the results.

  301. I love delivering pizza! It is a really fun job and I’ve had an incredible number of good experiences. The part about the lower/middle class folks tipping better can be very true. I also give better tips myself, now that I have been doing this for a few months.

  302. You missed the obvious one…

    Don’t wait till I get to your door to look for money. You know how much the pizza is, get the money together before I show up.

    Wanna know why your pizza is late? Because the previous customer waited till I got to the door before looking for their $15 in change. That 10 minute delay is why your pizza is late, not because I’m a jerk who likes delivering cold pizza.

  303. The pizza guy is out at WORK while you all sit here and pick apart each others comments about them. Don’t you all have anything better to do? SMDH.

  304. You may have ordered a veggie pizza, but I won’t tell you that the cheese has animal rennet from a slaughtered calf though we sell it as a veggie pizza. Cos, I just don’t care, I’m just a delivery boy

  305. “10-15%” is a joke. Normal orders range from 15-25 dollars and $2 is not enough for me to want to drive 10 minutes one way to your house and wait at the door for 5 minutes.

    1. If the pizza place doesn’t want to offer deliveries, that’s their business, but if they do, then why should we care what the driver “wants?”

  306. #24 Applies to the children of former pizza delivery people. I literally cut my teeth on pizza crust and when I was a tween, my mom started working pizza again. To this day, 18 years later, I still don’t care for pizza. Especially taco pizza. That was the pizza my mom liked best and thus, brought home nearly every night.

  307. I agree with almost all of these. Except Pizza store employees don’t work 12-14 hour shifts, they are all part time 5 hour shift employees except the manager. Also if you live 2 minutes away and want to pay the delivery charge (which I get a portion of) and give me a tip, even if its only a buck, then go ahead, in fact I encourage it. Time is money in pizza delivery but so is quantity of deliveries, the more qucik short deliveries the better

    1. You’re completely off base with the 5 hour shifts, I and my coworkers (all drivers) worked more than that fairly often and at times would get more hours than the managers. So, while a good chunk of drivers work the short 5 hour shifts there are plenty of drivers that pull regular 8-14 hour shifts.

  308. Add to the list: 1- Turn your porch light on at night, especially when it’s icy outside. 2- Don’t hide in another room and send your 5 year old out with exact change to stiff me. 3- BE HOME! Don’t order when you’re still at work thinking we’ll both arrive at your house at the same time. 4- Fix your doorbell or else stop getting mad when I knock loudly. 5- Have some type of control over your dog. 6- I didn’t go home and hang out for a half an hour while delivering your pizza so if it’s late it was obviously unavoidable(extremely busy,funeral procession,cops,full ovens,trains,unavoidable construction work,bad traffic, I’ve even had a parade appear out of nowhere before, etc) so go in your bathroom,look in the mirror, and say all that crap to that guy.

  309. This article is a waste of time. It is the first thing I have read from Reader’s Digest in over a decade. It is obvious why the company is not doing well.

  310. and tipping 10 to 15%? Come on! That’s what you tip in a restaurant when the server comes to the table repeatedly. If you want tips, work at a restaurant.

  311. ….the across-the-street deliveries are the best ones….most people who are too lazy to walk across the street, actually tip pretty well for the convenience….

  312. I like #10, because it is so true. I also hope a lot of those rich snobs who think the pizza guy is a useless slacker, get more surprises in their pie.

  313. On number 8…UNLESS you are a HOT woman. I was a pizza driver in the ’80’s & I would have LOVED that!!! (Cue the bad porno music) ;)

    1. I had one come to the door in nothing but a towel once… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

      1. I imagine you got Chlamydia. Am I right? Did you get Chlamydia because you’re a nasty slag magnet?

  314. A few years ago, I had to deliver pizza in Hurricane Katrina. We were about 150 miles inland, but it was still a hurricane with 80-85 mph sustained winds gusting to near 100 mph. I was delivering to neighborhoods with big trees lying on houses and cars. My truck felt like it was going to blow off the road at any minute as I took SEVEN delivery orders going in all different directions. The 2nd to last one I delivered was to a motel where the guy proceeded to lecture me about how RIDICULOUS it was that it took so long to get his pizza. The only reason I didn’t just completely go off on the douchebag was because his little daughter walked up behind him, and I didn’t want to show up her dad in front of her. Little girl probably saved my job, seriously. I didn’t even get the last order delivered because fallen trees were blocking the only road to get there. Anyway, this is just one example of the kinds of customers that pizza guys and girls encounter fairly regularly.

  315. pizza is the most over-priced item in the world, suckers buy tons of it

  316. Ever hear of putting a GPS unit in the delivery car? The up front cost is mitigated by the long term savings in lost time looking for an address, added expanse of wasted gas, and generally happy customers who come back (no matter how dense they may be to begin with). If they are buying pizza, they are making it possible for you to earn money. Pretty cool concept. When the order is phoned in, if a physical address isn’t given, then no freaking pizza. Hello, McFly??? And yes I know, from time to time GPS has to have maps updated. But generally, for most areas it is sufficient.

  317. The one they forgot…PLEASE don’t try to train your dog to sit before opening the storm/screen door…while I wait in the cold/rain/heat…with other deliveries in the car…you know we’re coming…maybe let the dog out or put him in another room for the short time that you have to open the door…and love when they turn the box sideways to get thru the door so the dog doesn’t get out…lol… I also learned that most of the time when looking for an address, it will be the one without the light on and no visible address on house or mailbox…and I love when they turn the light on to answer the door and then flip it off as you try to make your way back in pitch darkness…some people just don’t think…

  318. Yes most of these are common sense, but how about treating people as you’d like to be treated! Honestly if i delivered a pizza to a guy that was in his under wear i’d puke on the other hand id it’s a hot babe, to hell with the next delivery!

  319. How do you distract 100 people from discussing the original issue at hand. Make an entirely trivial spelling error. Then sit back and enjoy the show… its like some people see pointing out a spelling/ grammatical errors as some sort of personal victory.

  320. My brother delivers pizzas for a big chain and he avoids black neighborhoods like the plague because:
    He has been robbed 3 times. He also told me that they refuse to tip, try to use expired coupons, claim the order isn’t right, get a discount for no reason, call and complain about the driver and the pizza to try to get a free pizza. Then they have the nerve to complain when a pizza joint refuses to deliver to da hood.

  321. they forgot to mention a few important ones.. I worked in pizza for a decade (Even ending up owning my own restaurant). Cheapo customers will throw at the pizza drivers face “your boss is charging me delivery fee so take it up with him for no tip” OK the delivery fee covers the cost of the place having to replace the driver while they are gone. Drivers do more than deliver, when they are at the store they are cleaning, making pizzas, prepping etc. Oh then theres the customers “you get part of the delivery fee right”. Yes they do but just a small amount to ensure the gas is paid at least since theres tons of cheapos.. The tips go into repairing the cars as well. Everyone knows who doesnt tip, and everyone will fight not to deliver to your place “omg its mr jones, no you take it”. There will actually be fights amongst drivers not to deliver to you. If theres more than one delivery, usually drivers will plan yours last (non tipper). So over all you will get bad service if you dont tip.

    1. Bingo. I delivered pizzas during college. Normally you will take the logical route based on your multiple deliveries, but you will make exceptions for know good (going fist) or bad (going last) tippers. Why is your pizza “late”? Because you are a known bad tipper and therefore the lowest priority. Additionally, while I would never mess with someone’s food, I know there are those who will and they won’t be doing it to known decent tippers.

  322. Whining is the sport of the age. A job is called a job because it’s a job! And you do it for a little while, while you try and better yourself so you can get a better job. Sorry, the plight of the pizza delivery guy is very low on my list.

    How about ten thing your air traffic controller, your NICU surgeon, your local fireman, your nuclear reactor engineer, your embalmer, your SWAT team commander won’t tell you?

  323. Don’t call from across the street? that seems like it would be an easy tip for all the effort of finding a crosswalk. If people got “off [their] lazy butt(s)” there would be no need for a delivery driver. Most of these tips were insightful but this one seems petty, especially if you consider there might be extenuating circumstances like a family with small/sick kids who can’t be left unattended….

  324. I have no clue as to why this page keeps messing up but it is annoying. I click “next” on the photos and when it gets to #4 it just goes white and does not load a picture or caption. Please fix this issue.

  325. I did delivery as a 2nd job and was paid $3.50/hr to use my $4/ gallon gas in my personal vehicle. When not on the road, I was performing in-store labor at the same less-than-minimum rate. To friends who have asked how much is appropriate to tip pizza guy I say it takes 3 bucks per delivery to make the job worth showing up for. If you are ok with giving your large-breasted, short skirt wearing server at Hooters or wherever 15% or more for walking your plate out from the kitchen while her car sits in the parking lot, why would this debate even be out there? The service received is the delivery. I’ve driven to a customer’s home just to find that the dude is passed out drunk on the couch and can”t hear me knockin’ on their door with a yummy bar-time pizza that will never be eaten or paid for, not to mention I paid for the transportation. One guy went to buy beer after ordering and I had to wait for him to return. On the flip-side, I have received a couple of $10 tips, but it really needs to average out to at least 3 bucks or more per delivery (seriously folks). I will also deliver to some very stange and unconventional locations. So what’s it worth to you to have this service available? Apparently some believe they are entitled to something for nothing. Most folks are fairly well educated about the process, but some of these posts are just pretty nasty comments from pretty nasty people! Drivers are individuals just the same as the Hooters girls. And yes, I do know my best customers! They rock!

  326. It’d be great if this was posted as a list, instead of a slideshow that glitches every time I get past slide #6… I understand that pageviews are a big deal for websites, but I’ve now tried to look at this on my cell phone, my work computer, and my personal laptop. It’s glitched repeatedly on all three. I was looking for a quick giggle before getting back to work, and instead got a hassle. Disappointing.

  327. never really had a problem and the drivers are always nice…. they don’t mind bringing it to the back yard where I am shooting a model in my hot tub for my photography portfolio…

  328. #28 – chances are your pizza being late has nothing to do with me so don’t think it’s alright not to tip for that reason. I make minimum wage, with no benefits, pay my own gas, and get maybe .50 for actually delivering the pizza. I’m not a server, my journey doesn’t involve a 50 foot walk to your table.

    #29 – we remember bad tippers and we have your address. Once a guy who lived in my neighborhood decided not to tip me. Later that night I got nice new lawn furniture.

  329. #14. Don’t call back five minutes later to change your order, the pizza is already in the oven!

  330. I will tip when the driver/waiter has gone above and beyond. To me the tip must be deserved, I wil not give away free handouts for slow or shotty service. I feel that paying full price for mediocre service is all Im obliged and willing to pay. If my pizza takes longer than an hour to be delivered I usually wont tip. Likewise, if Im in a resturaunt and my server is lacking, I will not leave a tip. I also wont return to that establishment for several months at least, just in case Im recognized ad subjected to even worse service.

    1. Anyone that doesn’t leave a tip, regardless of service is a prick. I hope your food gets spit in.

  331. I don’t order out much, simply if you add the 15-20% tip it makes the cost of the food prohibitive, but when I do I always insure the kid (and it is usually a kid) gets a good tip…I worked as a waiter and other tip related jobs so I understand the need for a fair tip…but I’ve also noticed that some these guys are driving much nicer cars then me..lol

  332. That ‘get off your phone’ one should be applied to all retailers. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some jerk in line at the store and not know what’s going on because he’s too engrossed in his text/call/video to pay attention to the cashier. Unfortunately, they aren’t allowed to refuse service to someone just because they’re exceedingly rude. (ask a manager – the dollar rules. If they are paying for it, then they can be as rude as they like to the cashiers)

  333. When I was a driver I had a list of the good tippers and bad tippers. Guess who got their food first? I would even deliver a good tipper’s food before the bad tipper’s food even if the good tipper had been waiting half as long.
    Now I make sure to tip my delivery person good and I always get my food fast. Amazing how that works.

  334. Just remember though, when your store charges a delivery fee, I take that right out of your tip. Sorry, I have the price of the pizza itself and the tip…delivery fee comes from one of those two…and it isn’t the price of the pizza. Also, a tip isn’t mandatory, so quit acting like it is. I tip, and I tip well for the service provide, also having worked the food industry, but quit acting like its mandatory that the customers give you something extra, it isn’t. If the service sucked, no tip. Delivery fee? Reduced tip.

    1. A tip is not mandatory but neither is good service. If I know you don’t tip, you get an ice cold pizza. I’ll even roll the windows down and take it out of the box to get extra cold for ya. I hope you enjoy. :-)

    2. If you can’t afford the tip, you can’t afford the pizza. If you don’t like the delivery charge you could always get off your fat lazy arse and go pick it up yourself.

  335. Wow this Pizza boy seems entitled I am guessing he gets no or low tips for bad service. A tip is a gift and is not to be expected and when you have terrible service and wish to harm my property than let my cams get you arrested.

  336. I’ve never understood why people think it’s okay to be rude, unkind or just downright mean to the person you are asking to bring you food that is safe to eat, whether it be in a restaurant or delivered to your home. They are providing you a service and the better you treat them, the better service you’ll receive. Smarten up, people and respect your fellow human beings!

  337. What’s wrong with not having a shirt when the pizza is delivered? Our homes are our own castles. If a Pizza Store don’t like people answering the door without a shirt on, then don’t sell pizzas.

  338. 13 things your pizza orderer won’t tell you:

    1) It’s not rocket science, you make a freaking pizza, the least you can do is get it right

    2) When I carry out my pizza, i’m not going to leave you a tip for doing something a trained monkey could do.

    3) Take 10 seconds to read the order I placed and make sure you gave me everything i paid for and don’t make me do your quality check for you

    4) If you give me crappy food i am going to call your store at the busiest time I can and complain until your manager has to give me some sort of freebie and i still won’t come back to your shop

    5) No, i don’t want your craptastic desserts with my order

    6) Your previous delivery order did not want my pizza and i did not want his, you keep the order and i’ll keep your tip

    7) I like my coke cold and my pizza at least warm, not the other way around

    8) When you drop my pizza and leave it all over the inside of the box, just go get me a new one and i’ll actually pay for the order and cover the tip if you explain what happened and let me know you did your best instead of hoping to lie to me

    9) When i see your old beater driving through the neighborhood at 70 mph I dread the day you are going to hit one of the kids that live on the block, you will ruin your life and the childs

    10) Thank you for the random garbage you tape to the outside of the pizza box, i love having additional trash to deal with!

    11) I paid for two toppings, why do you insist on putting half the amount of toppings on the pizza for each one?

    12) I order online, wtf do you only post your deals in the carryout store window?

    13) I’m sorry that you are the only worker in the store and you can’t manage all of your customers but here’s some advice for you. Your management sucks, i won’t order there any more and you should go to another pizza joint around the corner that actually gives a crap.

  339. if your at the bottom of the stack working your way up your going to deal with a lot of $hit

  340. Sorry, but the “I’m just a kid/you wouldn’t want your kid traveling in bad weather” line irks me. You’re just a kid, but you’re employed by a business that provides the service regardless of weather. If you don’t want to drive, don’t do it. That said, I do think it’s kind to tip better than you normally would if the weather is bad/dangerous. :-)

  341. 4. Patience, please!

    It takes about 20 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza.”


    It takes Domino’s only 6 minutes

      1. Since they changed a few years ago, they’re not bad at all. I don’t eat there mainly because I don’t much like their cheese.

  342. What a whiner. There’s a reason it’s called “work.” Hate to break this to you, but the “real world” is far more cruel. Suck it up.
    As for #23: you should have that pizza crammed up your lazy arse.

  343. I give a senior citizen tip which is whatever spare change happens to be in my pocket, if any.

  344. Number 23 is silly. Deliveries right across the street are every driver’s dream runs.

  345. I’ll ALWAYS shake the soda bottle for the non-tippers. Frack ’em!

  346. I make my own thin crust pizza. It’s ready when I want it. I’m never disappointed with the service. I always get what I want for toppings. Plus I don’t have to worry that it’s been dropped, shaken, spit upon, etc. Best of all I don’t have to tip a snot nosed delivery person.

  347. I’d read more of these if you didn’t have to refresh EVERY DANG PAGE – it’s a slideshow – and this ain’t the 90’s on AOL. One page, with a slideshow, OK? Sheesh.

  348. I started delivering pizzas the day after I got my license. All that he says here is true but my worst example was when someone ordered to the other side of town in a snowstorm. The street is not plowed, the path not shoveled, etc. I got there in a reasonable time (30-35 mins) The guy starts chatting me up about how I should do good on tips because of the weather. He thanked me profusely for coming out in the storm. He said people would tip a little better out of pity. Then he tipped me one dollar on a 43 dollar order. For the next 6 years if he ordered he was always the last stop on my run no matter where I had to go. I’d double back just to make sure he waited as long as possible. Remember TIPS = To Insure Prompt Service

  349. I worked in the business for many years and dealt and agree with everything in the article. The thing that probably irritated me the most was people wanting to give me a $50 or $100 bill when common sense said we didnt carry that kind of money. Im glad Im out of the business!

  350. It’s usually NOT the delivery person’s fault if there’s something wrong with my order, unless it’s a really small operation