How a Food Becomes a Trend

The trend to combine sweet and salty is at an all-time high

How a Food Becomes a TrendPhoto courtesy Ben & Jerry’sThis new flavor features vanilla ice cream, fudge covered potato chip clusters and a salty caramel swirl.

Our love of the sweet and salty combination began with chocolate-covered pretzels, Cracker Jacks and Goobers. Now the trend to combine sweet and salty is at an all-time high, with an extra special focus on combining bacon with just about everything. According to The New York Times, a food trend follows 5 stages until it is part of our world:

Stage 1: Being picked up by top chefs.

Stage 2: Reported on in upscale magazines and sampled at specialty food shows.

Stage 3: Featured in inventive chains such as Cheesecake Factory and Williams-Sonoma

Stage 4: Appearing in women’s magazines, larger chains, or supermarkets (Starbucks is considered high stage-4)

Stage 5: You know it’s completely integrated if you see it at Wal-Mart

Salted caramels are now entrenched in our snacking culture. Here are a few taste-bud tantalizing blends of salty-sweet we predict will be addictive: 8 Salty-Sweet Snacks You Need to Try

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