How a Pop-Up Turkey Timer Works

Learn the secret behind a turkey pop-up timer.

By Matt Soniak from Mental Floss
Also published in Reader's Digest Magazine November 2013

turkey pop up timerMckibillo for Reader’s Digest

On Thanksgiving, millions of home cooks will rely on a wonderful little piece of technology to tell them when the turkey is ready to come out of the oven: the pop-up timer. It’s foolproof—just peek, and if the stick hasn’t popped up yet, keep cooking. How does the timer issue its proclamations with such concrete certainty?

It’s ingeniously simple. The plastic pop-up stick attaches to a spring that is held in place by a blob of food-grade soft metal or wax. When just the correct temperature is reached—usually about 165 degrees indicates a cooked-through turkey—the soft metal or wax anchor melts, freeing the spring and launching the stick into its “hey, the turkey is done!” position.

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