Mediterranean-Inspired Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

Save money and calories with Mediterranean-inspired brown bag lunches. View a shopping list and recipes for 5 lunches.

Courtesy Sari Greaves | RD CDN

Total Cost of Ingredients: $25.23 Prices of individual items may vary at your local grocery store. Check ads for items on sale and money-saving coupons.

Mediterranean Lunch your pantry stocked with simple, heart-healthy ingredients means less money spent on lunch!

Note: Keep your cupboard well stocked with following staples: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, low-sodium soy sauce, dried herbs and spices. These items can jazz up the flavor of leftover grains, vegetables, and meats to create a delicious meal in minutes.

Your Shopping List Grains: Whole wheat pasta Whole grain pita

Fresh Produce: Apples Baby carrots Tomatoes Baby spinach * You can save money on fresh produce by buying fruits and vegetables in season. Buy in bulk (by the bag vs. by the piece). Also check your local farmer’s market for great deals on seasonal produce.

Vegetables: Fresh baby spinach leaves Tomatoes

Canned foods: Low sodium beans Tomato sauce Natural Peanut butter Low sodium vegetable or legume soup (beans, peas, lentils) Pear canned in water or juice

Dairy: Low-fat cheese (buy a block of cheese and slice or shred yourself) Non-fat plain Greek yogurt

Poultry: Whole Rotisserie chicken (1 pound)

Other: Unsalted nuts

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