Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes

These quick and easy pumpkin cupcakes will be a hit at any of your fall festivities.

By Meaghan Mountford from

Use your favorite recipe for cake and frosting to make mini cupcakes. You can also substitute store-bought cake mix and frosting for a quick and easy Thanksgiving dessert.

Mini cupcakes
Mini baking cups (orange or fall theme)
Orange food coloring
Orange sprinkles
Green fruit roll-ups

You can find printed or fall-themed mini baking cups and the sprinkles at the craft store. You can also find orange food coloring there, though I prefer

Mini Pumpkin CupcakesMeaghan Mountford

Prepare mini cupcakes in printed or orange baking cups. Let cool completely. Tint frosting orange. Working with one cupcake at a time, frost the cupcake with a knife or spatula, and immediately dip in orange sprinkles, generously coating the top.

Unroll a green fruit roll-up. To make the stems, use the scissors to cut a rectangle about 1 ½ by 1 inch. Starting at a short side, roll stems and set aside. Snip strips from the green fruit roll-up about ¼ inch by 2 ½ inches. Twist and curl the strips and place on the cupcakes, securing one end at the center by pressing a stem into the cupcake.

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