5 Fun Sites to Surf Before Thanksgiving

By Dawn Raffel

We know, there are a million things you should be doing to get ready for Thanksgiving. And by you, I mean me. Yikes. And yet… I am (sort of) thankful that the web is full of goofy distractions.

Here are five worth a smile:

1. Uproxx’s slideshow of 40 animals who are more ready for Thanksgiving than you are.  Cats as turkeys! Dogs in headdress! Pilgrim pugs!  This is one of  those things where you click all the way through in spite of yourself. Interestingly, none of the featured animals psyched up for Thanksgiving is an actual turkey.

2. and 3. Speaking of turkeys, you can find all manner of turkey trivia over at holidayinsights.com, including the assertion that the first presidential pardon of a gobbler was conferred in 1947. That would make  Harry Truman the pardoner, though those facts are in dispute… so if you’re really interested, you can put off going to the grocery store by surfing over to Wikipedia check out everything you wanted to know about turkey pardoning.

4. This year’s turkeys will have barely cooled before zillions of us are on our way to the mall, hungry for bargains. Pinterest’s Black Friday Humor will put you in the right frame of mind.

5. Seriously, you’re already thinking about Christmas. So what the heck…is it too early to look on the Essential Kids site for  recipes for gingerbread cats and dogs?

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