Arrested Development Quiz: Is Your Family More Bananas Than the Bluths?

So you think your family is weirder than Arrested Development's dysfunctional heroes? ...COME ON!!

By Brandon Specktor

Are your relatives getting you down? Don’t be a Blue Man! Take our simple Arrested Development quiz to find out if your family is more or less bananas than the Bluths. Just answer the following questions with a “yes” or “no” (sorry, Maeby).

1. Do your family members communicate effectively?

Lindsay Funke cry

2. Have they developed their own special language?

3. Do they treat your guests with respect?

4. Do they treat each other’s quirks with respect?

5. Do they treat each other’s property with respect?

6. Do they challenge one another to grow?

Lindsay loves Tobias
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tumblr #Arrested Development tag

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