Arrested Development Quiz: Is Your Family More Bananas Than the Bluths?

So you think your family is weirder than Arrested Development's dysfunctional heroes? ...COME ON!!

By Brandon Specktor

7. Do the elder generations offer sage, levelheaded advice?

8. Do the younger generations absorb this advice with an open mind?

9. Is your family trustworthy?

10. And always honest?

Lucille Bluth loves all her children equally

11. Do they have a good sense of humor about their own shortcomings?

Gob banana suit

 12. Do they have strong self-esteem?

Maeby Funke self esteem

13. …Even in the face of adversity?

14. Can they overcome their circumstances to appreciate the little things in life?

 15. Like, for example, annoying the bejeesus out of you?


tumblr #Arrested Development tag
tumblr #Arrested Development tag
tumblr #Arrested Development tag

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