8 Hysterically Bad Ideas That Actually Worked Out Well

Once in a while, someone in a position to know better responds to a truly dim-witted suggestion with, “Sure, what the heck, let’s try it,” and beyond all expectations, it succeeds.

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Return to Sender

Return to SenderNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: Dogs are wonderful creatures with one major flaw—they refuse to pick up after themselves. This is especially challenging in Brunete, Spain, where dog owners 
don’t pick up after the dogs either. But the advertising firm McCann concocted the ultimate nudge: Send the poop back to the owners. The idea, which it dreamed up without being asked, works this way: A volunteer chats up a non-scooping owner and finds out the canine’s name. After the dog walker and pooch leave, the volunteer gets the owner’s name and address by matching the dog’s name and breed in a database accessible on his cell phone. He then scoops up the poop, places it in a package marked “Lost Property,” and messengers it to the owner.

It Worked! During the campaign, 147 deliveries were made, resulting in a 70 percent decline in the amount of dog droppings littering the streets.

Potluck Pigs

Potluck PigsNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: With marijuana legal in Washington State, pot growers pondered how to profit from all the plant’s leftover stems and roots. Meanwhile, local pig farmers were coping with expensive feed that cut into their bottom line. One farmer proposed a solution: Combine the cheaper marijuana remnants with the feed, and serve it to the pigs.

It Worked! The surplus pot lowered pig farmer Susannah Gross’s feed costs and produced another benefit: the munchies. Pigs that snarfed down the pot gained an extra 20 to 30 pounds compared with hogs that didn’t. Gross told Reuters, “They were eating more, as you can imagine.”

Barking Out Bad Guys

Barking Out Bad GuysNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: After two suspected car thieves in New Haven, Connecticut, refused to come out of the house they were holed up in, police announced that they would send in the K-9 force. Only trouble? A serious lack of police dogs on the scene. So a couple of cops snuck up to the front door and began barking.

It Worked! The petrified intruders ran out and surrendered to police.

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Flushing Trouble Down the Drain

Flushing Trouble Down the DrainNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: A severe drought and poor maintenance had done 
a number on the sewers of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 
And because of insufficient water pressure, the pipes kept clogging, causing some to burst. So, without the benefit of a massive plunger, what’s a city to do? Simple, said the town council. Twice a week, citizens will simultaneously flush their toilets in order to produce enough water pressure in the sewer system to dislodge clogs.

It Worked!
One resident told the Associated Press, “So far, the flushing of the toilets has been a success.”

A "Relations" Strike

A "Relations" StrikeNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: As long as anyone could remember, the lone road that linked the small Colombian village of Barbacaos to the rest of the world had been awful. So bad that it took half a day to make the 35-mile trek to the next town. Demands that the road be fixed went unheeded. The last straw came when a young woman and her unborn child died in an ambulance after it got stuck on the road and couldn’t reach a hospital in time. Women hit the streets last June in a mass protest dubbed “the cross legs movement.” In short, there would be no lovin’ until the road was repaired. Even the town’s mayor fell victim: His wife took to sleeping in another room.

It Worked! The strike was called off in October as bulldozers and heavy machinery began repairs. The new road is expected to cut travel time to the nearest town by 
six hours. Source: pri.org

Skirting the Job

Skirting the JobNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: When a heat wave struck north of Stockholm, 
Sweden, last summer, male train workers began wearing shorts on the job. But management pointed out that their sartorial choice ran afoul of the railroad’s dress code. So the men switched to wearing skirts.

It Worked! If men want to wear skirts, that’s OK because women wear skirts, said a company spokesman. “To tell them 
to do [otherwise] would be discrimination,” he explained. Said one cool male driver, “The passengers stare at us, but so far, no one has said anything.”

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Mountain Mirrors

Mountain MirrorsNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: Winter in Rjukan, Norway, is a depressing time. That’s 
because the town is situated in a deep valley and goes up to seven months without sunshine. To lighten the mood, so to speak, the town acted on an idea that had been bouncing around for a century: Construct huge mirrors on a nearby mountainside to reflect the sun’s rays down into the town square.

It Worked!
Thanks to computer-driven motors that allow three massive mirrors to follow the sun’s path, the sun shone on Rjukan’s town square for the first time ever last fall. 
To celebrate, some Rjukans sipped cocktails while tanning on lounge chairs; others played volleyball on a makeshift beach. “The idea was a little crazy, but madness is our middle name,” a local project coordinator told Agence France-Presse. “After basking in the sun, people are beaming themselves.”

Music to Flee From

Music to Flee FromNishant Choksi for Reader’s Digest
Bad Idea: Either Portland, Oregon, is not a happening place or its train station totally is, because young men have taken to hanging out in it. Numerous attempts to disperse the crowds have all failed. Now, apparently, the authorities have delved into their own youths for a solution by asking themselves, What would drive me away? The answer: opera. And classical music. Blared over the station’s speakers during a pilot program.

It Worked!
There was a drop in 18- to 25-year-olds loitering once the fat lady sang. In one incident, a young guy stormed out of the station just as Bizet’s Carmen proclaimed her love for he who does not love her. Half a world away, the British Royal Navy is blaring Britney Spears at Somali pirates. “These guys can’t stand Western music,” an officer told metro.co.uk. “As soon as they get a blast of Britney, they move on as fast as they can. It’s so effective that the ship’s guards rarely need to fire guns.”

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14 thoughts on “8 Hysterically Bad Ideas That Actually Worked Out Well

  1. I take my Doberman to the park – where there is lots of grass – which needs “fertilized” and which my very large dog is only too glad to accommodate. The only problem is being careful where to step. That stuff is hard to get off the shoes – specially the really dry piles. I prefer the thorobred dogs’ droppings – very classy! I make a point to watch for them – especially if they are accompanied by a hot chick!

  2. I have one thing in common with Somali pirates, I can’t stand that noise either.

  3. ” the volunteer gets the owner’s name and address by matching the dog’s name and breed in a database accessible on his cell phone.”
    what next, a pigeon patrol? Gimme a break, is there really a dog data base?
    If someone did that to me I would put it in a bag and mail it to them. then send them a bill for the fertilizer. It wouldn’t surprise me if our politicians made doggy diapers mandatory. The crap that they produce makes doggy dew look trivial!

  4. Really cool idea about setting the “K-9 Cops” outside to fool the bad guys into giving themselves up… however, it was a bad idea to tell everyone they did this!! It would be a bad thing if someone who IS a crook knows of this trick and doesn’t fall for it as easily as those other guys did! (It could have worked again and again!)

    1. It will still work. Remember, there is no cure for stupid. It sickens me to admit this but I have a member in my very own family who still would vote for the community-organizer-in-chief.

  5. Dog owners that don’t pick up after their dogs should have their picture taken and then posted on the internet, with time and location mentioned, to shame them.

    1. I have a neighbor that ‘walks’ her dog every morning. When the dog has ‘done it’s duty’ she looks up and down the street. If she sees someone, she dutifully picks up the crap with a paper towel and deposits it in a plastic baggie. If she sees no one around, she leaves it where it was deposited. I guess she is too dumb to realize that people have windows in their houses! Oh, and btw, they do have a fenced backyard, but will not let the dog out there to do it’s thing!

  6. Deserves a place in the annals of effective remedies. Playing music that they can’t stand at them achieved the desired result and it’s not a form of torture (or is it?).

  7. Why are these bad ideas? If it is stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid. PS Locally, one radio station morning DJ put a non-scooper live on the air. I would gladly batch up dog feces and mail them back to the dog owners.

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