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You'll want to watch to the end to see how these kooky competitions turn out.

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Funny Contests Video
Over 35 couples from around the globe traveled to Finland for the World Wife-Carrying Championship so the men could, yes, carry their wives in a grueling race. If they can handle that, why can’t they pick up their dirty socks?

In Estonia’s Underwater Checker Tournament, we bet the winner gets to say “King Me” all year.

In this wacky match, contestants have 30 minutes to create a masterpiece in the European Chainsaw Speed Carving Championship. And it is art: As one participant quipped, “If Michelangelo had chainsaws, he would’ve used them.”

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      What kind of rot is readers digest now??? I was watching your videos, and clicked on something called “lollipop chainsaw total awsomeness” Hey Reader’s Digest: FIRE YOUR COMPUTER PERSON !
      Here’s what your site put out to chinldren : f- – - ing son of a b- – - -! More severed heads than…..
      Now WHY would your videos have links to OTHER stuff? Again FIRE YOUR COMPUTER PERSON!
      I know that I’ve seen it here before in the comments section how your site is the worst to navigate.
      How it takes forever for things clicked on to show up. How it just gets boring jumping through all the
      hoops that a basic space invaders game has developed past. . .  Why doesn’t Reader’s Digest read
      this stuff and look into changing things for the better?