Funny Tumblr: Ridiculous Headlines, Real News

By Beth Dreher

As I read the news every day, I often find myself muttering, “You can’t make this stuff up.” And perhaps no one knows that better than the creator of my new favorite Tumblr, Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life. “Onion-like” refers, of course, to that bastion of made-up news, The Onion (sample fake headline: “I Wish My Parents Would Stop Emailing Naked Pictures of Me To All Their Friends” by Aiden Thomas, baby).

Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life lists gems like, “Angry Nepali Man Bites Cobra To Death In Revenge Attack,” and “Sun Is Too Round, Say Scientists,” and it links to the articles so that you, too, can read up on the news around the world—and mutter along with me how the facts are often stranger than fiction.

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