12 Great Ideas That Went Horribly Wrong

You know that awful feeling you get after crafting the perfect plan, only to watch it unravel in a swirl of dust and despair? Not as intensely as these people.

By Andy Simmons


Good Idea #7…

During the last election, Roxanne Rubin, a casino worker in Las Vegas, was irked that people were not taking voter fraud more seriously. So she set out to prove that it was a real problem.

Too Bad It Didn’t Work!

She was caught attempting to vote twice and arrested on charges of voter fraud. —Source: huffingtonpost.com


Child to work day

Good Idea #8…

Bring Your Child to Work Day is a time-honored tradition that allows children to experience the business world while watching their parents ply their trade. With that in mind, one father brought his young son along with him on a job.

Too Bad It Didn’t Work!

His job happened to be robbing a pet expo. He was caught soon after, in part because of what he’d left behind—his son. —Source: WISN-TV



GoogleGood Idea #9…

In order to protect its brand, Google asked the Swedish Language Council not to give its blessing to a new Swedish word: ogooglebar, meaning “ungoogleable.” The company argued that the term, which refers to one’s inability to find something using any search engine—not just Google’s—tramples on its trademark, and, thus, the council should not aid in popularizing it. The council begrudgingly agreed.

Too Bad It Didn’t Work!

All the publicity and bad press garnered by the case has caused a flood of Swedes to go online to look up ogooglebar. —Source: pcmag.com


Prosthetic legGood Idea #10…

Christopher Lowcock was under house arrest in England on drug and weapons charges. To make sure he would not violate curfew, police attached an electronic tag to his leg.

Too Bad It Didn’t Work!

Police attached the tag to Lowcock’s prosthetic leg, which Lowcock easily removed in order to enjoy an evening out on the town. —Source: BBC


DeathGood Idea #11…

Last season, to show appreciation for their long-suffering fan base, the lowly Houston Astros invited supporters to come to their ballpark early one day to mingle with former team stars Jose Cruz and Joe Niekro.

Too Bad It Didn’t Work!

Joe Niekro was unable to attend due to a death in the family. His own. In 2006. —Source: Sports Illustrated


Closed police officeGood Idea #12…

After 15 months on the lam and with his conscience weighing on him, a Swedish murder suspect decided to turn himself in to police officers.

Too Bad It Didn’t Work!

When he arrived at the police station shortly after 6 p.m., cops told him to go away—they were closed for the day. “Closed?” he shouted back at the police. “I’m suspected of murder and am a wanted man. You guys really want to get a hold of me.” Obviously not as badly as he’d thought, because officers directed him to colleagues at another police station, who, they assured him, would be happy to apprehend him. —Source: thelocal.se


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