‘Honest’ NFL Logos Reveal Painful Truth About Your Favorite Team

By David Noonan

Buffalo Bills depressingAs the NFL season gets underway, millions of deluded fans struggle once again to convince themselves that their favorite team is better than it really is and that this season, finally, everything is going to be different. Fat chance.

Every team has its flaws, some have too many to count, and others (sorry, Bills fans) are burdened by historic baggage they may never escape. Over at Grantland, writer Justin Halpern and graphic designer Brian Huntington have created “honest logos” for all 32 NFL teams that capture their essence. From the “Depressing” Bills to the “Pure Evil” Patriots to the “Irrelevant” Jaguars, no franchise eludes their witty needle.

The graphics are gorgeous, some of the language is for grownups, and the truth, of course, is painful. Check it out and see what they think of your team.

(Image courtesy of Grantland.)

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