Is This the Funniest Animal Video Ever?

By Andy Simmons

“Did you hear the one about…” Two of the stars of BBC’s Wild Side.

When I owned a dog, I was convinced that he and I could communicate. I thought that if I talked to him in a slow and reasonable manner, he would somehow suss out what I was trying to say, which was usually along the lines of “Please don’t pee on the carpet.”

It turns out that my dog Phineas was not fluent in English. It wasn’t even a second language. In fact, he probably understood cat, squirrel, and pigeon better than he did English. Or, just as likely, he grasped everything I was saying and was simply ignoring me. Why, he no doubt reasoned, should he put on his booties to go outside when there was a perfectly good rug inside on which to relieve himself?

Years of frustration might be the reason I love this tape from the BBC: Walk on the Wild Side. BBC humorists have put words to wildlife videos with hysterical results—check it out.

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