Must-See Videos: Three Wild & Crazy Talents

By Beth Dreher

If you’ve ever watched America’s Got Talent or seen a performer in a train station or park, you know that when people share their gifts with the world, the results can range from bizarre to beautiful. But the people in the three videos below take talent to a new level.

The lesson? Do what you love, put in your practice hours, and don’t forget your video camera. Check ’em out:

• Under the YouTube name Latissimus65, this talented fellow does one-armed pushups while solving a Rubick’s cube. “This vid combines my two main hobbies, lifting and cubing,” he explains.

• Who knew that a World Freehand Circle Drawing Championship existed? And Alexander Overwijk is one of the best. Check out this video of his method. Be sure to watch from the beginning to see his warm-up.

• Bottle of wine with no corkscrew? Here’s an ingenious party trick brought to you by the talented oenophiles at Cheers!

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