Oh, Deer: Fargo Woman Is Accidental Sensation

By Dawn Raffel

I would probably sleep much better if I didn’t keep my iPad on my nightstand, invariably tapping around for one last amusing thing to look at… until it’s the wee hours of the morning.

Last night, I stumbled on this viral video (so, apparently, did a few million other people), in which a woman named Donna calls her local radio station in Fargo, North Dakota, with a particularly hilarious complaint—she’s apparently under the impression that deer crossing signs let the beasts know where it’s safe to cross the road and that their placement at busy intersections is a safety hazard.

So many people wondered whether Donna the Deer Lady was a hoax (she’s not), that she made a repeat call to explain herself.

Hey, Donna, we don’t want to laugh too hard at your expense—you sound like a nice person, and we know you’d like this to go away now. But that was really funny. Thanks for the laugh—and the lesson: What happens in Fargo doesn’t stay in Fargo.

(Photo by Clay Heaton via Wikimedia Commons.)

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