Outrageous? You Be the Judge!

How much is too much when it comes to weird news items and crazy stories? You tell us!

from Reader's Digest Magazine | June 2012

Outrageous? You Be the Judge!Illustrated by Bill Mayer
We’ve posed some sticky real-life scenarios below. What’s your reaction? Your answers might appear in an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest.

Divorce Registries

To ease the financial strain of divorce, the British department store chain Debenhams launched a special divorce registry that family and friends can use to help the newly single stock up on things like sheets, towels, and appliances for their new home.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! These people are adults; they can buy their own towels. Besides, I already bought them a wedding gift.

That’s appropriate. Divorce is such a financial strain. I’d be willing to help them get back on their feet.

Schools Spying on Overweight Kids

A group of Long Island students were asked to wear electronic monitors that allow teachers to track their physical activity 24 hours a day. School officials say the monitors will help combat obesity.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! It’s an invasion of privacy, plain and simple.

That’s appropriate. Schools should be able to take steps they believe will combat a growing health crisis.

One Family Name

In a recent survey by Indiana University, two thirds of respondents said a woman should take a man’s name when the couple marry.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! Taking his name is so old-fashioned!

That’s appropriate. What was good enough for my parents and grand­parents is good enough for me.

Condoms Go Social

Because “condoms are an essential tool in preventing unintended pregnancy and stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections,” Planned Parenthood distributed special condoms on college campuses. The wrappers featured codes that students could scan with their smart phones to register location and other details about their sexual experience.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! That’s a lot more information than anyone needs to know about undergrads.

That’s appropriate. Anything that encourages safe sex is a good idea.

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  • Your Comments

    • http://www.facebook.com/BookSorcerer Jeffrey Gary Clinard

      Divorce Registry?  Yeah right.  
      Tracking Kid’s Activities?  Welcome to Big Brother, Junior Edition
      Family Name?  Up to the woman.
      Social Condoms?  As long as Planned Parenthood receives government money, they should not be giving away condoms.  If a private charity wants to do that with non-taxpayer dollars, I’m all for it.  As far as the social networking… up to the couple, though I’d advise against taking advantage of it.

    • S_conni

      The lack of physical activity isn’t making kids fat!  Sugar and bread are making kids fat.  Read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes, and you might save your child from a lifetime of fighting obesity and dealing with diabetes.  When we learned what was really making us fat, my kid lost 35 pounds eating cheeseburgers (no bun, no fries, no soda).  He loved it.  He tried for years to lose weight with heavy exercise and low fat diets.  It doesn’t work for the long term.  By labeling fat kids as “lazy” we are doing so much harm.  It is not the kids’ fault they’re heavy – it’s the excess sugar and bread and pasta and french fries in their diet.  How many pizza parties has your school had?  How many bread sticks are put on the table?  Read the book, save your kid.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kristie.pennock Kristie Pennock

       I personally don’t believe in taking a husband’s name in marriage- that is an outdated, patriarchal practice that hearkens back to the days when a woman was considered property- first, her father’s, then, her husband’s. However, if other people want to do it, it certainly is none of my business, and my name is none of theirs.  For the record, I am married and retained my own name.

    • Luab1

      Divorce Registries – THAT’S APPROPRIATE! – The person that is left behind or kicked out usually needs all the help they can get and it’s a great marketing tool for the department store.  The department store, Debenhams, should also offer up to three free counseling sessions.

      School Spying on Overweight Kids – THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS! – I think the school should work with the parents to monitor the students physical activity.  The parents need to be involved in this process to make a positive change in behavior.

      One Family Name – THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS! – The woman should be able to decide for herself and her husband should respect her decision.  A name doesn’t make a marriage.

      Condoms Go Social – THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS! – I applaud anyone that takes the appropriate actions to have protected sex but this method encourages them to boast about their conquests.

    • Anniemdaffodils

      Cndom packaging that can be scanned?  Sounds like it is up to the student; not mandatory, so I don’t see why it’s my business to weigh in on this.  Most college students are 18 or older; legally adults, and can choose to opt in or out of this initiative.

    • Anniemdaffodils

      Taking husband’s name when getting married – totally a personal choice.  I don’t see why anyone would would care what other people choose to do – just do whatever you want and respect others’ decisions.

    • Anniemdaffodils

      Divorce registries – no.   If friends and family wish to help someone after a divorce, that’s all well and good, and appropriate, I think, if the person is left lacking fairly basic items.  A registry, in my opinion, seems like something that goes with a celebratory event.  Also, again in my opinion (and in my personal divorced life) one doesn’t need brand new, possibly pricey items.