Outrageous? You Be the Judge!

How much is too much when it comes to weird news items and crazy stories? You tell us!

from Reader's Digest Magazine | June 2012

Outrageous? You Be the Judge!Illustrated by Bill Mayer
We’ve posed some sticky real-life scenarios below. What’s your reaction? Your answers might appear in an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest.

Divorce Registries

To ease the financial strain of divorce, the British department store chain Debenhams launched a special divorce registry that family and friends can use to help the newly single stock up on things like sheets, towels, and appliances for their new home.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! These people are adults; they can buy their own towels. Besides, I already bought them a wedding gift.

That’s appropriate. Divorce is such a financial strain. I’d be willing to help them get back on their feet.

Schools Spying on Overweight Kids

A group of Long Island students were asked to wear electronic monitors that allow teachers to track their physical activity 24 hours a day. School officials say the monitors will help combat obesity.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! It’s an invasion of privacy, plain and simple.

That’s appropriate. Schools should be able to take steps they believe will combat a growing health crisis.

One Family Name

In a recent survey by Indiana University, two thirds of respondents said a woman should take a man’s name when the couple marry.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! Taking his name is so old-fashioned!

That’s appropriate. What was good enough for my parents and grand­parents is good enough for me.

Condoms Go Social

Because “condoms are an essential tool in preventing unintended pregnancy and stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections,” Planned Parenthood distributed special condoms on college campuses. The wrappers featured codes that students could scan with their smart phones to register location and other details about their sexual experience.

What do you think?

That’s outrageous! That’s a lot more information than anyone needs to know about undergrads.

That’s appropriate. Anything that encourages safe sex is a good idea.

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  • Your Comments

    • Anniemdaffodils

      Obesity – a real problem for America, and for me personally.  But I don’t like tracking children – it’s too invasive and violates privacy as far as I’m concerned.  If a child wishes to track themselves, that would be different.  An “honor” system sounds good to me.  After all, they will need to cultivate these habits for themselves to have lasting results.

    • Disgusted

      Condom Postings??  Please tell me when sharing every waking (and sometime not awake) moment of your life along with any inane thought that pops in your head with the entire world became a good idea.  A private life is just that P R I V A T E !  I am fairly certian that I do not need who is with whom and how many condoms they needed that night.  If you feel the need to keep statistics, go right ahead and put a notch on the bed post, but please don’t send out a twitter or post it to your wall.  While I applaude the fact that certain people are making sure that they don’t procreate, it is not cool, hip, or sexy to go through partners like a 4G phone download and even less inspirational to post about them.   

    • Disgusted

      I suppose Divorce registries is the natural extenstion of the Hallmark card saying “Congratulations on your Divorce!  How did you get so lucky?”  This has to be most pathetic idea I have heard in a long time.  Perhaps if divorce become easier then more people won’t feel so bad about getting divorced.  In fact why not hold a divorce party.  There is a whole new market for plates, cups, napkins, confetti, etc…  I bet you could even sell pinatas made in the shape of your exes head!  But the big question is whether any items received through registry get counted as communal property???

    • Mcmullenjack

      Unbelieveable…. our nation is in a sensless downfall. I KNOW SEX SELLS BUT THIS IS GETTING EXTREME!!! It seems we are over popularizing sex or we as humans are becoming more comfortable with our sexuality? lol broadcasting where you just had sex may result in folks getting more criminal charges as for the police will eventually learn where the popular “hot spots” are.

    • Barkershop

      Divorce is not something tobe promoted. When you are married, you took a vow saying you will not leave your partner. Divorce is not something that should be happy, like a party.

    • Barkershop

      It’s not the school’s business about what obese kids are doing

    • Barkershop

      God said that people should engage in sexual intercourse before marriage . We shouldn’t be giving out free condoms because that encourages kids to have premarital sex. Besides, it’s promoting sex as a good thing, something to share about with friends.

    • Marianlock

      Okay, let me get this straight– we are to give shower gifts, baby gifts and sometimes to kids we barely know and now we are to give them divorce gifts? Gee, I hope they do not get hitched again. The cycle will start all over again. What’s next? Widow gifts to help them get over their grief and get over their loss. Help! They may remarry and here we go again!

    • Billbargerpat1

      Condoms Go Social: Article concerning the Planned Parenthood organization: I think its great that a private organization is concerned enough to provide prevention methods for pregnancy and as long as private donations fund this effort. It makes no difference to me as to what tracking device is on it! When the Government helps finance this Organization through the tax-paying people of this country- then I have a BIG problem with it! The Government should be in the business of ensuring our country remains safe, everyone has the opurtunity to succeed and prosper, and not be overwhelmed by unfair taxation and this includes making taxpayers pay for someone elses ideology( Planned Parenthood)!

    • LeeDenny52

      Why would a woman not want to take her husbands family name if she loves him? Old fasioned? No! Traditional? Yes but what does that have to do with becoming a single family unit unto itself?