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the Funny Art of Complaining
The Funny Art of Complaining

Feel aggrieved? Don’t stew. Raise a stink! These people did. >>

Mary Roach
Listing Toward Sanity? A List Maker Explains

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6 Rose Color Meanings

The experts at know when it's appropriate to send red roses over white. But we… >>

Funny Clicks: Shark Cat Rides a Roomba, Infomercial Fails, More
Funny Clicks: Shark Cat Rides a Roomba, Infomercial Fails, More

Hey! Did you know we have a Facebook page dedicated to the funny stuff we just found sitting around… >>

Which Movies to See This Summer: The Reader’s Digest Version

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offensively huge beverages, KFC
11 Funny Restaurant Signs

Amusing, silly, and downright weird signs from eating establishments across the country. >>

shirtless man doing yoga and frecking
8 Old-Fashioned Words That Make You Sound Smart

Freck your eyes over these ludibrious definitions, and you'll be kenching in no time. >>

Thumbs Up: Roger Ebert’s Funniest Zingers

Roger Ebert will be remembered primarily as a critic, but he was a great comedian in his own right… >>

Funny: Instagram Wishes Kodak's Instamatic a Happy 50th Birthday
Funny: Instagram Wishes Kodak’s Instamatic a Happy 50th Birthday

What would develop if these two got together? We crashed the party. >>