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Is Your Dad Like This? A Comedy Writer’s Awkward Phone Calls with Father

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6 People Who Tried to Be Criminals and Failed Miserably

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16 Clever, Classic Cartoons About Christmas

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Cartoons for Valentine’s Day

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Best Pun Cartoons

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$1.9 Million For a Topless Bea Arthur Painting? 6 Stories of Ridiculous Spending

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Top 10 Types of Mothers

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15 New Year’s Resolution Cartoons

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Funniest Moments of 2011, Regis Philbin and David Letterman
12 of the Best David Letterman One-Liners of the Last 33 Years

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5 Utterly Bizarre Collections That Will Make Your Stamp Collection Seem Quaint

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Be Thankful Your Mom Didn’t Send This Email to Your Boss

Could you imagine emailing the CEO of the company where your child is about to intern to make sure… >>