Quiz: Which of These Weird Collections Is Real?

Helixophiles, tyrosemiophiles, oologists: What do they keep in their closets? Take our quiz to see how many of these uncommon words you know.

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Do Helixophiles collect...

Do Helixophiles collect...Wikimedia commons
A) Conch shells
B) Drill bits
C) Corkscrews

Helixophiles collect corkscrews!

Helixophiles collect corkscrews!Wikimedia user Gixie
Call over some oenophiles (wine collectors) and it's a party! Who knew: The first corkscrew patent was filed in 1795, in England. But use of this important implement dates to the 1600s, when (story goes) two drunk winemakers leaned too hard on their jug of road wine, pushing the cork flush against the bottle's rim. Exhibiting the ingenuity that only two thirsty winos know, they crafted the first de facto corkscrew out of a grapevine root and a screw from their carriage floorboard. In vino victorium!

Do Tyrosemiophiles collect...

Do Tyrosemiophiles collect...Wikimedia commons
A) Cheese labels
B) Parking tickets
C) Dead flowers
D) Tyrese albums

Tyrosemiophiles collect cheese labels!

Tyrosemiophiles collect cheese labels!Wikimedia user PRA
A dying breed, most modern Curd Nerds can be found in France, where the rich history of cheese production persists despite odor complaints from its neighbors. Who knew: Sex sells...cheese! In 1953 the French cheese brand Le Weekend caused a stink over a scandalous label featuring a pin-up model picnicking in her bikini. The label was forced to rebrand as Ma P'tite Folie ("My Little Folly"), but kept the saucy image. Will these Muensters never learn?

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Do Arctophiles collect...

Do Arctophiles collect...Wikimedia commons
A) Snow globes
B) Drafting compasses
C) Teddy bears
D) Polar bears

Arctophiles collect teddy bears!

Arctophiles collect teddy bears!Wikimedia user Ranveig
As of August 2012, 64-year-old South Dakotan Jackie Miley can claim she officially cuddles the world's largest trove of teddies: 7,790 unique bears. Who knew: During his early career, Elvis Presley became an accidental arctophile by receiving dozens of gift teddies from enraptured female fans. One bear even earned some temporary fame in 2006 when it was all shook up (and ripped apart) by a children's museum guard dog.

Do Sucrologists collect...

Do Sucrologists collect...Wikimedia commons
A) Soda cans
B) Candy boxes
C) Sugar packets
D) Bad love poems

Sucrologists collect sugar packets!

Sucrologists collect sugar packets!Czech Wikipedia user Utar
Dedicated collectors may join one of many Sucrologist Clubs in the UK and mainland Europe, where collections are shared, and (one should hope) tea is served. Who knew: According to Pam Miller, honorary secretary of the UK Sucrologists' Club, the world's largest sugar packet collection currently belongs to a German woman named Marianne Dumjahn, who owns more than 360,000 packets.

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Do Oologists collect...

Do Oologists collect...Wikimedia commons
A) Eggs
B) Feathers
C) Oboes
D) The letter O

Oologists collect birds' eggs!

Oologists collect birds' eggs!Wikimedia Commons
Less the scientific effort it was in the 1900s, oology is now more of a hobby-slash-criminal offense. "Egging," or removing wild eggs from protected lands, sent one klepto to jail when police found 7,707 stolen bird's eggs in his flat. Birders beware. Who knew: In 1952 comedian Bob Hope became an honorary doctor of oology for his "profound knowledge of eggs." We always thought he was a wise-cracker.

Do Lotologists collect...

Do Lotologists collect...Wikimedia commons
A) Calculators
B) Scratch-off tickets
C) Antique land titles
D) Lost memorabilia

Lotologists collect lottery tickets!

Lotologists collect lottery tickets!Wikimedia user Bdviets
According to retired U.S. Navy diver Dennis Morse, whose collection included over 250,000 losing tickets in 2006, the trick is to go right for the trash. Investing in unscratched tickets (which cost anywhere between $1 and $30) is a rookie mistake that'll probably never pay off. Take note, anyone who plays Lotto! Who knew: The only six American states without lotteries are Alabama, Utah, Mississippi, Alaska, Hawaii, and Nevada. Nevada would never support itself with gambling, right?

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