Sometimes, Becoming Undead Is a Good Thing

By Chuck Davis

Not long ago, we were alerted to the growing zombie problem by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s  Zombie Preparedness website. This is good for those of us who live in fear of the impending zombie apocalypse—and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?—but what about the poor zombies themselves? Who’s thinking of their needs in these trying times? Well, Canada’s  Heart & Stroke Foundation has them covered, too.

The group produced a video in support of a special Halloween event in Canada mixing chills, thrills and, yes, CPR training. It’s called The Undeading. If you happen to be around Toronto at the end of this month, you can learn something—and get the daylights scared out of you at the same time.

If not, the clip below is worth watching as an example of creative marketing for the public good. Be warned: it’s somewhat “PG-13.”