TGIF: Super-Cute Videos to Start Your Weekend

By Alison Caporimo

Since some things need very little introduction, I shall not stand on ceremony. Here, videos that just made your weekend that much better:

This dog loves baths more than you’ve ever loved anything. While I wish I could take credit for this snarky title, it’s Gawker you have to thank. This fuzzy, blue-eyed puppy gets lathered up to game-show-like music, which sounds random but is actually insanely satisfying.

One adorable kitten has nightmares. A tiny kitten fights invisible birds and attacking water faucets while in the clutches of its sleeping mother. The “aw” moment comes at :16 when the mother cat cuddles her baby in an attempt to keep bad dreams at bay.

A beaver waves at a baby. Did you just read that sentence? I said: “A beaver…waves at…a baby.” How is it possible that so much cuteness can live in one phrase? Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

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