The Best From Those Ubiquitous Year-in-Review Lists

Funny, fascinating, and sometimes touching: These are 2011's best-of-the-year reports that rated most-memorable to us.

By Adrienne Farr | with Andy Simmons

What the Tech! is often the first to break the top tech news. Conversely, here is one entry from its Top 10 Tech Things Nobody Cared About in 2011:

3-D TV
2011 was supposed to be the year of the 3-D television set, but faced with high prices, clunky glasses, and crappy cinematic selection, it ended up being the year of not caring about 3-D television even a little bit.

Headline News
A lot of things happened over the past 365 days. But often, the real news was in the headlines. compiled a list of Top 50 Funniest Newspaper Headlines From the Past Year. Here’s the article we were dying to read:

“Woman Missing Since She Got Lost” — Chicago Sun-Times

Calling the Fashion Police!
What did the stylish wear in 2011? You wont find it on Yahoo’s list of Fashion That Makes Us Sad (roadkill couture anyone?). Our favorite: DSquared2 Skate Moss shoes — stiletto heels attached to ice blades.

Do You Know Where Paris Is?
As the Daily Caller proved in its list of the Top 10 Dumbest Celeb Tweets, once you hit Send, there’s no pulling back the stupid. Paris Hilton should have known that when she tweeted, “No, no. I didn’t go to England. I went to London.”

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