The Top 100+ Funniest Movies of All Time

Looking for a laugh? Check our picks for the best cinematic comedies.

bestinshowWhat’s your all-time favorite funny movie? Having trouble picking just one? So did we! So we narrowed the field down to the top 100+ side-splitters of all time. Tell us in the comments what you think the funniest movie of all time.

The Funniest Movies of 2000 – the present:

BEST IN SHOW (2000) Off Spinal Tap guitar duty, Christopher Guest turns his mockumentarian eye toward a tamer topic: The high-stakes world of competitive dog shows. The ridiculous comedic talent in this ensemble won’t fit in one paragraph (it barely fits in one film), but we’ll throw you a bone: Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, Michael McKean, Bob Balaban, Catherine O’Hara, John Michael Higgins, and Guest himself all dominate the show—and that’s high praise in a movie about adorable dogs.

MEET THE PARENTS (2000) Ben Stiller tries to ingratiate himself with his girlfriend’s mom and dad. The trouble is, her old man (Robert De Niro) is ex-CIA, and paranoid about the young man whose job description is Male Nurse. Director Jay Roach keeps this a winner from opening frame to fade-out.

SHREK (2001) Once upon a time there was an Ogre (Mike Myers) whose swamp got overrun by intruders from fairy tales and Disney movies, including Pinocchio, three little pigs and a big bad wolf. All are refugees from the kingdom of the wicked Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). With the help of an articulate donkey (Eddie Murphy), Shrek sets things right and, along the way, wins the love of Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), who has a secret but endearing flaw. Computer animation with great humor and, even rarer, heart.

ZOOLANDER (2001) Idiot model/model idiot Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) has an existential crisis after being demoted to second-hottest beefcake in America by a fresh-faced jerk named Hansel (Owen Wilson). Deranged designer Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrell) gives Derek new purpose as an international assassin. Moronic, star-studded (Bowie and Trump both show up) and easily one of the most quoted movies of the early decade.

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING (2002) The life story of Toula (Nia Vardalos) whose family instructs her to marry a Greek boy and make Greek babies. Instead she chooses Ian (John Corbett). The collision of cultures is inevitable. (“I’m a vegetarian,” Ian explains to a Greek aunt. “That’s OK. I’ll make lamb.”) Fine performances all around, especially from Michael Constantine as Toula’s ethnocentric dad.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) Simon Pegg and Nick Frost prove their undeniable comic chemistry while trying to keep their friends/friendship alive amidst a UK zombie pandemic. Through some paranormal magic, director Edgar Wright’s British ZomCom manages to become the most affecting zombie movie of all time, and one of the funniest films of the last 20 years.

ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY (2004) Watching Will Ferrell mug into a news camera as a pompous, preening playboy for 94 minutes would be enough to sell a movie. But we also get Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Fred Willard, Christina Applegate, Vince Vaughn, Jack Black, David Koechner, a jazz flute solo, and a dog named Baxter who can communicate with bears. Peaking with one of the most unexpectedly absurd fight scenes ever filmed (“There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident,”) Anchorman truly is the stuff of legend.

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NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (2004) Ah, the film that put Preston, Idaho on the map. Taking teen comedies to an awkward, uncomfortable extreme, Napoleon earns a place in the pantheon for Jon Heder’s triumphantly ‘80s dance moves alone. Sweet.

BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN (2006) Flying the Andy Kaufman-brand freak flag proudly, Sacha Baron Cohen’s foreign guy avatar brings out the best and worst in America. This false Kazakhstani’s road trip to marry Pamela Anderson prompts myriad unforgettable scenes—and one scene we all wish we could forget.

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (2006) A family of misfits and misanthropes travel West in a busted VW Microbus to enter their seven-year-old daughter in a beauty pageant. An alternately sweet and sour script takes exuberant life from a perfect cast: Steve Carrell, Alan Arkin, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, Paul Dano, and the debut of Abigail Breslin, who auditioned for the film when she was six.

JUNO (2007) A teenage girl is thrust into adult decisions following an unplanned pregnancy. Hilarious, right? Heavy subject matter receives comic levity from a flawlessly funny cast (Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney), plus a sweet and quick-witted script by first-time scribe Diablo Cody, and one of the more memorable animated title sequences in decades.

THE HANGOVER (2009) A Vegas bachelor party becomes a missing persons’ investigation when three inept friends lose the groom, and apparently their dignity. Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Bradley Cooper prove a shockingly potent cocktail of comic energy while embarking on a hellish backtrack through the previous night’s terrible decisions. Ignore parts II and III.

GET HIM TO THE GREEK (2010) The buddy road formula is pumped full of rock-star excess when a record company schlub (Jonah Hill) is charged with transporting notoriously impulsive and drug-addled music sensation Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to L.A. If the core comedy of Hill and Brand wasn’t enough for you, dangerously wealthy record exec P-Diddy sweetens the daiquiri. Also: “Fuzzy wall.”

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47 thoughts on “The Top 100+ Funniest Movies of All Time


  2. Whoever put this list together has a weird sense of humor. Except for a handful TRULY good ones, this list blows. Netflix is really good at estimating my taste, and most of these would get one or two stars (out of 5) from me.

  3. Blazing Saddles….funniest movie of ALL TIME! And yet not on the list? The funniest thing is this list….it’s a joke!

  4. Where is the “God Must Be Crazy 1 2 3???… These movies are all time funny!!!

  5. You’re missing one from the classics: Bringing up Baby…hilarious film

  6. My top-ten list definitely includes: “Dumb and Dumber”; “Tommy Boy”; “Liar Liar”; “My Cousin Vinny” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. Additional possibilities include: “Naked Gun”; “Airplane” and “Idiocracy”. Still others like “Trading Places”; “Coming to America”; “Uncle Buck” and “Being There” aren’t necessarily a laugh-a-minute but IMO comedy is more than just making people laugh hysterically. Sometimes a good comedy is pure genius on some level that also happens to make you laugh. I still can’t believe that “Being There”–which I only recently discovered–had evaded my radar all these years… Brilliant!

  7. Lol I cant believe GALAXY QUEST made this list…. Ive NEVER heard anyone bring this movie up when we are talking about the funniest.

  8. Funniest movie I have ever seen was What’s Up Doc with Barbra Streisand , Ryan O’Neal and Madelynn Kahn….from beginning to end, knee slapping, side splitting laughter….my second funniest  would be Rat Race….again, laughter from beginning to end.

    1. Dead on with What’s Up Doc. Most people have never heard of this film. One of my top five comedies.

  9. This list is seriously flawed and useless because it does not include Animal House (1978) — considered one of the funniest movies ever created.  WTF!  In 2001, the United States Library of Congress deemed the Animal House culturally significant and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

  10. Great list but you missed a couple like “Bringing up Baby”(Katherin Hepburn),”Arsenic and Old Lace”(Cary Grant), and “Fast and Loose”(Rosalind Russle).

    1. Agreed. If you liked Bringing Up Baby, watch What’s Up Doc some time. The director used Brining Up Baby as his inspiration and it’s every bit as good.

  11. ye why is most of the movies from the 30s 40s. Who writes these thing, surely there is great comedys out there more recent, i mean i’m sure these movies from the 30s etc are great but its
     a very narrow minded listing

  12. You left out, according to Billy Crystal and me,’ It’s a Gift’ — the funniest American movie of all time.

  13. The Graduate – really that is a comedy ??? Not what my Mom thought – I couldn’t see until. I was married. I don’t recall once laughing.

    My Man Godfrey – loved it.

    Saw most of these movies over the years – didn’t know some where comedies. They may had a few light moments. but am looking for movies that made me laugh.

    Jack Lemon was in a number of comedies.

  14. I didn’t see The Court Jester in the list in, which Danny Kaye sings, dances, and is absolutely hilarious.  Saw this first run in a theater and it still wears well.

  15. Reader’s Digest… For shame this was a sad and weak attempt sorry but sad but true.


  16. Gee, I can’t wait to drive my model-T down to the video store and rent these on Beta.  You can only watch so much Milton Berle on the Dumont, dad gummit.

  17. My Cousin Vinny, O Brother,  and Peter Sellers in the first Pink Panther. 

  18. This list is ridiculous. most of them aren’t even funny except for the Shrek. 

  19. Some great ones on the list- but any list without Caddy
    Shack, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, or Animal House is not a complete

    1. At least half those movies you mention are on the list. Generation ADD strikes again; giving your opinion on something you really have no clue about and are too lazy to properly research.

  20. This was written in ’03-what, 1903? God lord, Ive seen many of these and yes, they are enjoyable, like The Graduate, but not necessarily funny, or known as a great COMEDY-but come on-as Coach Ditka would say-get some comedies since the advent of SOUND! No The Blues Brothers? Blazing Saddles? Home Alone? Any early Mel Brooks/Woody Allen movies?And of course, the Gone with The Wind of comedies, Animal House, NOT even on this list? And that was made in 78, so I figured it was old enough for Grandpa Moses, I mean Stefan Kanfer,  to have seen it, yes? But this was in Reders Digest, and lest face it, whens the last time anyones read this? I didnt even know it was still being published!

  21. This was written in ’03-what, 1903? God lord, Ive seen many of these and yes, they are enjoyable, like The Graduate, but not necessarily funny, or known as a great COMEDY-but come on-as Coach Ditka would say-get some comedies since the advent of SOUND! No The Blues Brothers? Blazing Saddles? Home Alone? Any early Mel Brooks/Woody Allen movies?And of course, the Gone with The Wind of comedies, Animal House, NOT even on this list? And that was made in 78, so I figured it was old enough for Grandpa Moses, I mean Stefan Kanfer,  to have seen it, yes? But this was in Reders Digest, and lest face it, whens the last time anyones read this? I didnt even know it was still being published!

  22. .people there are alot of more funny movies then 80 years ago, like scary movie , the hangover or even bad santa im not trying to be rude

  23. Too bad the comments below are by people who didn’t figure out the list was probably made in 2003. But terrific you got Big Deal on Madonna Street as the sole foreign film. But you are missing some really basic modern and old comedies: Blazing Saddles (how come Silver Streak is here and not Blazing Saddles?), Modern Times, A Night at the Opera, Austin Power, International Man of Mystery, Mon Oncle, King of Hearts, The Ladykillers (original is better than the remake) and La Cage Aux Folles.

  24. wow top 100 movie of the 50’s and below should be renamed why the hell am I gonna watch a movie from 70yrs ago?

  25. Did my Grandma write this? Get with the times! There are tons of hilarious movies made after 2000.

    1. Your all idiots if u can’t appreciate classics

      Go kill yourselves u useless generation

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