The Top 100+ Funniest Movies of All Time

Looking for a laugh? Check our picks for the best cinematic comedies.

goldrushThe Funniest Movies of 1920 – 1930:
THE GOLD RUSH (1925) By common agreement (including Charlie’s) this is Chaplin’s greatest silent film. Alternating between heads-on slapstick and poetic mime, the famous Little Tramp pans for nuggets in Alaska–and winds up broke. In a classic scene, he and his customary foil, Big Jim (Mack Swain), get so hungry that Charlie cooks a boot for dinner, carving it like a steak, then delicately twirls the shoelaces around his fork pasta-style. Chaplin’s comic techniques were to set the standard for the next 50 years.

THE FRESHMAN (1925) The third of the great silent film trio (the other two were Chaplin and Keaton), Harold Lloyd did all his own stunts, many of them dangerous, with skill and humor. Here he’s a frosh trying to ingratiate himself with fellow students.

THE GENERAL (1927) Celebrated as the Great Stone Face because he so rarely cracked a smile, Buster Keaton is remembered as an adroit stunt man and knockabout comedian. But he was far more than that, as demonstrated by this extraordinary silent comedy of the Civil War. As a train engineer who recaptures some hijacked rolling stock, Keaton is audacious, poetic and explosively amusing. As the film’s director, he scintillates.

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    • Justsayin’!

      What….no BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, MEN IN TIGHTS…most Mel Brooks’ movies?

    • “Zé Mário”

      No Naked Gun???!!! Come on,

    • Kat Harley

      Whoever put this list together has a weird sense of humor. Except for a handful TRULY good ones, this list blows. Netflix is really good at estimating my taste, and most of these would get one or two stars (out of 5) from me.

    • hwy505

      Blazing Saddles….funniest movie of ALL TIME! And yet not on the list? The funniest thing is this list….it’s a joke!

    • Funnyman

      Where is the “God Must Be Crazy 1 2 3???… These movies are all time funny!!!

    • zizi

      You’re missing one from the classics: Bringing up Baby…hilarious film

    • Barry

      My top-ten list definitely includes: “Dumb and Dumber”; “Tommy Boy”; “Liar Liar”; “My Cousin Vinny” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. Additional possibilities include: “Naked Gun”; “Airplane” and “Idiocracy”. Still others like “Trading Places”; “Coming to America”; “Uncle Buck” and “Being There” aren’t necessarily a laugh-a-minute but IMO comedy is more than just making people laugh hysterically. Sometimes a good comedy is pure genius on some level that also happens to make you laugh. I still can’t believe that “Being There”–which I only recently discovered–had evaded my radar all these years… Brilliant!

    • JustinN

      Lol I cant believe GALAXY QUEST made this list…. Ive NEVER heard anyone bring this movie up when we are talking about the funniest.

    • Grammyd55

      Funniest movie I have ever seen was What’s Up Doc with Barbra Streisand , Ryan O’Neal and Madelynn Kahn….from beginning to end, knee slapping, side splitting laughter….my second funniest  would be Rat Race….again, laughter from beginning to end.

      • Zen

        Dead on with What’s Up Doc. Most people have never heard of this film. One of my top five comedies.

    • JeffKLass

      This list is seriously flawed and useless because it does not include Animal House (1978) — considered one of the funniest movies ever created.  WTF!  In 2001, the United States Library of Congress deemed the Animal House culturally significant and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.