Meet the World’s Dumbest Criminals, Politicians, and Bosses

Head-scratching decisions … Ludicrous power trips … Bizarre regulations … Of course we’re laughing at these guys!

By Bill Hangley and Andy Simmons from The Dumb Book (Reader's Digest Association Books)
Also in Reader's Digest Magazine April 2014

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Serge Bloch for Reader’s Digest, Ralph Smith for Reader’s Digest

World’s Dumbest Bosses

Working for a big corporation, you can begin to wonder exactly how much anybody cares about what you’re doing. So a colleague and I 
decided to test the waters. He would stop working, and I would work like never before. At the end of our test period, we had a performance review. His said “Worked well and was barely noticeable. Two thumbs up!” Mine said “Overall negative impression” and recommended that I study my friend’s work habits. The result of our test: He got a raise, and I didn’t. Source:

It’s been a rough few years for Chilean supervisors. The head of the national mint lost his job after the country’s new 50-peso coin was released. Instead of “República de Chile,” it read “República de Chiie.” Bonus stupidity: It took about a year for the mistake to be discovered. Meanwhile, in the city of Valdivia, the nation’s first drawbridge was unveiled. Sadly, it will have to be reconstructed, since at least one deck was accidentally built upside down. Source:

A fast-food worker reported this conversation with his boss:
Manager: Can you stay another four hours? Your coworker has drunk some wine and can’t come in.

Me: Isn’t it her wedding day today?

Manager: Yes. That’s why she’s been drinking.

Me: And you scheduled her to work today?

Manager: Yes.

Me: And you didn’t think that would be a problem?

Manager: No. 

Here is a list of actual requests made by bosses to one of their employees:
• Be prepared to delete all e-mails and files at a moment’s notice.
• Be a surrogate mother for her.
• Come up with a science fair project for her daughter.
• Fire the boss’s brother.
• Remove her stitches.

Today, my boss fired me because I poked fun at his My Little Pony key ring. From

Boss to underling: When I told you that you smelled like bacon grease, it was a compliment! Source:

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Serge Bloch for Reader's Digest, Ralph Smith for Reader's Digest

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