3 Ways to Hide Wrinkles in Plain Sight

Ready to fool the eye? Playing up other facial features can help you hide wrinkles in plain sight.

from All Natural Wrinkle Cures (Reader's Digest Association Books)

3 Ways to Hide Wrinkles in Plain Sight© BananaStock/Thinkstock
Ready to fool the eye? Here’s how — no facelift required!

1. Hide wrinkles with a bright smile.
Discolored, stained, or simply dull-looking teeth can add years to your smile–and your face. Invest in an over-the-counter tooth-whitening kit for a brighter smile, or see your dentist.

2. Hide wrinkles with a great haircut.
Now’s the time for a flattering new style. Ask the stylist about color choices, too. If you’ve never had highlights, consider adding them; they give dimension to colored hair.

3. Hide wrinkles with new eyebrows.
The right eyebrow shape can change your face almost as radically as a face-lift. Make an appointment to have your brows waxed or plucked at a good local salon (ask your friends for a recommendation). Then return for touchups or buy a good pair of tweezers and follow the contours to maintain your new shape.

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