How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles: 6 Surefire Tricks

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, some people’s souls look puffy, dark, tired, and wrinkled. Fortunately, these simple tricks will perk you up.

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Hemorrhoid cream

Hemorrhoid creamiStock/Sitade
Models and performers have reduced puffiness and wrinkles with hemorrhoid cream for years—the stuff tightens puffy areas quickly and reduces wrinkles. If the odor of the cream is too strong, mix a bit of your moisturizer into it before applying. And be careful not to get any of the cream in your eyes.


Caffeinated tea, which contains natural tannins, is a mild diuretic and long-used by grandmothers and runway models for reducing eye puffiness. Soak two tea bags in warm water, and then chill the bags for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh.


For many people, tiredness causes dark circles under the eyes and that can add years to their appearance. If you can’t catch up on your rest, place slices of ripe avocado under each eye, or try applying a paste of ground almonds and milk to lighten the dark shadows.

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Take two metal teaspoons and hold them under very cold running water for a few minutes. Then lie down and place the bowls of the spoons over your eyelids for 30 to 60 seconds. The sharp cold of the metal will revive tired eyes and may boost your energy at the same time.


CucumberiStock/Dimitrias Stefanidis
When your eyes are red and puffy, cut a couple slices of cold cucumber, lie down, and put a slice over each eye for 30 minutes. Once you’re up, your eyes will be brighter and your body refreshed.

Teething rings

Teething ringsiStock/Floortje
Put two gel-filled baby teething rings in the freezer until they’re ice cold, then lie down and place the rings on your closed eyelids for about 10 minutes. The cold will not only reduce eye puffiness but invigorate you, too.

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18 thoughts on “How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles: 6 Surefire Tricks

  1. I have acne dark spots and I believe this product is helping a lot. They are fading quick. I havent break out from using this, and i break out easily. I love that it doesnt have a smell once u put it on and that it can be worn under makeup or just face powder. Ive been using it for two weeks straight and its making a difference. Recommend it!

  2. Food is only a bacteria if left there to attract bacteria.. Once sliced and used straight away it does not contain bacteria.

  3. stupid. never put foods on your eye as it contains bacteria and could cause serious eye infections.

    1. A freshly peeled potato or cucumber does not contain bacteria. These methods have been used for many years and work.I have personally used both cucumber and raw potato as eye compresses to reduce puffiness and they work great, no infections ever.slso Both My Mother And Grandmother And My Children have used this method. No infections ever.

    2. Don’t say stupid. Only dead food has bacteria and can cause infection. Live foods like veggies and fruits rarely contains bacteria if washed properly.

  4. Try Made from Earth’s Cucumber Cool Gel – I left it on for only 3 minutes all around my eyes. Immediately I could see that the skin around my eyes looked moisturized, the lines had lessened, and I was no longer puffy. I will definitely keep using it.

  5. Thanks maria I am goimg to try this I am getting to the point that I hide my face with my hair what about dark circles

    1. Hi Nancy you can get many info from top 10 home remedies’s website/fb.

    2. Hi Nancy. Iv just started getting dark circles and a little puffy eyes. I have also been researching this area for quite some time now. I have tried the potatoes and I have to say they do work.. I didn’t place them in the freezer I just sliced out 2 oval shapes for my eyes and placed for about 5 minutes. There is an ingredient in potatoes that helps. U have also tried cucumber. For me where they helped refresh my eyes and help a tiny bit they weren’t as effective as the potatoes. Tea bags also help. I found the bags from green tea helped me more rather than normal caffeine tea.
      For the dark circles I am using vitamin E almond oil. You can buy an organic one from eBay or health stores. This will over time lighten the circles. (No miracles). Or if you are looking for quicker results try a hemorrhoid cream.

  6. For puffy eyes: POTATO SLICES work better than everything else. Just like in cooking when you add too much salt you can drop some potatoes in it to absorb excess salt, so too it works on our face. Amazing results, I promise!

      1. I usually take a potato, slice it in half and place in the freezer for 10 mins or so. Then I take them out of the freezer, lie down and place one half on each eye. It works just as well without the freezer time. I usually leave them on for about 15 mins and when I take them off, poof no more puffy eyes. Hope this helps. :)

        1. Will this get rid of it permanently or do I have to keep doing it everyday?

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