How to Wear Long Hair After 40

Just because you're 40, doesn't mean you need to date yourself with a short hair cut. Learn how to wear your hair long.

from Best You, Fit and Fabulous

“It used to be, that once you became a mother you’d have to do the June Cleaver,” says Amy Tara Koch, a Chicago-based style expert and author of the style guide Bump it Up! Now, it seems, more women after 40 are sporting long hair. The key is to wear it with style.

“The problem is when you date yourself with a style or a non-style, that actually ages you instead of making you look youthful,” says Stacy London of What Not to Wear. So skip the inch-high hair-sprayed bangs you did in high school; instead, have your stylist layer your long locks into a face-framing shape that’s past your shoulders (provided your hair is strong and lustrous). In fact, says Koch, long hair is sometimes even more flattering as we get older. “A lot of actresses use bangs to cover up wrinkles on their foreheads,” she observes. “Look at Goldie Hawn!”

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    • India

      Typical Stacy London commentary….talks but never says anything.

    • Chris

      Wow I’m on the cutting edge, so to speak, and didn’t even realize it! About 2 years ago I had my waist long hair cut to just above my bra strap. And for the first time I had a hair dresser who worked WITH my curly, kinky, mind of its own hair, and not try to make it do something it won’t. I love my longer layers.

    • Alicia

      This was a dumb article… no pictures?! No details besides get rid of hair sprayed bangs and layer your hair around your face? Duh… waste of time, and money!

    • eem72

      Dumbest article ever.

    • hydrangea1

      Dumb story. One has to have the right shape face, and great hair to wear long hair after 40. Many of these old gals on tv who wear long hair to try to make themselves look “with it”, just make themselves look older and more haggard.

    • MG

      Where’s the dislike button for this article? This isn’t informative in the slightest bit and is a waste of bytes on the internet.

    • myOWNcompass

      Not everyone has the right shape face for long hair no matter how young or old. Not the best article.

    • Heather Henderson

      So the advice here is wear long layers?  That’s it?

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