Men’s and Women’s Razors: What’s the Difference?

Chats with representatives at Bic, Schick, and Wilkinson answer the age-old question.

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Men’s and Women’s Razors: What’s the Difference?© Hemera/Thinkstock

Our examination of this issue, conducted with the naked eye, reveals that the main difference between men’s and women’s razors, at least the disposable type, is their pigment. Women’s razors are usually pink; men’s razors are found in more macho colors, like royal blue and yellow.

But the naked eye can deceive. Chats with representatives at Bic, Schick, and Wilkinson indicate that there are at least three significant differences:

1. The most important difference to the consumer is the “shave angle” of the two. A man’s razor has a greater angle on the blade, what the razor industry calls “aggressive exposure,” for two reasons. Men’s beards are tougher than women’s leg or underarm hair, and require more effort to be cut and, at least as important, women complain much more than men about nicks and cuts, the inevitable consequence of the aggressive exposure of the men’s blades. Women don’t particularly like putting hosiery over red splotches, while men seem perfectly content walking around their offices in the morning with their faces resembling pepperoni pizzas.

2. Most women’s razors have a greater arc in the head of the razor, so that they can see the skin on the leg more easily as they shave.

3. Women don’t shave as frequently as men, especially in the winter, when most wear pants and long-sleeved blouses. Schick offers a “Personal Touch” razor line for women that features guard bars that contain combs, so that longer hair is set up at the proper angle for shaving.

As far as we can ascertain, all the major manufacturers use the same metallurgy in men’s and women’s razors.

After enumerating the design features that his company incorporates to differentiate men’s and women’s razors, Fred Wexler, director of research at Schick, offered a rueful parting observation: Despite all of their design efforts, Schick’s research reveals that a solid majority of women use razors designed for men.

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    • doublemummy

      one trick that many manufacturers use ladies…if you bother to look carefully at the difference between men’s and ladies health and beauty products is that the ladies pack of razors for $12.99 will have say 3 and the men’s will have 4 or 5 in the package. One of the most obvious ones to me is when me and my boyfriend each have our pit stick out on the counter beside each others…ladies ours cost the same how ever the men’s is nearly twice the size for the same price.

    • JT

      I don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to price, where we live men’s and women razors are price the same.

    • Sarah

      I buy Bic Sensitive Disposable mens razors.They work so well on my legs, armpits and lady bits so much better than any female razor i have tried.

    • james

      Where do all of you live? All my local stores (Walmart, Target) sell men’s razors at a higher price than women’s.

    • Battyham45

      PRICE!  Manufacturers always sell identical products to men and women with a higher price for women.  For that reason, I buy many accessories, especially winter gloves, hats, scarves, in the mens department.  better quality and lower price.

    • Magoutsiders

      I have used women’s razors for years because it seemed like I got much fewer nicks and cuts with women’s razors but I didn’t know why because they looked to be the same. Now I know.

    • ~PA~

      I use mens razors because they are sharper and I get a better shave.

    • Linda

      Yes, the majority of women use razors designed for men because we can buy them so much cheaper, and find them in stores easier than razors designed for women.

      • RC Hills

        Really? Where do you live? My local Target has an equal number of men’s and women’s razors, and they price is nearly identical from one to the other, when comparing the same level of quality (Mach 3 vs. Venus, etc.). I am 28 and have never in my life felt it difficult or expensive to buy a razor designed for a woman.

        • Jeannie

          You people must live on the East or the West Coast. Those of us in flyover country pay less for women’s razors. That’s the reason I Googled the subject. I thought they might not be as sharp.

      • RichardDiamondBrown

        In Australia I can buy a pack of 10 lady razors for almost a 3rd of the price of male razors. I don’t mind the colour one bit.