13 Stylist-Approved Tricks for Having the Shiniest Hair Ever

Want gorgeously glossy locks? Here's what hair experts say you should be doing.

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Rinse with cold water

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_246251239LarsZ/ShutterstockPerhaps you've heard that cold water helps constrict pores. Well, it has a similar effect on your hair. According to Stefani Padilla, stylist and founder of La Tierra Sagrada, cold water seals and smooths the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and adding shine. After using shampoo and conditioner, finish with a blast of cold water. When it comes to cleansing your coif, are you sure you're doing everything right? These are washing mistakes you didn't realize you're making.

Give gloss a try (at the salon)

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_551139010Kamil Macniak/ShutterstockAt your salon appointment, ask your stylist for a gloss treatment. "A clear gloss, with a little gold color in it, delivers the ultimate shine," says Will Francis, colorist at Sally Hershberger in New York City. "I like to leave it on for at least ten minutes." The way the light reflects off hair post-gloss makes it look super lustrous. These are the 15 hairstyle terms to know before your next salon visit.

Minimize heat styling

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_532676524Sirikunkrittaphuk/ShutterstockHeat styling can wear away hair's cuticles, so it becomes dry, frizzy, and breakage-prone. Padilla advises to give your blow-dryer and flat iron a rest in favor of air-drying, at least a day or two a week. (And, yes, there are ways to air-dry strands so it still looks awesome). Can't cut back? Don't miss these tips for people who use heat on their hair every day.

Invest in an ionic blow-dryer

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_534447838Kamil Macniak/ShutterstockOf course, there will be occasions when you want a bouncy blowout. So it's important to invest in the right type of tool—specifically an ionic blow-dryer, which dries the hair faster than alternatives and helps reduce static. Try: Revlon Salon 360 AC Dryer. One major blow-dry mistakes that may be sabotaging your style? Ignoring the nozzle attachment. It's there for a reason helps—namely smoothing strands and enhancing shine.

Blow dry like a pro

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_161247749schankz/ShutterstockRemember, it's not just about the tool, but how you use it. Be sure to hold the blow-dryer a few inches away from your head to moderate heat damage. "Always blow dry from root to end—in the direction of the cuticle," says Michael Canalé, celebrity colorist and creator of his eponymous hair care line, Canalé. "Keep the brush moving while doing so. The continuous, fluid motion smooths and flattens the cuticle, resulting in shiny hair." Try these tricks to make your blowout last for days.

Opt for protective products

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_256912681YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV/ShutterstockWhen it comes to heat-styling, you already know that protecting your tresses is a must. But what you might not realize is that pollution and UV rays also damage hair. The right formula can shield against heat and environmental damage. "Sally Hershberger 24K Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil is great because it protects hair from thermal stress, UV, color fade, and environmental aggressors. I always use it on my clients," says Francis. Don't let your strands get scorched. Read up on the must-try tricks for healthy, gorgeous hair all summer long.

Slather on some oil

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_534327742Antonina Vlasova/ShutterstockRestore radiance with a nourishing oil. Use it as a weekly treatment (massage into scalp and strands) or smooth a few drops daily on the ends to enhance hydration and sheen. Padilla recommends using a lightweight oil, like La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Oil—a nutrient-rich jojoba oil infused with shine-boosting rosemary, protective Ayahuasca plant essence, and moisturizing vitamin E.

Up your omega intake

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_588165902LanaSweet/ShutterstockCertain nutrients are shown to improve hair health—chief among them omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. "Your body needs these to produce lustrous locks, from the inside out," says Padilla. Load up on fish, like mackerel and sardines. Don't love seafood? Consider a fish oil capsule, like HUM Omg! Omega the Great. Other omega-rich foods include walnuts, flaxseeds (and oil), avocado, and tofu. Polyunsaturated fatty acids deliver benefits beyond your mane.

Shampoo less frequently

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_348769487MosayMay/ShutterstockYou've certainly heard this before, but it bears repeating... stylists are begging you to stop shampooing your hair every day. Washing less actually preserves shine by allowing natural oils to do their job, according to Francis. Try to limit cleansing to two or three times a week—and use a shampoo formulated for your specific hair type.

Use a clarifying shampoo—in moderation

13 Secrets for the Shiniest Hair Ever_370490786Basyn/ShutterstockClarifying hair is important to avoid build up, which can deplete the shine. Want squeaky clean strands? Consider adding a clarifying shampoo into your rotation once a month (but not weekly as it can dry out your tresses). When it comes to picking the right formula, Padilla recommends steering clear of chemicals and sulfates, which can strip the hair as well as open the cuticle. "The key to shine is to keep cuticle closed and protected." Try: SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 369 Rescue + Repair Clarifying Shampoo.
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