Best View From a Dentist’s Chair

To relax, all this dentist's patients have to do is look out his window.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2006

Patients of Dr. Timothy P. Nary in Breckenridge, Colorado, hardly need Novocaine when they get drilled. To relax, all they have to do is look out his window toward the majestic Colorado Rockies. When dental hygienist Barbara Wolitzky, who’s worked with Dr. Nary for nine years, says “Open wide,” she gets down to business — and gives patients a jaw-gaping view.

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    • Timothy Mclaney

      Indeed, having something nice to distract the patient while the dentist is working is seriously helpful. It’s like going to a happy place. Of course, it depends from person to person. A great view or a TV show might work. In the end, when the procedure is serious, having something to make the pain go away is important.