ADHD and Sugar: Information for Parents

Is it true that sugar causes or contributes to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Take a quick look at these facts before nixing sweets.

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It’s a myth that sugar makes kids hyperactive. Nevertheless, you might think about helping your child cut back not only on sugary foods but also on other foods that tend to make blood sugar skyrocket, such as white rice and cereals with little fiber.

In addition to affecting blood sugar, these highly processed foods are notoriously low in important vitamins and minerals (although cereal manufacturers add some of them back in).

Remember, steady blood sugar levels benefit the brain, whether a child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or not. But hyperactive children may have particular problems metabolizing sugar. It’s worth noting that the hallmarks of low blood sugar include problems with attention and focus, moodiness, and frustration.

Nixing sugar also helps starve out the harmful fungi and bacteria in the digestive tract that thrive on sugary foods and contribute to food sensitivities/allergies and imbalanced immune function. It’s interesting to note that overgrowth of harmful bacteria like clostridia has been linked to another childhood developmental condition, autism.

The National Institute of Mental Health says the following about sugar:

The idea that refined sugar causes ADHD or makes symptoms worse is popular, but more research discounts this theory than supports it. In one study, researchers gave children foods containing either sugar or a sugar substitute every other day. The children who received sugar showed no different behavior or learning capabilities than those who received the sugar substitute.

In another study, children who were considered sugar-sensitive by their mothers were given the sugar substitute aspartame, also known as Nutrasweet. Although all the children got aspartame, half their mothers were told their children were given sugar, and the other half were told their children were given aspartame. The mothers who thought their children had gotten sugar rated them as more hyperactive than the other children and were more critical of their behavior, compared to mothers who thought their children received aspartame.

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Sources: Food Cures, National Institute of Mental Health

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    • Jeanine

      We just put my son on a low sugar, no additives, no dyes, no arfticial ingredient diet and the change in him has been remarkable. Things that used to upset him, he can handle now. He is more settled and doesn’t get overwhelmed as easy. Don’t let any Doctor tell you that this diet doesn’t help ADHD. It DOES! My doctor is useless!!!

    • me

      Sugar is just another thing that your body needs. You can’t deprive children of all sugar. Raw sugar is best but thinking that our children will function better without any sugar is not correct. We need sugar like we need protein.

    • riffkin

      white sugar is raw cane sugar destroyed of any nutrients and actually is harmful
      artificial sugars are even worse (apartame, asulpham-k, sucralose)

      eat natural cane sugar or no sugar and wave bye bye to ADHD and a plethora of ailments

    • Kgaffney3

      I am absolutely positive that refined sugar ruins me for attention matters and getting thru my day (years of trial and error).   I go down like i have lethargy and am unable to focus.  My son suffers from adhd and as soon as I stopped giving him sugar during school days and gave him more protiens with carbs, a balance…he did awesome.  Also, aspertame makes him WAY worse.  Aspertame seems to make my son confused and unable to concentrate on any singular thing at once.  He can’t even look me in the eyes when he has aspertame (we don’t do soda or fake sugar either anymore, so no worries now)

    • Konstantina

      What about not giving the children any sugar OR sugar substitute? This seems like bad science to me. It seems just as likely that the Aspartame has just as many harmful effects as the processed sugar can.

    • Joliver

      Aspartame is a excitotoxin and may cause issues on its own.

    • low blood sugar symptoms


      Its really very useful information guys about ADHD and Sugar.