ADHD and Your Toddler: 4 Early Warning Signs

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a syndrome characterized by symptoms of distractibility, inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Parents of toddlers are likely to notice behavior that sometimes fits those symptoms, but how do you know whether ADHD is a realistic concern?

In a post on ADHD and toddlers, explains that many toddlers are naturally hyper, moody, and distractible. And because the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines say children under age 6 cannot be diagnosed with ADHD, it’s difficult to say if problematic behavior is related to ADHD, or an emotional or other disorder. Another thing to keep in mind is that no imaging or lab tests are used to diagnose ADHD. Doctors make diagnoses based on behavioral symptoms and by ruling out other disorders. LIVESTRONG notes that early signs do exist, however, and says that if these signs persist, they should raise a red flag.

Be watchful for these early symptoms:

If your child seems inattentive it can really mean he is just focused on something that interests him more than what you’re trying to call attention to.  LIVESTRONG notes that toddlers with ADHD are frequently labeled inattentive when they’re actually hyperfocused. Children may rush from one activity to another, seeking something to absorb themselves in.

All kids display sleep problems, but a child with ADHD will sleep much less than the amount recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (12 to 14 hours). LIVESTRONG says while parents end up exhausted, kids with ADHD will appear unaffected by sleep deficiency. Additionally, kids with ADHD will resist sitting still for most things, even meals.

Food Sensitivities
Many toddlers with ADHD suffer from food sensitivities. Parents are advised to eliminate sugar, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and preservatives from their child’s diets. Some parents take things even further by removing wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, chocolate, and corn.

Personal Space Issues and Impulsivity
One early symptom of ADHD is difficulty accepting personal space. Related to this are communication problems, like loud and incessant talking, or the inability to let another person speak. Young children with ADHD will also act before considering consequences, which is why these specific symptoms often develop into issues with impulsivity.


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53 thoughts on “ADHD and Your Toddler: 4 Early Warning Signs

  1. I have a 11 year old that was diagnosed with adhd and autism back in 2010 he was 6. I am a mother of 4 and with bailey i was so frustrated i could cope with the other child i had at the time. Now having for i see all signs of the 3rd child having it Hes rude and mouthie all the things as an adult you’d get punched in the face for. i am trying so hard, but nothing i do feels like its working. He sleeps but not much hes up when the suns starts to come out. he wakes most nights and crawls into my bed. i tried for months to get him to sleep in his own bed but i wasnt functioning with the others .

  2. I have 4 children ranging in ages from 16(my oldest) to 5(my youngest. And I can tell you from the time my youngest was 1 year old I knew she had ADHD. I think any parent who knows their children and all their ticks would be able to recognize it at an early age. Especially if the child is not your firstborn. My daughter was given her diagnoses at the age of 4 and has been seeing the same psychiatrist since the beginning. Not once has medication come up in conversation. So to say doctors only diagnose children with ADHD to make the pharmaceutical companies money is nothing more than an ill-informed opinion. and as far as other counties not having the magnitude of children afflicted as the US, this can easily be attributed to the mass quantities of chemically altered foods we in the US consume compared to other countries. I know it must seem extreme to put all the blame on what some call a “buzz topic” but when you see the statistics of US food allergies in children and then look at the statistics of children diagnosed with ADHD, there a definite parallels. And when you add in the hereditary factor it exponentially compounds the issue. To all the people who are saying our children are just being typical for their age and we as parents are not doing our job: Shame on you. The best thing I ever did for my daughter was recognize there was nothing typical about her behavior. If you feel your child may have ADD/ADHD then speak with the doctor and tell them your concerns. Be your child’s best advocate and don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing anything wrong by wanting answers. If you find out your child has ADD/ADHD and you don’t want your child medicated then don’t do it. You have that choice. There are so many treatment options that do not necessarily include daily medicine. Sorry for the rant but I get annoyed when I hear people say this is a big corporate issue just to make money and not a real disorder. :(

  3. Many, many children are misdiagnosed, America needs to make the drug companies richer so they create “illnesses” how come most kids around the world are well adjusted?never know any child in the caribbean to have ADHD while growing up! true, some kids used to be extra “wild” and hyper, but with the right parenting and activities, they grow up NORMAL! American people, stop subscribing to this, your kids are not doing any better at school!

  4. Hello everyone. My daughter is 3 1/2 and she does have a lot of energy. She gets into everything and she is usually on the go, but she will sit and watch tv, sit and play with her tablet, used to take regular naps. Lately, her naps have been diminished. Many times she refuses to take one, but she does sleep a faithful 10 hours every night. My sleeping schedule is abnormal and changes in weird ways. I wonder if it is affecting her sleeping schedule? She language disorder that stemmed from my husband and I speaking two different languages in the household. Children in bilingual homes are supposed to be slow for a little while, then catch up, but she never caught up to where she was supposed to be. However, her cognitive functioning is good. She loves electronics and knows how to turn on and off everything in the house. I do understand how the lacking of language skills can impair their maturity as an individual. She just now started saying three-four word sentences. There aren’t any other kids for her to play with and I haven’t been able to get her into school because of her birthdate being a few days too late. I have also had many problems with her incessant climbing on everything. Thoughts??

    1. Oh, another thing. She used to bang her head on the floor when she became very upset and she is extremely defiant. If you are ignoring her, she will scream at you or hit you.

  5. I have to say that a kid should be looked more into adhd when the start kinder or 1st grade.. also I understand that a 1 to 3 yr old woyud be hyper, active all the time because there in a stage where they are learning when the develop new things that they couldn’t do before even as a 4 year old they want to be independent think they coyld do want they want. I have a a 4 yr old boy out of thpse four years my son was never like that until he I got pregnant from my second son n he is 7 months . His teacher told me it could be likely that he could be adhd but I been doing allot of research some doctors says is beacuase their still immature and I believe that we as parents need to find ways and actually take the time to see how we can work with are kids by doing projects together ir individual things that look inspiring and actually acknowledge there work by putting displaying them showing that we care but this is just my opinion that I would like to share and do hope it will be useful because have a very hyper or active kids is allot of work :)

  6. Articles like this atrociously misinform… Finding areas of difficulties, and seeking management and intervention is more important than slapping with an ADHD label at such an early age.. Most things people are commenting here… are not necessarily ADHD… So quit labelling so frivolously…

  7. My daughter is almost two years old and I am concerned she might have ADHD. I know it’s to soon to tell but I can’t help but notices certain signs when it comes to her behavior. Some people say it’s just the whole “terrible two” stage but I tend to notice certain differences between her and other toddlers her age. She has most of the signs listed above. When trowing her tantrums she throws herself back, screams, kicks, and hits herself on her head. Sometimes she bangs her head against the wall, pulls her hair, and pinches herself. She also tends to hit people around her when she doesn’t get her way. She doesn’t like to be in her car seat AT ALL ! She literately screams her lungs out the whole way. Same thing with her high chair and stroller when she doesn’t have something to distract her. She’s always up and on the go and loves to climb on top of everything even when instructed not to. When told “NO” she gets very sentimental and starts to cry as if someone really hurt her feelings and other times gets very upset and begins to trough a tantrum. There are also times where she will just ignore us completely and continue as if it’s a game and laugh. She is very impatient and doesn’t really take interest in doing things for morn the 5 to 10 minutes. She always has to have one of us behind her at all times and doesn’t really like it when were sitting down. If we do not get up right away then she begins to scream and hit herself or through herself around until we stand up.She likes to hop on her knees a lot and when she lays down for bed she likes to pull of fiddle around with my hair. She also tends to pinch me, bite me, or stick her finger in my mouth or bellybutton? She love’ to play with others and is usually very friendly with other children. She is my first child so i don’t know if this is common in most children her age or if I’m just being a little paranoid? Please help?

    1. My daughter is EXACTLY the same, shes only 17 months but gets ao angry to the point where she hits herself in the face, she wont sit in her pushchair or highchair for longer that 10 minutes and if i carry her she wriggles to be down and never walks she constantly runs, everywhere! She also put her hand through my hair on a night or she liked her hands to be under me so she scratches me to get them under my arm, she climbs on everything and when i say no she looks at me like im an idiot or runs over and goes to hit me. The biggest concern for me is the hitting, more that she gets that angry that she hits herself, over simple things like asking her to say please!

  8. My 2 year old never stops. unless he is painting, it is the only thing that will keep him still for more than 10minutes. and 20 minutes is the maximum he has ever sat and painted/coloured. and I have to be with him, he will not just sit and do it on his own.
    He barely sleeps, he does not nap and hasnt since he turned 2 over 6months ago, he sleeps from 11pm/12am to about 9am.
    He is very violent at times and hits me and punches me, and his dad, his nan and his 1 year old sister, sometimes for no reason, other times because we are talking and he wants us to look at him, or we are paying attention to his sister.
    He slaps himself and punches himself on the head and he has done this for as long as I can remember, but it is getting worse. When he is frustrated he will slap his face over and over again, and scream and shout and punch walls, toys, people, everything.
    He constantly beats up the dog, he will run after him and kick him or hit him with a toy if he is annoyed, or just bored. he knows it is wrong and will run and hide under the table laughing if he thinks he is going to get into trouble,
    He jumps on furniture and people for hours every evening, in between running from one thing and another, like TV, Blocks, and cars, running from one to the other and jumping on the couch in between, It gets frustrating that he will keep jumping on me or his dad in the evening. he will hurt us by jumping on our face, or laps and climbing up us, an he does not listen when we ask him several times to stop. He just laughs and if I put him the corner he will say sorry and cry and then do it again within 5 minutes.
    He is very clever and talks beyond his years, he also walked early, 10.5months. He can count, but usually wont when asked. He recognises letters and will name them when he sees them, but again he will not do it when asked. he is the same with colours. He is able to talk about things that will happen tomorrow, and things that happened today and lastnight. he can recall things that happened yesterday and during the summer. and things that will happen when he is bigger and when he wakes up..
    I am constantly tired with him, and I find myself organising set things to do all day with him, but it does not calm him down. I will say , lets stick stickers in your book now, an he might look for 2 minutes, then lets do blocks, and he just throws them around and runs from room to room while I sit building towers with his sister, then he will knock anything we build, no matter how many times I ask him not to. Then We will go collect leaves, and do a puzzle and go for a walk and visit the library, but nothing seems to keep him occupied, unless he is painting (something we do everyday!)
    And he does not stop moving. if he is watching TV he has to be swinging his arms, or slapping his mouth or punching a pillow (usually as he goes to punch his sister and I tell him not to, so the cushion gets it)
    I think he has ADHD but I dont know what to do? Everything I read says he cant be diagnosed till he is at least 6. and I dont want him on medication, I just want some help and to be told how to discipline and what can help him? I am contemplating going to the health nurse, but my family says not to as he will be ‘labelled’ and I am not going to give him the medication so there is no point?

  9. My son will be 3 in November and he really is quite smart. However, I absolutely can not get this boy to be still! Even if he is watching a video or just riding in the car he will constantly rock back and forth every time he sits down. He constantly has to get into things he knows is very dangerous and does some pretty crazy stuff that has resulted in a few ER visits. Is he ADHD or just being a kid? I have ADHD myself so that’s why I’m thinking he may have it as well.

    1. Has anybody looked at mild autism or aspergers rather than adhd??

  10. my daughter is 5 and is very hyper never listens to instructions always interupts and she be naughty at nursery a mother pulled me saying my daughter spat in her sons lunch .dont know where shes picking this filfhy habbit up so i went to chat to teacher im 6 mths pregnant and just broke down in tears im finding so hard and feel like a worthless mother. I have an app with the adhd team hoping they can solve this cos im at my witts end does any other mother feel the same way as i do

  11. We just had our 3 year old girl evaluated for special education….it was kind of a last-ditch attempt to get someone, somewhere to help me. She is impulsively putting things in her mouth, like EVERYTHING, dirty bandaids, chewed-gum she finds, trash, whatever she finds on the ground, anything, everything. She has these insane tantrums and when I talk to her, it’s like she’s not there. Like there’s nobody home. I can “reach” her to get her to do something I need her to do, with effort (lots of effort) but I can’t STOP her from doing something she’s already doing. And I can’t get her to stop impulsively getting into EVERYTHING. She doesn’t even think about it, or look at things, she just lunges for whatever is around her, lotion, handsoap, toothpaste, Desitin, whatever she can find, and smears it everywhere as quickly as possible. I’m 100% consistent, she “knows better” but it’s like she can’t help it. That’s how it feels to watch. She’s moving so fast, and not really thinking at all it’s just pure impulse and no control. She just darts from here to there grabbing whatever she can find, pens, paper to eat, small things to put in her mouth or hide in bags. She won’t sit still to eat, gets up and hops around, makes huge messes with her food, can’t go into a bathroom without unraveling the toilet paper, emptying a soap container, etc. And worst of all, she seems completely bewildered about it as well. Like she understands and is sorry, but can’t change or stop herself from doing it again. I have been thinking it’s me, my bad parenting, or her father’s Army career and frequent absences, but the older she gets the WORSE it’s getting. I found a latex balloon in her mouth today that she found at the park-I had to chase her down to get her to spit it out. That’s all we do at the park, she eats things and I chase her down to make her spit them back out. No playing, no socializing with other kids. I thought maybe it was OCD. But at the evaluation I was told they are leaning more towards ADHD. Is anybody else encountering anything like this? It’s killing me to watch. Some days it’s like she doesn’t exist anymore, just all this impulse behavior and none of my little, bright, beautiful girl. She has not always been this way, over the past 6 months I’ve watched whatever is going on here just consume her personality.

    1. Hi worried mom. I have a 2yr old son who also puts everything in his mouth and i mean everything from gum off the ground, dirty shoes and socks. .He likes to open the freezer and lick the ice off the door of it, washing powder, dog food you name he eats it…He is super hyper and never never never sits still. .. I have four other children and the were nothing like this at his age or period. ..I took him to the doctor cause I was worried about him and the doctor told me he has Pica… Your daughter sounds just like my son so when you get a chance look Pica up then ask you childs doctor about it. I hope I’ve been of help to you. .

    2. My daughter is exactly the same. It’s so tiring, devastating, embarrassing. I don’t know what to do.

    3. Is she still having the same problem??… How is she doing?. My son is 19months and he does the same exact thing. He can’t stay sTill even when he eats plays showers everything and anything he finds has to go to his mouth.

  12. my daughter just turned one. she was colic as a baby and suffered many food intolerances with her acid reflux. She never sleeps for more than eight hours a day..which doctors say can be normal. I’m actually lucky if i get 8 hours usually it’s 6 or 7. She does not nap. She is always on the go 24/7 will not sit still. She is very advanced she started walking when she was just 8 months. I just don’t know if it’s because she’s advanced or if she could be hyperactive. I wish i had an answer it’s just so hard to keep up with her. She doesn’t require barely any sleep and she has to much energy. 

  13. My daughter is years of age. She is constantly bouncing off the walls. She still lays on the floor and has tantrums. She is very smart for her age. She is always whinny and will not sit still at all. Are these some signs of ADHD? I am desperate for help!! How do they test for this?

  14. My son is 2..I’m 26
    he is exactly as descibed above ..very demandin n naughty…doesn’t sleep well …hv to hv him in bed wiv me..won’t eat cooked meals…extremly hyper an accidnt prone an constantly fidgets even in his sleep (wen he does)…has a bad temper n tantrums…an will smack himself etc…he doesn’t listen to a word I say….but he also very clever/ forward..tlks well and loving…I’m practically a single mother an he is my only child…ppl say he just spoilt but I kno its more than tht…I dont kno what to do…would lik to hear from anyone who in same situation or can offer some advice…as I feel lik I’m failing him an am struggling to cope thx …

  15. hi my son is 2 yrs he startin walkin at 12 months but one of his feet ture in but docter said he be fine but i thing it got wose he on the go from the time he gets up to time he gos to bed he just dont stop he dont sit or play for very long at all and i really dont wat to can any one help plz

  16. hi my son is 2 yrs he startin walkin at 12 months but one of his feet ture in but docter said he be fine but i thing it got wose he on the go from the time he gets up to time he gos to bed he just dont stop he dont sit or play for very long at all and i really dont wat to can any one help plz

  17. My daughter is almost 5 years old and for the last year we have been struggling with her. She can not sit still, even when she is going to sleep she has to rub her foot on the bed. She can not focus on anything. When you tell her something then ask her to repeat what you have said she cant.when you talk to her she yells, it seams like she doesn’t know how to whisper. When she gets upset she screams and lays in the floor kicking.(at first we thought that this was due to her almost 2 year old brother throwing fits but we have not entertained his fits and he is punished to time out). She also will not except help with simple things with out getting mad and throwing the item at you or the floor. She will not try new things she just mopes and sits down and does not engage herself in any activities. Then 2 months after she started pre-k she came home and cut long hair off down to her scalp, and when we asked why she did this she could not give an answer. I know that children act out and that things go in one ear and out the other but I do feel that my little girl does have a problem I would just like to have an idea of what it might be…

  18. my son is 4 yrs old he has around 5 hours sleep a night wakin between 3/4 in the morn wantin t play running around wild… hes never been a great sleeper from bein born alway up every hour. he does sit still he eats very little hes very hard to control he hits out at myself and others he tantrums a hell of a lot he doesnt listen n does the opposite to what I ask im becoming very exhausted. I think a trip to the doctors is in order but id feel so silly going and the doctor sayin hes just a typical 4 yr old.. my daughter was never like this. should I be worried or is he just a typical 4 yr old boy?

  19. My eleven year old son
    was just diagnose with ADHD. I kind of suspected he had it for years. I knew I
    did not want to give him medication because I do not trust
    the pharmaceutical companies. I thought there should be another way
    to treat his symptoms naturally. I cam across this program that I got from this
    website that helped my son. It taught me what to do to make spelling words
    easier for him, to sit still and stop all that fidgeting, and to help him keep
    from zoning out when I’m talking to him. I gave his teacher a few of these tips
    too. As if she actually uses them. It had some more things in this program but
    I would be writing forever. It’s called 100 Ways To
    Help Your Child Pay Attention. It had a questionnaire to
    see your child may have ADHD. It helped me. Maybe it can 

    help you. But please
    use medication as a last result. Please.

  20. iv been diegnosed with ADHD when i was 7 1/2  im now 26 i found that i had to channel my energy…. but i turnd to crime witch im not happy with my self about…….anyway thats how a channeld my energy…jest a sergegson but maybe try active sports like witch i love skatebourding. but there are others like you may know like football and ather runing sportsvor active sports try it. this info mite help

  21. my daughter is 5 and just started school. She has always had the symptoms of ADHD, I would just tell myself that is was a phase.. but now that she has started school and her teacher is requesting that she sees counseling I fear that ADHD might be the case. Its makes me sad, because I dont want her to struggle with school and making friends. So far she is doing great with her school work, and is very smart.. but she is having a hard time making friends and cannot seem to sit still in class so its making things kinda hard on the teacher. I feel very stressed out… I hope that there is something we can figure out so she can focus and have a better advantage in class.

    1. I feel that a lot of teachers just request that the kids get evaluated for adhd just because they do not want to deal with them. Children are going to be hyper. You cannot expect a child to be able to sit still & pay attention like an adult. It is not possible. and there is no need to medicate just because your child likes to be active. However, if you really feel that something is wrong then I strongly suggest you do what you feel is best. Have you tried talking to your child? My 3 year old son is very hyper but I will not even consider getting him evaluated yet. After he starts kindergarten or first grade, we will see how everything goes and I will try talking to him or different forms of discipline & if nothing else works then I will try the meds. My son does take naps & goes to bed but he wakes up in the middle of the night for atleast 30 minutes atleast 3-4 nights a week. He loves to move, run, play, jump etc but he is a child so I just let him have fun. He is extremely nice to other children, he loves to be around other children. I just hope that everything works out. I wish all of you the best.

  22. I have a 3 year old that we are planning on adopting and this is him to a T! He is so loud, never sleeps and always impulsive and destroys everything! Yet, so smart and sneaky. I don’t know how to help him.

    1. Yet, I sign him up for sports and he just stares at the ants, grass or plays with fuzz in his pockets! 

  23. my sister is 18months now , is it possible for her to have adhd??

  24. My son is near 2 he never sits still he hits kids in nursery has tantrums like u wouldn’t believe doesn’t sleep . He is always on the go isn’t interested in nethin for very long an his temper is shocking wat can I do?

    1. He hits, he sits in the corner. He sits quietly for 2 minutes. If he gets up you walk over and sit him back down. If he screams or talks, etc, you sit him back down. I don’t care if he has to sit down the entire nursery time. He will understand after 1-3 days of this.

      And that sounds tortuous, but 3 days of effort on your part is worth peace.

  25. My son is near 2 he never sits still he hits kids in nursery has tantrums like u wouldn’t believe doesn’t sleep . He is always on the go isn’t interested in nethin for very long an his temper is shocking wat can I do?

  26. I have a 2 year old niece who is way out of control. We are constantly calling her name to stop. She Is constantly on the go and has to touch and get into everything. She can not sit down for more than 30 seconds and then she is off into something else. Is that normal for a 2 year old. I have told her mother that her 2 year old daughter has adhd. is it to early to have her diagonised for adhd.

  27. My son is 3 and a half years old and is also on the go from morning to night. He never sleeps or takes a nap. He can’t even sit still for 5 minutes. My son has every single thing listed in the article above (ADHD and Your Toddler: 4 Early Warning Signs). He was born 4 weeks earlier but he is way ahead then other toddlers his age. He’s really smart and knows so much already for his age, he’s just so hyper. He is also very aggresive, he beats on my daughter who is 7 years of age, talks very loud, can’t sit thru one meal any etc. My own opinion I honestly think that my son has ADHD but I don’t know how to go about to finding out for sure. I have mentioned it to his doctor but they’re just going month by month on things. I’ve even broken down in tears because I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m a single parent and it’s been pretty rough trying to take care of a very hyper child that doesn’t sleep. Someone HELP!

  28. My son is 3 and a half years old and is also on the go from morning to night. He never sleeps or takes a nap. He can’t even sit still for 5 minutes. My son has every single thing listed in the article above (ADHD and Your Toddler: 4 Early Warning Signs). He was born 4 weeks earlier but he is way ahead then other toddlers his age. He’s really smart and knows so much already for his age, he’s just so hyper. He is also very aggresive, he beats on my daughter who is 7 years of age, talks very loud, can’t sit thru one meal any etc. My own opinion I honestly think that my son has ADHD but I don’t know how to go about to finding out for sure. I have mentioned it to his doctor but they’re just going month by month on things. I’ve even broken down in tears because I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m a single parent and it’s been pretty rough trying to take care of a very hyper child that doesn’t sleep. Someone HELP!

    1. Oops got stuck there. It is early to seek a diagnosis but he does sound to have some indicators.
      Diet can work very well out with sugar, try eliminating wheat and dairy separately and increase oily fish/nuts/seeds/flax oil hidden in things, for Essential fatty acids

      Things will get better one day, it won’t always be like this.
      Love KjenniferJen

    2. I am so happy to hear that your son is advanced and you still think it can be ADHD. My son just turned two and is well beyond most kids his age and did everything early but still never sleeps. He will not sit still especially through a meal. He never does the same activity for long and Is constantly yelling and running around.I don’t know how to entertain him any more. Any suggestions?

      1. Let him entertain himself. Just ignore him (lovingly, you are busy, wish you could play right now but can’t, etc). You are not his toy. You be busy, but absolutely don’t sit on the computer. Go cook a meal, wash dishes.

        Here’s what you do:

        1) No TV at all – no movies, no 20 minute netflix show, nothing, no screen time at all.

        2) pack all of his toys except 1 puzzle, 1 play set (with a few pieces, not 50 million army men, etc), 1 art thing–literally just 1, not 50 million markers and 50 million pieces of paper. 1 coloring book and a box of 8 crayons or 1 piece of white paper, etc. Don’t have 64 crayons. Just 8 is fine. Don’t let there be 5 million toys all around the house within his sight.

        3) Clean your house – no clutter all over everything. No more than 1 or 2 items on a shelf.

        4)Let him entertain himself. Just ignore him (lovingly, you are busy, wish you could play right now but can’t, etc). You are not his toy. You be busy, but absolutely don’t sit on the computer. Go cook a meal, wash dishes.

        5)Give at least 14 affections per day (shrot back rub, a few kisses, a big hug, etc).

        6) 15 minutes per day of special time – he picks what you do 1 day, you choose the next day, but other than that he is on his own. During this time you buy 100% attentive to the activity. Do not look at your phone. Do not have music or tv playing unless the music is part of the activity.

        I don’t care how bored he is – you are not his toy or his problem solver. Help him work through boredom with questions like (you are bored? is there something that you want to do?). Don’t let the questions become a game. He will tantrum. You do what you have to do to in order to stay calm and NOT get mad. Ignore the bad stuff unless he is hurting someone. Praise the good. Find things to praise and be descriptive. Don’t say “GOOD JOB”. Say “you colored in between the lines!”, etc

        First few days will be crazy rough, but after that you may see him calm down and be able to focus. Its worth it.

    3. I have a two year old daughter.  I do all the things that you ” should” do- I don’t let her have ANY juice, severey limit sugar, limit tv, make sure she gets plenty of outside time, I even signed her up at local gym class and go there almost every day to try to get her energy out.  But she won’t go to sleep!  I have a bedtime routine where we start turning down lights and speaking softer at least an hour before bedtime (7 pm for 8 pm bedtime).  However, I typically don’t get her to sleep before midnight, adn then she is usually up and wide awake a few hours later!  I am a single parent- so I have to deal with all of this myself.  I’m so worn out!  She is very smart- she is advanced for her age.  She is just constant on the go and can’t seem to wind down.   I can’t get anyone to watch her at night anymore because she won’t sleep, so I really never get a break.  I’m taking her to the doctor next week to hopefully get some help. 

  29. My son is three in July, he always on the go and never stops, he goes from one thing to another, and  even if he’s know ‘s not to do certain things, he has had five febrile seizure’s and was 18 months before he walked properly, he walks with his foot turned in and was told he had flat feet and it was normal, he received physio  and was told to ring next year for a follow up , but his foot seems to be getting worst , he bangs his head very hard when he does n’t  get his own way , he has a mri scan in may, his sister is eleven and has  Dyspraxia  DCD, I think he is showing signs like my daughter and I feel he has sensory issue’s , I can’t keep up with him, please  somebody help.

    1. @ Linda, I can totally relate to most of what you are saying here, especially when you talk about the head banging when not getting his own way. I have a friend whose son has all the sensory problems that you’re talking about, so I can talk to her about things to look out for and things she has gone through. Her son has made so much progress through the years. I don;t know what state you’re in but here there is a program called Early Steps and they come to your house so that the child stays in their environment. It’s an awesome program. Hope your state offers programs like this. Good luck! I’m going through some of the same things back and forth with doctors and tests, it can be stressful, but, you are the only one your child has to make sure he gets the help or one on one that he needs. Thinking of you!

      1.  Hi Stephanie, just read your reply, my son is still up can you believe it , it’s 10.45 pm and hasn’t slept all day , he’s so hyper , and when you talk to anybody  they just say it’s normal , I’m fed up with all of this, I don’t get any kind of break, who do you have to ring about early steps?, kind regards, Linda

        1. Hi Linda, i am just wondering if your son is still having these issues? if so, you may want to ask your doctor about mild autism? could be a factor and would explain alot. :)

      2. Hi i can kinda understand i dont know what to say but my nephew is 4 he is constantly yelling and throwing things not listening day and night even to his parents and me i watch him during the day what do u think this may be

    2. Hi Linda. My little boy is two and I have exactly the same problem as you and just wondered how you are getting on and what’s available. If you don’t mind could I email you. Fanx lea

    3. Am sorry this message is two years late, i hope you didn’t start you child on meds to “calm him down” stop taking your kids to the doctor, just train them right!!!

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