Best and Worst Dietary Supplements for a Diabetic Diet

Are your favorite natural remedies for treating diabetes effective, or even safe? Read our guide on the best dietary supplements for a diabetic diet before you head to the vitamin aisle.

By Sari Harrar from Reverse Diabetes

Consider This: Psyllium

Known for improving regularity and lowering cholesterol, psyllium supplements contain soluble fiber that slows the natural rise in blood sugar after a meal. “If you aren’t getting enough fiber from your diet, then adding psyllium could be beneficial,” Shane-McWhorter notes.

The verdict: Aim for about ten grams of soluble fiber a day—the amount in three teaspoons of powdered psyllium. This dose lowered after-meal blood sugar levels 13 points in one University of California–San Diego study. Mix one teaspoon in eight ounces of water, and sip 20 to 30 minutes before each meal. Start with smaller doses and work your way up gradually to avoid digestive system discomfort or gas.

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