Best and Worst Dietary Supplements for a Diabetic Diet

Are your favorite natural remedies for treating diabetes effective, or even safe? Read our guide on the best dietary supplements for a diabetic diet before you head to the vitamin aisle.

By Sari Harrar from Reverse Diabetes

Skip This: Fenugreek

Several small studies suggest that fenugreek, an ancient medicinal herb, may help reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The verdict: If fenugreek helps, benefits are small, and side effects—like gas, diarrhea, and interactions with blood-thinning drugs—may outweigh them. “Most of the benefit comes from its dietary fiber,” Shane-McWhorter says, which you can get from foods or psyllium. If you want to try it, stick to using seeds in your diet as opposed to supplements. Grind them to use in tea or to mix into baked goods.

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