21-Day Tummy Diet Success Stories

Our testers collectively lost 90 pounds and 29 belly inches in just three weeks on the 21-Day Tummy plan, and improved their digestion too! Read their diet success stories here.

By Liz Vaccariello from 21-Day Tummy (Reader's Digest Association Books)

Greg Roth

Steve Vaccariello

More Athletic and Happier in 3 Weeks!

Gregg Roth, 47
Lost 11 1/2 pounds and 4 1/2 belly inches in 21 days!
Proudest Accomplishments: Trimmed his tummy more than any other tester; learned to make healthy choices when eating out.
Favorite meals: Mustard-Rubbed Pork Chops; Belly Soother Smoothie

Gregg Roth is now feeling much more athletic. With his 21-Day Tummy, he reports, “I am able to play basketball a lot easier. I feel lighter on my feet and have less pain in my joints. I have more energy, and I feel less sluggish. I’m sleeping much better, too.” It’s amazing what a difference dropping 11 pounds can make!

Plus, he says, “This diet was much better for digestion than other diets I’ve done. My digestion definitely improved. I was in Florida for 5 days and went off the plan, and I could tell there was a huge difference in my digestive system. Let’s just say it was a gas thing. That went away as soon as I went back on the plan.”

After that experience, Gregg learned how to stick with the plan even while traveling. He learned he could always stick with a few basic meals and how to substitute belly-friendly ingredients when a restaurant didn’t have a specific dish. Now he’s in the habit of making healthy choices everywhere. “When I’m out at a restaurant, instead of picking the cheeseburger with fries, I’m getting vegetable main dishes and lean proteins and things like that.”

Not a cook himself, Gregg was nervous about trying new foods and recipes. Luckily, his wife was willing to help him with a lot of the cooking, but it was still a challenge. It’s one he’s glad he took up, though. “My health is much better than 3 weeks ago,” he reports. “I’m just happier all around, and I want to hold on to that. You have to be prepared to put in some time, but the results are worth it.”

His best advice: “Be prepared to put in a little time to shop and prepare meals. The results are worth it.”

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Steve Vaccariello

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