5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

Don't drink your calories. Instead drink these low-calorie drink options.

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The secret to losing weight isn’t just watching what’s on your plate; it’s also about watching what’s in your glass. Popular soft drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks can be loaded with added sugars and carbohydrates that can sabotage your weight-loss strategy. Here are five tasty ways to drink up without packing on the pounds.

1. Water

We all know this one, but it’s important to remember that water is the single best choice for effective weight loss. Whether it’s still or sparkling, aim to make water your go-to beverage choice. Think water is boring? Try adding fresh lemon slices, lime, cucumber, and even a slice of tomato to add flavor without adding many calories.

2. Vegetable juice

Whether in a can, bottled, or homemade, vegetable juice is an excellent way to get the fiber and nutrients your body needs to fuel your weight loss. If you can find a low-sodium variety, even better. The veggies will keep you fuller longer and the tangy flavor will keep your taste buds happy.

3. Unsweetened tea

Green tea has been proven to help boost metabolism and speed up weight loss. Try it hot or iced with a bit of honey for a low-sugar sweet drink. Don’t forget black and oolong teas, too! Both are filled with antioxidants, which can help rid your body of toxins.

4. Black coffee

A morning cup of joe or an afternoon iced coffee can help spur your weight loss by providing a boost of caffeine that suppresses hunger. Also, coffee has been shown to stimulate thermogenesis, which heats up the body and boosts metabolism. Just be careful about what you add to your coffee — stick to skim milk and very little sugar.

5. Skim milk

Milk is an excellent source of lean protein, vitamin D, and calcium that can help build your muscles and keep your bones strong. Opt for low-fat or skim milk for all of the vitamins without the added fat. If you are feeling indulgent, add a little chocolate — low-fat chocolate milk is a great option for post-workout muscle recovery.

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Sources: Livestrong.com and University of Maryland School of Medicine

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    • Meowohoh

      I drink water everyday and I’m not getting any kilos or grams lighter.

      • tianna

        you have to watch what u eat too not jus wat u drink

        • tianna

          and exercise

    • Courtney Dean007

      Amazing water 2 make water yummy! I’m going unpack that in my meals!

    • minty

      making boring water tasty was a very good idea i found, thankyou.now i will start drink water .n start my day with water

    • Prerna Sumi

      it was nice

    • http://smilereef.com/ Las Vegas Dentist

      Of course water gives a vital role in our body, and i would suggest water therapy. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water or maybe 12 glasses could really help us. Not only cleansing your body but an effective losing your weight as well. Yeah a vegetable juice also could really help us losing some weight but don’t forget to exercise regularly. Anyway, Thank you for sharing your post with us. I’m sure people who read this will do directly those tips stated above because for sure it is the best way and more effective in losing weight. Thank you

    • http://www.healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com/benefitsofdrinkingwater.html JgdCarol

      Drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to flush out toxins from the body .This is an excellent remedy for reducing weight and also preventing chronic health conditions.

      • Muzammil40

        it might cause water retension rite