5 New Rebels in the War Against Obesity

While government weighs in on how to remedy the obesity epidemic, some food manufacturers show no sign of curbing Americans’ taste for over-the-top food.

By Reader's Digest Editors

Man with Pizza and Cookies© Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock Are cookies and pizza a match made in heaven?
While the government weighs in on how to remedy the nation’s obesity epidemic, some food manufacturers show no sign of curbing Americans’ taste for over-the-top dietary concoctions.

The Triple-Stuffed OREO: Yahoo Shine editors call OREO’s new creation the “Big Mac of cookies,” and it’s easy to see why. This summer Nabisco will debut what it’s calling the Triple Double: three cookie wafers joined together with layers of chocolate and vanilla cream.

DiGiorno’s Pizza & Cookies: Consumerist.com calls DiGiorno’s dinner and dessert combo a watershed moment in American obesity. The unlikely pair is the result of Nestle’s purchase of DiGiorno from Kraft. Yes, it includes Toll House cookies.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Mountain Dew Coolatta and Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. The newest Coolatta offers a refreshing option for soda fans. It’s Mountain Dew drink starts off with a frozen neutral base made of sugar, glucose, fructose, silicon dioxide, malic acid, and xanthan gum. And while the blueberry sandwich sounds passable, the accompanying maple bacon helps the breakfast topple scales at 350 calories and 38 grams of fat per sandwich.

Bellatoria’s Sunday Brunch Pizza: America doesn’t need brunch pizzas, says CHOW editor James Norton in an assessment of the straight-from-the-freezer-to-your-oven-to-your-brunch-table pizzas recently unearthed by Bellatoria. Standout offerings include Apple Streusel which serves 6 at 170 calories per slice, and Ultimate Scramble, which can be shared by 3 people at 300 calories per serving.

Sources: Yahoo! Shine, consumerist.com, CHOW.com, dunkindonuts.com

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    • Wisdom Truth

      They are killing people with food. We all know the story of the wife who killed her husband with the frying pan. Too much fatty food is fatal eventually. That applies whether it is cookies or fried chicken. Don’t fall for it. Someday they will stop because they will find they have killed too many of their customers. I am well past 60 and I weigh 125. I have always kept away from suicide food. Read the Bible, the first book with dietary restraint suggestions.