Eat Healthy Fats to Lose Weight

The Paleo Diet for Athlete suggests you can lose weight by eating more healthy fats.

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Most people don’t realize this, but your body adapts easily to foods you prefer; it will learn to burn what you’re feeding it the most, says Joe Friel, co-author of The Paleo Diet for Athletes. You can use this to your advantage.

“When you eat a lot of starch, you become more of a sugar burner,” he explains. But most likely, your goal is weight loss and therefore you want to burn off the fat inside your body. That’s what aerobic exercise does so efficiently. And as it turns out, by eating healthy fats, you train your body to be better at fat burning.

In a Harvard study of 101 men and women, researchers put half the group on a low-fat diet and half on a diet that included about 20 percent of calories from healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs. Great sources include nuts, avocados, olives, and safflower oil. Eighteen months later, the MUFA-eating group dropped 11 pounds, compared to their low-fat eating peers, who shed only six pounds –  despite similar calorie consumption.

The message: Train your body to burn more fat by including healthy MUFAs in more of your meals, and reducing your consumption of carbs and sugars. For optimal weight loss, roughly half of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates. The rest of your calories should come form lean proteins and healthy fats.

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    • Janemarie Crider-Razo

      I’m low processed vegan & I recently started eating more healthy fats, ex Avocado, natural peanut butter & doing 50 squats daily. I am looking better (& maintaining the weight I want), feeling better, & feeling more satisfied

    • Götz HEINE

      It has been a common, even a hystoric myth that becoming a better fat burner can be achieved by eating MUFAs. Historic, because shortly before those people who now favour this idea favoured the idea of eating a diet rich in carbs and cut out on MUFAs and even worse cholesterols as much as possible. 20 years into this regimen we know that this was the result of a complete musunderstanding of the human body and that despite these recommendings people increase in body fat rather than losing any. Now, as the negative side effects of a diet high in carbs and low in fats become increasingly obvious the message is still lots of carbs but…
      The truth behind it is unless you don’t learn to burn your body fat you won’t be able to hinder your metabolism to convert eccessive carbs into fat. So no carbs, increased exercise and good fats only, at least for a certain period of time untithe body rediscovers its ability of burning fat? Right. So, see you on the bike, in a local pool or climbing stairs? Get on your feet, America!

    • Losing Stomach Fat

      Just goes to show eating healthy fats help burn fat!

    • Anonymous

      This one is extremely looking one of unique way to lose weight. And the regarding information is really showing that healthy fats food are really helpful thing to burn sugar. And this one is really looking just incredible information about weight losing. I am highly impressed to see this one. Thanks for sharing some authentic and fantastic information about it.