Holiday Dieting Tips: How to Indulge Without the Bulge

The best way to stay fit during the holidays is to stay fit all year long.

from Reader's Digest | December 2006

How we eat is just as important as what we eat. And during the holidays, it’s easy to eat without awareness. At a party, you can down an entire plate of food while your attention is focused on your conversation, not on your meal.

You look down, the plate is empty and you wonder, Did I eat this? You hardly tasted it. You had all the calories without pleasure. Maximum calories, minimum pleasure.

If you eat with awareness, you’ll get more enjoyment with fewer calories. For example, I love chocolate. So I find a piece of premium dark chocolate, close my eyes, smell it and put it in my mouth. With my eyes closed, I notice the flavors and textures and how they change as the chocolate melts in my mouth, like hearing different harmonics in music. After a while, I swallow the chocolate but continue to savor all the flavors that change and evolve over the next few minutes. Do this with any food to experience exquisite pleasure with a small number of calories.

Maximum pleasure, minimum calories.

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