What Is the Digest Diet?

Editor Liz Vaccariello reveals the breakthrough science behind the Digest Diet and its healthy weight-loss plan.

Liz Vaccariello

How the Digest Diet Works
One of the most fascinating lessons I learned while researching the book: Not all calories are created equal when it comes to losing weight and curbing cravings. From calcium to vitamin C, there are 13 fat releasing foods that seem to have a special ability to thwart your body’s desire to hold on to fat, helping you lose weight quickly and without feeling hungry. We’ve named them “fat releasers” and assembled them into a simple, effective 21-day plan that will help you drop pounds quickly and safely.

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Our book unveils groundbreaking science on these newly identified fat-burning foods and nutrients, then puts it all together in a way to shift your body into weight-loss mode. The Digest Diet’s daily menus and recipes are loaded with these key fat releasers to help you meet the daily recommended intake. Here’s how the plan works.

Phase 1: Days 1 to 4
Fat Release: Flood your body with nutrition

As week one begins, you’ll fill up on homemade shakes and hearty soups that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein to gently coax your body into quick, safe weight loss. And each day you can munch on a crunchy snack loaded with the fat releasers vitamin C, calcium, and fiber.

Phase 2: Days 5 to 14
Fade Away: Go lean and green

That’s the theme of this 10-day phase in which you’ll continue to rack up steady weight loss while enjoying a Mediterranean-style diet rich in lean protein, healthy fats (MUFAs and PUFAs), and a bounty of vegetables. You’ll have two fat releasing snacks to keep hunger at bay. Every night, you get to sip a glass of red wine or savor a handful of grapes for dessert.

Phase 3: Days 15 to 21
Finish Strong: Eat a balanced diet for life

That’s what phase 3 teaches you as you choose from a wider variety of family-friendly meals (such as pizza, pasta, and roast chicken) while eating appropriate portions of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. And of course, every meal will contain a number of nutritious, fat releasing foods. This phase helps you reach your weight-loss goal as well as maintain what you’ve lost.

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