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  1. Guest
    Feb 13 - 2:29

    My problem is over eight hours of sleep a night. haha…..zZ

  2. Lawton Smeal
    Feb 11 - 3:25

    Virtually any type of clothing, hats, etc. can be sterilized by merely putting them into a microwave for a minute or so, either before or after washing them. Whats the big deal? People are so naive that they’ll believe anything that someone wants to tell them. Sometimes some very good, or expensive clothing can be found, that can save a not so wealthy person a lot of money. don’t believe half of what you see, and none of what they tell you. Find out for yourself.

  3. Linda
    Feb 09 - 4:57

    i’m getting upset with the way my pc highlights next, previous and all that is written about the subject on each page.

  4. guest
    Feb 09 - 4:05

    This is so silly.  Yes, cooking it yourself is cheaper, if the tomatoes are free. I canned tomatoes when they were cheap and plentiful–8$ a box, I got 5 quarts of sauce, it took hours, and a quart of Hunts Spagetti sauce is less than 1$ a can. Plus in an unwatched moment your vat of sauce can scorch and then it’s all a waste.
    Crushed tomatoes are often more expensive than the Hunts or other low-cost brands.

  5. steve
    Feb 09 - 3:53

    I get most of this, but #10 is way off.  I once nicely asked the “gentleman” in front of me if he could put his seat back up a little, as I was trying to eat (I’m a pretty tall guy).  He responded by repeatedly rocking his seatback back and forth in some kind of hissy fit while muttering obsenities.  So yeah, I had to tell the flight attendant about it since this dude was obviously unbalanced.  No, you’re not a pre-school teacher, but it is your job to keep confrontations from happening.It is not my job to police other passengers’ manic behavior.

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