Digest Diet: Diane’s Weight-Loss Success Story

After 21 days on The Digest Diet, Diane got the jumpstart she needed to lose weight, dropping dress sizes and gaining confidence.

Diane Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

• Meet: Diane Rohan • Her weight before Digest Diet: 185 pounds • Her weight after: 174 pounds • Total lost: 11 pounds! • Inches lost: 8.5 total! 2 inches of belly fat! • Health gains: “My skin is clear and bright. People ask if I’m getting facials!” • Also: Increased optimism and happiness; Vigorous activities feel easier

“I’ve been battling my weight all my life. It’s like a roller-coaster,” says this energetic event planner and mother of a teenage son. She eats well and exercises because it makes her feel good. “I do Zumba. I have a Stairmaster in my house. Working out is what I do for fun.”

That’s why it’s all the more frustrating that since entering her early forties, losing weight has felt like an unwinnable challenge. “The last four or five years, nothing is working. The doctor tells me I’m ‘middle-aging.’ Well, I just don’t accept that, the whole ‘You’re getting older, you’re spreading out, and that’s the way it is.’”

The Digest Diet was just the jump start she needed: the 48-year-old experienced incredible results, losing 7 pounds in just four days, and dropping more than 11 pounds in just three weeks.

Around Day 15, she began to experience doubt: The menus provided such a bounty of food, she thought, that she couldn’t possibly continue to lose. But the fat releasing menu surprised her and proved its power: “I kept weighing myself in the morning, and the scale just kept getting lower and lower.”

She faced another challenge when she joined her family and friends at a local burger joint. “I drank water while people ate burgers and fries. They were laughing at me, saying, ‘You’re not going to eat anything?’ ” But she knew she had better choices waiting at home. “I was talking to a friend recently, and we were saying that sometimes you can just say, ‘I’ve had enough of that in my life.’ ” She was ready, and she was motivated. “I stuck to this diet. I was determined to lose weight. And I did.”

Not only did she succeed in releasing the pounds, she also feels and looks amazing. “I am less sluggish and can zip my size ten jeans!” When asked what’s next for her, the answer is simple: “The size eights at the back of my closet!”

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