Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Doing yoga regularly may help you lose or maintain weight.

Condensed from from Reader's Digest, | December 2010
Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?© Comstock/Thinkstock

It might surprise you to learn that yoga could help with weight control. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle studied more than 300 people at gyms, yoga studios, and weight loss facilities and found that the yoga fans generally had a lower body mass index (a standard measure of fatness), even though more than half of all the participants got plenty of exercise. One possible explanation? Researchers found that they were more likely to report behaviors associated with “mindful eating,” such as being aware when they were full or eating out of boredom.

Plus: FAQs about Yoga

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    • Cooper Heyes

      It does make sense. Yoga can help one achieve a healthy and lighter body. A person becomes more inclined to follow other healthy habits when practicing some form of exercise.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it’s really good to know about Yoga. And according to me, this one is really the most effective to decrease the weight of ours. Yoga really builds the massive confidence level. And this one is the most helpful thing to decide the goal for weight losing. I am really highly impressed to see the information of this post. This one is extremely looking just most promising about weight losing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Anonymous

      Wow … super information for me. Yoga is extraordinary exercise for fat burn. Every coin has two sides. In yoga both sides have benefits for health. Yoga reduce our body weight and good for muscles tone.   

    • spider veins

      I eat food and good nutrition, daily yoga part of my fitness way. No matter what I do seems to make much difference in the playground of my weight. I also tried restricting certain types of food and no real impact.